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Kiosk Service – Kiosk Maintenance — Kiosk Installation — Understanding Soft and Hard Services

Kiosk Service, Kiosk Maintenance and Kiosk Installation are red-headed stepchild’s in the planning stage Editors Note — We should probably include remote monitoring and alerts to the “often neglected”. All top-tier kiosk software companies will provide that function. Two of our sponsors have dedicated resources just for remote monitoring ala carte solutions — KioWare and Sitekiosk For service… Read More »

Kiosk Deployment & Kiosk Field Support – Marathon Deployment

Marathon Deployment International IT Services Welcome to Marathon Deployment our latest Premium Member.  Marathon Deployment offers a full range of IT services that keep your business running. Since 2007, Marathon has focused on what  really matters, our customers. As a company, we service all of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and have global capabilities. We have project managers available from 8AM – 8PM seven… Read More »

SEKO MedTec Solutions – Introduction for Logistics and Kiosk Installation

SEKO MedTec Solutions – Introduction for Logistics and Kiosk Installation Supply Chain Services Precisely for the Kiosk Industry SEKO MedTec is our newest premium member and here is an introduction to the company and their services. Sensitive, high-value equipment deserves sensitive, high-value logistics. SEKO MedTec Solutions focuses on providing specialized, turnkey transportation, logistics, warehousing, and installation services for… Read More »