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Tablet kiosk software

KioWare for the best PC and/or Tablet kiosk lockdown.
KioWare for the best PC and/or Tablet kiosk lockdown.

Kiosk software for tablets covers a wide range and we have several pages on this site which are cover these “sub-verticals”.

Android Applications for your kiosk is an example. So is “Lockdown Software” aka Kiosk Mode. For a detailed example of lockdown software see the Chrome For Windows test drive we did of KioWare.

For the best kiosk software be sure and consider the following:

  • Company maturity
  • How many kiosk clients running?
  • What version is it? Experience counts!
  • What are their CPU and RAM requirements?
  • What engine(s) or browsers do they support


More Companies

      • KioskSimple
      • iPadkiosk KioskPro
      • Yooba – iPad
      • AppTec — MDM and lockdown for Android, iPhone, Windows
      • Moki Mokitouch – lockdown & monitoring for Android and iPhone
      • Samsung KNOX – SDK for MDM on Samsung tablets
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