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By | May 27, 2019
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Zivelo Kiosks and FreedomPay

By ZIVELO | May 13, 2019

This partnership ensures safe, secure, and efficient transactions for businesses leveraging kiosks as a self-service POS solution.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (May 14, 2019) – World-class kiosk manufacturer ZIVELO (best known for successfully deploying tens of thousands of kiosks to some of the largest retail and fast-food chains across North America) has partnered with Commerce Platform provider FreedomPay to provide fully integrated kiosk POS solutions to clients.

With successful deployments and solutions spanning multiple key industries, ZIVELO’s seamless integration with FreedomPay offers a secure, fast and convenient payment experience while simultaneously bringing digital engagement to the point of purchase. FreedomPay enables ZIVELO to safely accept credit card transactions through its PCI-Validated Point-to-Point (P2PE) card-present solution and a secure payment gateway, enabling trending technologies such as EMV and Contactless.

“We are excited to align with FreedomPay to bring enhanced payment technology and security to our customers, which span across industries such as restaurants, retail, healthcare, banking, hospitality, stadiums and large venues, and more,” stated ZIVELO CEO Healey Cypher. “FreedomPay will now be part of ZIVELO’s world-class go-to-market solutions portfolio so we can better serve our clients and their ever-changing demand for secure and cutting-edge payment solutions.”

The benefits of large-screen kiosks as a self-service solution in comparison to smaller format pole-mounted kiosks solutions have been proven time and time again over the years. Larger screens, big beautiful images, the ability to consistently upsell and offer LTOs in an engaging and strategic way, purpose-built to be durable in high traffic environments vs. computers built for personal use, it all leads to higher engagement, faster ROI that keeps on giving, and revenue lift per transaction. That said, ensuring that kiosks as a POS solution are highly secure and remaining relevant in a constantly evolving digital world is imperative. This partnership between ZIVELO and FreedomPay will offer the best of both worlds to business owners.

FreedomPay President and CTO, Chris Kronenthal said, “ZIVELO shares our ethos of providing a seamless transaction experience for consumers and we are delighted to enter into this partnership with an innovative and respected operator in the kiosk sector. Our innovative customer-centric platform solution gives merchants the ability to process complex transactions quickly and securely while offering scalability for the future, and we look forward to an extremely successful and long-term collaboration.”

For more information about ZIVELO, visit www.ZIVELO.com. 
For more information about FreedomPay, visit www.freedompay.com 

For more information about the ZIVELO and FreedomPay partnership, visit kiosks.zivelo.com/freedompay

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ZIVELO’s mission is to revolutionize the way brands use technology to interact with their consumers on-premise and in the physical world. Founded in 2008, ZIVELO has rapidly grown to become the leading self-service technology brand offering a sleek and sophisticated product design, intuitive user experience, and cutting-edge modular hardware solutions. In 2018, ZIVELO acquired Oak Labs, the creators of OakOS – the world’s first operating system for public computing experiences. Through the acquisition, ZIVELO now provides brands with an end-to-end solution for the roll-out of kiosks and digital signage and is one of the only full-service kiosk providers to offer world-class hardware, software, services, and financing under one roof. ZIVELO is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, with offices in San Francisco and Seattle. For more information, please visit http://www.ZIVELO.com/.

About FreedomPay

FreedomPay, the industry’s first Transatlantic payments solution platform, is driving the future of commerce and customer interaction. The FreedomPay Commerce Platform is the best way to simplify complex payment environments, enabling merchants with EMV, Tokenization, Contactless and DCC capabilities. FreedomPay maintains a robust internal security environment and is validated by the PCI Security Standards Council against Data Security Standard (DSS), as well as Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). Global leaders in retail, hospitality, gaming, education, healthcare and financial services trust FreedomPay to deliver unmatched security and advanced value-added services. FreedomPay provides broad integration across merchant point-of-sale sites, payment device manufacturers and payment processors, supported by rapid API adoption. For more information, please visit www.freedompay.com.



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