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By | September 22, 2022
kiosk service and installation

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Having a hard time keeping up with the service support required by your clients? Join Pitney Bowes service delivery experts, Michael Mack and Ron Turlington alongside Craig Allen Keefner as they share details on current service staffing changes and how Service Delivery Innovation can improve your client experiences. #servicedelivery #servicesupport #globalservices #pbemp

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Interesting angle on service automation —

Take, for example, the repair and maintenance of kitchen equipment, a $28 billion annual expense industry-wide. Equipment downtime adds another $46 billion in annual lost revenue. According to ResQ’s 2022 State of Disrepair report, on-demand repairs of refrigeration and kitchen equipment top the list of full-service restaurants’ annual spending on service.

For years, restaurants have been relying on the accumulated expertise of veteran repair technicians to find and solve equipment problems. If service personnel didn’t have much experience, the restaurant paid for the technicians’ “education” through inevitable costs when out-of-service equipment caused kitchen downtime.

Service Intelligence is a new AI-powered technology, however, that puts the accumulated expertise of technicians who specialize in commercial kitchens into the palm of even the most novice technician.

Data stored in the smartphone app walks a technician step-by-step through diagnosis and solution of all sorts of problems on both cold-line and hot-line appliances. With all that experience available to them, technicians are able to get to the root of the problem, order the parts they need, and get the kitchen equipment back into operation as soon as possible.

AI and data-driven maintenance pushes repair companies toward the ultimate cost-saving goal: providing true prescriptive maintenance. Prescriptive maintenance is a concept that collects and analyzes data about an equipment’s condition to come up with specialized recommendations and corresponding outcomes to reduce operational risks. The purpose is to resolve issues before they become a problem while promising cost savings over routine or “time-based” preventive maintenance, because tasks are performed only when warranted. When companies have data across the lifetime of a machine, they will be able to fix problems before they even happen, causing no machine downtime and saving restaurants more money in the long-run.

The savings are subtle, but real: Kitchen equipment is better maintained and operates more efficiently. Problems that take equipment out of service can be resolved more quickly, reducing the hassles and costs of appliances that aren’t working. Service technicians spend less time on fixes and do it right the first time. Article link

Live, interactive webinar:
October 6, 2022 | 2:00 PM ET

Leverage world class service for competitive advantage.

If you’re having a hard time keeping up with the service support required by your clients, our experts are here to help.

Pitney Bowes service delivery experts, Mike Mack and Ron Turlington will be joined by Craig Keefner, Executive Director of the Kiosk Association. Together they will share details on all the current service staffing changes and how they may be impacting your organization and client experience. Join us for this 45-minute session to get your questions answered.

Learn more about:

Current Marketplace and Service Delivery Challenges

Service Delivery strategies for Kiosk and Retail

How Service Delivery Innovation can improve your client experiences

Learn to deliver an improved service experience in today’s changing marketplace. Join us on October 6.



kiosk service and installation

Michael Mack
Vice President, Service Delivery Innovation
Pitney Bowes

Michael is a senior business leader who has over 33 years of managed services experience with Pitney Bowes leading a broad range of business development, operational and consulting initiatives. His team provides comprehensive, strategic and flexible service delivery and support solutions to grow and optimize a client’s business. His team leverages industry recognized, best in class global technology enabled infrastructure, field technician network and service delivery industry expertise.

Michael lives in Ohio with his wife and two rescue dogs (Pugs) and is looking spoiling his first grandchild.



kiosk service and installation

Ron Turlington
Manager of Business Development
Pitney Bowes

Ron Turlington began his career at Pitney Bowes as a member of the Service Delivery Innovation team just over 3 years ago. Bringing with him 14 years of experience in the financial services and armored car industry, Ron was quick to utilize key retail and quick service restaurant relationships to bring awareness of all that Pitney Bowes has to offer, generating several million-dollar opportunities with new logo clients in a variety of industries.

Residing in Florida, Ron can be found boating on the weekends or at dog shows with his Champion Labrador Retrievers, Whiskey and Natasha. With 2 kids of his own, and 3 step kids, all in their 20’s, there’s never a dull moment with activities happening year-round!



kiosk service and installation

Craig Keefner
Executive Director
Kiosk Association

Craig spends most of his time as the manager for the Kiosk Association. In 1995 he served as moderator for the original Big 7 Usenet group. He has continued to work in the kiosk industry since then (27 years). In 2015 the industry players asked him if he would create the association and it has grown exponentially since then. He manages relationships with the U.S. Access Board, PCI SSC and other accessibility groups (NFB, RNIB, etc). He monitors all types of RFPs (100+ each week).

Craig attended the University of Tulsa for English and Philosophy. His English background has served him very well in the SEO world over the years.

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