Your Pie POS Review

By | March 12, 2024
your pie point of sale

Your Pie PPOS Review

We decided last night to try and challenge our current pizza place with a new one, Your Pie.

On the internet they all say best pizza ever in my area so I thought “Let’s See”.

Ordering and paying  are the real pains in the process.  I always think about the ordering and the payment process. How fast and easy?

Here are some pictures of payment setup


  • Oddly enough the ultra cheap DIY payment by Oscars Kabobs (Heartland for payments) is very similar to Panera or Your Pie. My guess is for those, the same virtual mess on front counter from NCR costs 4X more upfront and then of course the recurring hostage payment.
  • The Your Pie was terrible.  There were four of us wanting to pay and get our little flagstick with number, and there were three employees touching the touchscreen on their side trying to get an order straight.  I finally made it to payment stage but the NCR unit, with the NFC pay symbol, didn’t take NFC and you had to awkwardley insert or swipe (my god!) your card.
  • You inserted from top down vertically and only one of four options worked (note the handpainted taped on piece of paper with instructions)
  • Ordering was a pain.
  • NCR news 2/20/2024 — NCR Voyix appoints Benny Tadele (ACI formerly) as executive vice president and president of Restaurants. Net income showed a loss of $255 million in Q4 2023 — Thinking of moving from NCR to Toast? — most of the users on Reddit say they would never go back to NCR
Costco "kiosks"

Costco “kiosks” — this unit sits lower to accommodate wheelchair user and is Costco’s “ADA Compliant” unit. Not really much ADA compliant about it but that’s the great thing about the word “Compliant”. Matter of degrees right?

Madgreens PAR

Madgreens PAR – you do most from customer facing touchscreen (finding “No Tip” is tough) and then you pay with card or phone


Oscars rig

Oscars rig


panera kiosk

panera kiosk POS #1  – Here is another NCR iteration that is old generation ad-hoc configuration


Your Pie POS

terrible — three people trying to figure out what to touch and in what order while we stand in line.  It becomes such a delay that when you finally do get to the payment side all the talk about would you want to sign up for this or that gets shut down immediately.


Your Pie POS

Terrible system for your credit card. Something out of dark ages. And it may say NFC but not working and have to do weird vertical insert. Or you could swipe (very dark ages).


Verdict on Food?

  • The super duper 15 people on staff pizza scored 60 on scale of 100
  • The super duper had the same standard ingredients Papa Murphys uses
  • Specialty toppings like Gyro and Kalamata olives only available from little guy (started by old Iranian gentleman)
  • The chain uses stock dough and stock ingredients and they are pretty skimpy with those.
  • The pizza crust from Oscars is offshoot of Iranian bread and baklava and is the best I have ever had
  • In fairness I tried to get my favorite pizza from a build your own. Unfortunately I could have just as well called into Papa Murphys
  • My cat gets excited when I order pizza from Oscars. The “consumer grade” does nothing for her.  She has a thing with the crust but also with the oil from Kalamata olives


greek pizza Pizza cat

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