Kiosk Payment Devices

Kiosk payment devices  cash acceptor (bill validators), cash dispensing, credit card, EMV, coin acceptors and dispensers, and cash recycling.

Payments include gateways and processors. And in today’s world there is now Bitcoin as well as the nascent emerging mobile payments (take your pick on projected winner).

Payment Kiosk Sponsors

  • KIOSK Information Systems – custom kiosks, standard kiosks, full software suite, lockers and vending
  • CRANE – Cash automation, cash recyclers and currency automation. Vending automation and systems.
  • ARCA – for software and hardware self-service payment ARCA Kiosk technology

Members with Payment Kiosk technology

  • UCP Inc. – EMV certified devices & gateway provider

Additionally, there are companies such as OptConnect which provide 3G/4G secure monitoring of Smart Safes for ATMs and Kiosks. Companies with software that directly support the cash and coin devices.

Bill Payment Kiosk info

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