Custom Kiosk Software Cost – How Much Does It Cost to Build

By | August 23, 2016
Kiosk Price & Kiosk Cost

Kiosk Software Price – How Much Does It Cost?

kiosk software cost

kiosk software cost

In this article we are going to give you an example of the factors that contribute to the cost of building custom kiosk software and broad cost ranges.

Common question is “how much will the kiosk software cost”.

First let’s start out with the factors that have the biggest impact on the software costs.  Please keep in mind that our specialty is payment kiosks.

  • Is the kiosk accepting payments and if so what form of payments?
  • Does the kiosk need to be EMV or PCI compliant?
  • Does the kiosk need to dispense change (cash and/or coin)?
  • Does the kiosk need to support any other user interface devices (i.e. barcode scanners, RFID, webcams, etc…)?
  • Does the kiosk need to interface with an API or other backend accounting system?
  • Does the kiosk need to be able to continue operating during an internet outage?
  • What are the reporting requirements?
  • What are the administrative requirements (setting up kiosks, changing pricing, etc.)
  • and many more…

These are just a few of the questions that help us determine the cost of the custom kiosk software.

Let’s get to the numbers which is probably the reason you’re still reading this article.  Please keep in mind these are typical ranges for a small custom payment kiosk.  Larger projects intended to scale to hundreds or thousands of kiosks can go much higher.

The cost for the kiosk hardware typically runs in the $5K-$15K range depending on the payment devices/peripherals, if custom engineering is required and order quantities.

The cost for the custom kiosk software has a much broader range because there are so many factors.  Typically our custom kiosk software ranges anywhere from $50K -$250K.

Custom and Turnkey Kiosk Software Providers

Kiosk Software Only

    • KioWare – kiosk lockdown & secure browser with monitoring
    • Nanonation – custom software & digital signage
    • 22 Miles – Digital Signage and Wayfinding
    • Vispero – Jaws software for Windows accessibility
    • Acquire Digital – advanced digital signage and wayfinding
    • PROVISIO – secure browser w/ remote monitoring
    • Self-Service Networks – Gift Card and Cash2Card
  • Kiosk Mode Software Providers
    • KioWare software for lockdown and remote monitoring
    • Esper Android Cloud Solutions
    • Sitekiosk – Android and Windows lockdown, remote management and CMS for digital signage
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