Kiosk Software for Self-Service

Best Kiosk Software for Self-Service


Here are self-service kiosk software application companies to consider in the software space for kiosks, self-service, remote monitoring and digital signage.  For the most part, most of the solutions are Windows kiosks but Android is a very large contingent now. Note too that many of the Hardware Only companies often resell, recommend and provide the applications.  And most of the software companies can recommend hardware as well as provide that as a complete solution.

Which one is best for you depends on your particular situation.  If you are looking for strictly an Android control agent aka lockdown, then Sitekiosk/KioWare are the obvious purpose-built solutions. They also provide support for peripheral devices which in-house web developers usually shake their head at when asked to support.

Digital signage, CMS and custom-built UI and applications screens?  Then Nanonation, 22Miles, and AcquireDigital should be on your interview list.

And we have SELFPAY which is a complete payment platform for US and Europe.

As far as DIY inhouse goes — that can be successful though lower probability.  It helps to look at how established software which has been battle-tested is designed. You can do Assigned Access in Windows for example, but you will be unlikely to deal with 99% of the exploits like Sitekiosk,and KioWare.  They do it for a living and have for many years.

When in doubt copying and emulating a good example isn’t such a bad idea either…

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Kiosk Software Only

  • KioWare – kiosk lockdown & secure browser with monitoring – lockdown browser kiosk mode
  • Nanonation – custom software & digital signage
  • 22 Miles – Digital Signage and Wayfinding
  • Acquire Digital – advanced digital signage and wayfinding
  • Vispero – Jaws screenreader software for Windows accessibility
  • Sitekiosk – secure browser w/ remote monitoring – lockdown browser kiosk mode
  • DynaTouch – TIPS software — software for presenting and managing web-enabled content and applications
  • Self-Service Networks – Gift Card and Cash2Card
  • SelfPay — Since 2009, we develop and operate a global Network of Automated Payment Stations and Digital Channels offering all kinds of Payments to millions of consumers every year.
  • KIOSK – primarily kiosk enclosures but a large custom software department in-house for complete solutions
  • AI Software

Leading Companies for Android Kiosk Mode Lockdown Browsers

Linux Kiosk Software Solutions

  • These get a bit more esoteric in nature but are growing rapidly. As far as lockdown goes we believe you can sign up for beta program with KioWare

Self-Service Kiosk Software

It is a large category. When you say that phrase, there are many possibilities.  Generally, it will be the application or it will be a lockdown and utilities.  The content utilized is typically specific to the kiosk terminal and can run without internet access.  It does not utilize a website as websites are generally a poor interface for users at a kiosk self-service terminal. There are utilities for converting and utilizing a website but rendering it in a different format which is friendlier. That would be someone like Duda for a transformation portal so to speak.  Tablets are generally running iterations of websites.

    • Lockdown and secure shell control
    • Application framework
    • Digital signage software with Content management
    • kiosk mode
    • Assigned access
    • Custom Software development
    • Remote monitoring for kiosks
    • Remote Access [LogMeIn, TeamViewer, others]
    • Digital Signage CMS components
    • Windows [XP Pro, Win7, Win8, WES, POSReady]
    • Android [Generally]
    • iOS
    • Linux – main support for Ubuntu
    • Platforms such as desktop PCs – [Dell Optiplex, HP Elite]
    • Platforms:  tablets
    • Platforms: thin clients
    • Platforms: embedded systems
    • Hosting Apps
    • Using your existing website
    • Interacting with Mobile

More information

From Wikipedia

You can sense the older definition in this if only via the initial reference to Internet Kiosk.  That is an almost obsolete term. It once was relevant.

Kiosk software is the system and user interface software designed for an interactive kiosk or Internet kiosk enclosing the system in a way that prevents user interaction and activities on the device outside the scope of execution of the software. This way, the system replaces the look and feel of the system it runs over, allowing for customization and limited offering of ad-hoc services. Locking down the application in order to protect the kiosk from users which is especially relevant under, but not only limited to, scenarios where the device is publicly accessed such libraries, vending machines or public transport. Remote monitoring to manage multiple kiosks from another location. Email or text alerts may be automatically sent from the kiosk for daily activity reports or generated in response to problems detected by the software. Other features allow for remote updates of the kiosk’s content and the ability to upload data such as kiosk usage statistics. Software is used to manage a touchscreen, allowing users to touch the monitor screen to make selections. A virtual keyboard eliminates the need for a computer keyboard.