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By | July 1, 2016

Wayfinding kiosk for travel and tourism expand the offerings of a destination or improve the experience of getting there, a win for both travelers and the places they visit.

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wayfinding kiosk travel and tourismMeridian update on wayfinding kiosk for travel and tourism.


Wayfinding Kiosk Benefits & ROI

  • Improve service by increasing the productivity of front-line staff
  • Increase revenue and visitor numbers
  • Educate visitors about area attractions by providing virtual tour guides
  • Offer way-finding maps, directions and advice for visitors
  • Allow visitors to purchase tickets for attractions or transportation tokens
  • Increase revenue through advertising sales
  • 24/7 Service


Our line-up of travel and tourism kiosks will allow you to expand your reach without adding staff or facilities. In fact, you can create a virtual visitor’s bureau location anywhere. Whether it is the airport, rest stop, convention center or a local park, meridian’s self-service solutions can help you create exciting interactive tools for your visitor’s use.

Our kiosks can streamline the check-in process and significantly reduce long lines at airports, train stations or car hire outlets. Allow our self-service solutions to take the strain, and enable your front-line staff to meet the ever-increasing demands upon them.

Mzero Software can integrate mobile devices through QR codes, offer way finding services, display and distribute coupons for local attractions, incorporate VoIP phones for visitors to contact advertisers and provide ADA compliant features such as interactive text-to-voice response.

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