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By | January 22, 2023
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Samsung Kiosk Windows NRF 2023 News

Samsung visualizes the future of connected retail with updates to its display technology including the NEW Samsung Kiosk Windows 10 IoT Enterprise edition — Press Release — This has been expected since the original came out with the Tizen unit which is the essential media player for Samsung displays. You can see the addition of camera, scanner and any other desired devices is now possible. Plus for the large clients that are looking to integrate into their “domain” or network, many use Windows domain management and network tools.  Adding existing remote monitoring reporting to those units becomes very easy. Comparable to Tizen would be Chrome Flex.  The next addition could be a Windows-based media player for that matter.

Press ReleaseSamsung, GRUBBRR Showcase Dining Experiences at NRA 2023

Samsung Kiosk Summary:

In addition to featuring Video Wall Displays and Indoor and Outdoor LED Signage onsite at its NRF booth, Samsung will unveil its NEW Samsung Kiosk Windows 10 IoT Enterprise edition joining our lineup of Samsung Kiosk solutions. The innovative and secure self-service display solution known for its ready-to-use capabilities and simple deployment combines a touch display with a speaker, printer, scanner and payment solution all in a sleek new design. The technology will now also be available in Celeron i3, i5 and i7, as well as Windows Operating Systems (OS), providing retailers greater flexibility and shoppers more convenient and alluring in-store experiences.

“Consumer expectations are ever-evolving, which is prompting retailers of all sizes to dramatically transform the way they meet these growing demands,” said Chris Mertens, Vice President of U.S. Sales, Displays, Samsung. “Delivering quality products is no longer enough – retailers must now entice and delight customers in ways that create meaningful connections and experiences. Through our strategic partnerships and the updates made to our display technology integrated with our MagicINFO™ software management system, Samsung is empowered to help retailers achieve this goal by embracing technology that captivates consumers through every point of contact, ensuring retailers’ viability in an increasingly competitive market.”

Samsung’s visual display Kiosk technology will be featured beyond its booth at NRF, highlighted across the show floor at partner booths including Bite, Kiosk Manufacturer Association, Fiserv, Sprinklr, Embedded Digital, Mad Mobile, Honeybee, Clover, Nanonation and Havis. For more information about Samsung’s retail solutions, visit us at

Photos from NRF 2023

Other NRF 2023 Highlights from the press release:

  • Samsung’s Display Division includes a full line up of Indoor and Outdoor LCD and LED displays. This includes award-winning technology and solutions, including The Wall, Kiosk, Interactive Display and EV Charging, as well as the proprietary solution, MagicINFO™.
  • Sounds in the booth — Coffee being poured and chickens clucking by HARMAN
  • Digital signage advertising — Samsung Ads, Samsung Electronics’ advertising ecosystem, powers the DOOH advertising solution that will be featured on display at NRF.
  • Rugged mobile devices for employees — barcode scanning, mobile point of sale (mPOS), payment processing, employee communications and more.
  • Foot traffic analysis by FastSensor
  • Curbside — outdoor, dual-side, battery-powered display that features individual systems enabling retailers to deploy different content on each side of the display and overcome critical issues in different environments.
  • Store Design – spatial 3D scans of stores
  • Face Verification Ordering — PopID, a biometric fintech company, and XPR, a global kiosk software platform, are revamping convenience in quick-service restaurant experiences with their integration of face verification capabilities in the Samsung new Windows Kiosk.
  • Automated social media populating mechanism
  • Noted 30 units at Duck Donuts with GRUBBRR  — + you get the smell of donuts and sound of coffee
  • Large Format Displays or LFD enters the vocabulary

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