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By | September 20, 2021

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In Brief

  • CityBase used as the example here  (youtube link) — Not sure if advertiser or not
  • No mention of U.S. Payments or DivDat or JACK/Adcomp for that matter surprisingly
  • With the install of 30 in Chicago current total is up to 74 kiosks and plans are to raise that total to 120
  • DivDat is around 65 units in Michigan?  Adcomp is roughly 300 units. US Payments is 20 or so
  • Adcomp recently added new registration function for food bank users in Texas
    •  “Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and to date, the Laredo Regional Food Bank has served an average of 500 families weekly, and at the peak of the pandemic, up to 1000 families per week. During this time, the operations of the food bank changed 100% to drive-through services, resulting in long lines with an average wait time of 3 to 4 hours for services. With AdComp’s new app, the wait times have shortened to an average of 20 to 45 minutes,” said Ms. GarcĂ­a. The app was developed and rolled out during her tenure.
  • With Mastercard dropping the magnetic swipe, non-EMV kiosks like these will upgrade at some point
  • What is PCI Level 1 compliance?
  • DMV Kiosks have been trending up for sure


City governments nationwide are joining a trend to make more cash payment options available to consumers looking to pay their bills, with Chicago undertaking a significant expansion and New York installing new kiosks for the first time next month.

Cities take in more income when consumers have additional ways to pay for parking tickets and taxes, while residents benefit from conveniently placed kiosks that don’t charge them fees and that have access to their data.

Chicago installed another 30 kiosks this summer under a contract with kiosk vendor and software provider CityBase, and plans to pepper the city with 119 kiosks by next June, up from 74 now.

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