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Kiosk Payment Devices

Kiosk payment devices

Kiosk payment devices include cash acceptor (bill validators), cash dispensing, credit card, EMV, coin acceptors and dispensers, and cash recycling.  Payment in the retail sector has morphed into mobile pay options, biometrics like Facial (see PopID) to SMS.  Cash has declined in the retail sector, at least in the U.S. Some cultures (Poland for example) have a strong cash thread and you can see those at McDonalds where alongside the usual credit card payment kiosk, they also have standalone cash handling. State and local authorities managing child support is another good sector for cash.

Historically cash advocates have pointed to the unbanked and semi-banked population as one of their biggest audiences. With the advent of digital currencies though many of the “unbanked” are actually now at least partially banked with their mobile phone.

Obstacles to self- payment include the complication of gateways and processors. Which kernel is validated and for what. And in today’s world there is now Bitcoin as well as the nascent emerging mobile payments (take your pick on projected winner).


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