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Kiosk Software

kiosk software
Here are kiosk companies to consider in the software space for kiosks, self-service, remote monitoring and digital signage. Note too that many of the Hardware Only companies often resell, recommend and provide the software below.  And most of the software companies can recommend hardware as well provide that as a complete solution.

Software Only

  • KioWare – kiosk lockdown & secure browser with monitoring
  • Nanonation – custom kiosk software & digital signage
  • PROVISIO – kiosk software secure browser w/ remote monitoring
  • RedSwimmer – custom kiosk software & lockdown.
  • NEXTEP SYSTEMS – your single solution foodservice technology
  • Touchsource – for digital wayfinding stations
  • Livewire Digital – turnkey kiosk software solutions
  • DynaTouch – kiosk software, lockdown & turnkey wayfinding
  • Acquire Digital – advanced digital sign technology software

Software + Hardware

Kiosk software is a large category. When you say that phrase there many possibilities.

  • Lockdown and secure shell control
  • Application framework
  • Digital signage software with Content management
  • kiosk mode
  • Assigned access
  • Custom Software development
  • Remote monitoring for kiosks
  • Remote Access [LogMeIn, TeamViewer, others]
  • Digital Signage CMS components
  • Windows [XP Pro, Win7, Win8, WES, POSReady]
  • Android [Generally]
  • iOS
  • Linux – main support for Ubuntu
  • Platforms such as desktop PCs – [Dell Optiplex, HP Elite]
  • Platforms:  tablets
  • Platforms: thin clients
  • Platforms: embedded systems
  • Hosting Apps
  • Using your existing website
  • Interacting with Mobile

Some of the different verticals include:

  • Financial & Bill Pay:
  • Retail Loyalty
  • Ticketing
  • Customer Flow
  • Marketing & Informational

Several kiosk manufacturers who historically have been manufacturers of hardware also now support in-house application development.  A successful kiosk deployment usually comes down to good hardware, good application and good service.

All of the secure browsing lockdown products such as KioWare, Sitekiosk or KioskSimple have built-in frameworks (or API) that allows more web-oriented IT a “hook” into the hardware devices where they are historically ignorant (all web no devices usually).

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