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Payment kiosks are interactive, self-service terminals that allow customers to make payments without needing to interact with a human cashier. They are becoming increasingly common in a variety of businesses, from retail stores and restaurants to transportation hubs and government offices.

Here are some of the benefits of using payment kiosks:

Convenience: Kiosks are available 24/7, so customers can pay their bills or make purchases at any time.
Speed: Kiosks can process payments quickly and efficiently, which can help to reduce wait times for customers.
Accuracy: Kiosks are less prone to errors than human cashiers.
Cost-effectiveness: Kiosks can help businesses to save money on labor costs.
Data collection: Kiosks can collect data on customer transactions, which can be used to improve business operations.
Here are some of the challenges of using payment kiosks:

Cost: Kiosks can be expensive to purchase and maintain.
Technical problems: Kiosks can sometimes malfunction, which can frustrate customers.
Lack of human interaction: Some customers may prefer to interact with a human cashier.
Overall, payment kiosks offer a convenient and efficient way for customers to make payments. However, it is important to weigh the benefits and challenges of using kiosks before implementing them in a business.

Cash Dispensers for Kiosks

  The ability to dispense cash from your kiosk can be invaluable for making change and reducing the need for human cashiers.  Traditional bill acceptors only accept cash, but bill recyclers have the ability to both accept and dispense cash like a human cashier Source: blog.kiosksimple.com Your customers will appreciate your kiosks giving them change in bills, rather than dispensing a mountain of… Read More »

Payment Kiosk – Unattended Retail Tracker UCP & Ingenico

Payment Kiosk News We try and highlight members and UCP has been scored as #2 in the PYMNTS Unattended Retail Tracker, only exceeded by Ingenico who is #1.  Pretty good company to be in.. PYMNTS.com Unattended Retail Tracker™, powered by USA Technologies, serves as a bimonthly framework for The PYMNTS.com Unattended Retail Tracker™, powered by USA Technologies, serves… Read More »

OS Neutral Payment Devices for OS Agnostic Payment Kiosks

OS-Neutral Payment Devices The next generation payment devices really don’t care what OS you are running. You could be running Flex, Linux, Android or Windows for that matter.  You do need an Ethernet or Bluetooth connection though.  Cloud payment systems have come a long way from Avalara and website e-commerce.  Now cloud-based payment unifies mobile pay devices which… Read More »

Payment Kiosks ISVPay and UCP Provide Omnichannel

ISVPay and Unattended Card Payments (UCP) deliver omnichannel payments for self-service kiosk businesses Background Overview The general synopsis of this partnership is that ISVPay provides FirstData and TSYS backed merchant accounts, they are a billing channel for solutions we recommend often during our consultations and they are very talented at aggregating small ticket transactions to save kiosk operators… Read More »

Bill Pay Kiosk – Source Technologies’ Self-Service Software

Source Technologies’ Self-Service BillPay kiosk software received a 100 percent on Veracode’s SecurityReview® program, which inspects techno

Source: www.businesswire.com

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Source Technologies, a leading provider of integrated solutions for managing financial transactions and other secure business processes, announced that its Self-Service BillPay kiosk software received a 100 percent on Veracode’s SecurityReview® program, which inspects technology vendors’ software code for security flaws.

Source Technologies’ Self-Service BillPay kiosk is a complete, automated solution comprised of its 6-Series kiosk and BillPay software application. The solution is engineered specifically for retailers that want to offer their customers quick and simple self-service bill payment capabilities in-store. The BillPay software is PCI compliant to ensure 100 percent secure transactions, and interacts with the kiosk to accept all payment forms, including cash, credit, debit, check and pre-paid cards.

Payment Kiosk & Grocery Payments

Payment Kiosks Alternative Payment Methods 2021 Payment kiosks are increasing in number and in the verticals where they are used. Many grocers and big box stores have implemented self-checkout to keep lines short, provide shoppers with greater convenience, and make the most of labor – one associate can manage multiple checkouts equipped with kiosks that accept payments rather… Read More »

Fintech universal banking model: 3 strategic questions

Thanks to Kirk at ARCA and also Innopay with original article   Fintech is unbundling the universal banking model: three strategic questions to answer Mounaim Cortet,  Douwe Lycklama Payments,  Article 31-08-2015 In the ‘universal model’ banks typically offer a broad product portfolio in retail, private, commercial, investment and transaction banking, along with wealth and asset management and insurance. This… Read More »

Transaction Laundering: Payments’ Big Threat

  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Transaction laundering, not to be confused with money laundering, is a pretty big will that has found some Source: www.pymnts.com Good read on how proliferation of payment methods coupled with push to emv will radicalize this type of fraud Post Views: 957

Payment Kiosks – Multi-Processor Payment by Datacap & PAX

Attended and Unattended Payment JACKSONVILLE, Fla., July 21, 2022 – PAX Technology, Inc., a leading global payment solution provider, is pleased to announce its partnership with Datacap, leading hardware and processor-agnostic omnichannel payments gateway in North America. Together, PAX and Datacap can now provide Point of Sale technology partners with a ready-to-install integration into PAX’s PxRetailer software, an… Read More »

Fujitsu Partners with OnCue

Fujitsu, a leading information communication technology (ICT) company, today announced an International Distribution and License Agreement with OnCue Technologies, a developer of in-aisle point-of-information solutions that are designed to enhance the consumer shopping experience. Source: online.wsj.com Fujitsu will resell OnCue Technologies’ InfoCue and Expert OnCue mini kiosk solutions to big-box, grocery, beverage and hardware retailers in the United… Read More »

Leftovercash kiosk converts foreign currency

Got a few extra euros laying around the house?Bring them to Northridge Fashion Center, where Leftovercash’s automated kiosk can convert your find into a Lowe’s gift card or a donation to Make-a-Wish of Greater Los Angeles, among o Source: www.dailynews.com Leftovercash currently accepts Canadian dollars, British pounds, euros, Swiss francs and Japanese yen. Linux. Post Views: 904

Rite Aid Dumps Apple Pay

After accepting Apple Pay at all of its stores on the Apple Pay launch day on Monday (Oct. 20), the $26 billion 4,600-store Rite Aid pharmacy chain apparently changed its mind and yanked support from those stores Wednesday (Oct. 22), with no official explanation. Source: www.pymnts.com Speculation – Rite Aid is backer of Walmart-backed MCX’s CurrentC. Rival Walgreens… Read More »

EMV is Coming to Self-Service Kiosks in 2015

Thanks to Andrew Savala of KioskSimple If you’ve been watching the news lately you’ve probably heard about the credit card security breach at Target and all the buzz around “Chip and PIN” or “EMV.”  In the case of Target, while hackers could have stolen the information from EMV capable cards the data would have been worthless.  This is… Read More »

Payment kiosk – ACI, LD Systems partner on solution

The strategic partnership will offer US consumers quick, easy and safe bill pay options at kiosks nationwide, the companies say. Source: www.kioskmarketplace.com LD Systems offers highly customizable kiosks with electronic payment functionality for myriad options including: self-serve banking transactions, utility payments, court fines & fees (civil, family, criminal), property tax, toll tags, DMV motor vehicle tag renewals, parking… Read More »

“Connected” Vending Machines Grew 18% In 2014

Berg Insight, a dedicated M2M/IoT market research firm based in Sweden, has found that the global installed base of connected vending machines grew by 18.4 percent to 1.16 million units in 2014. Around 0.56 million of these machines have been installed in… Source: www.vendingmarketwatch.com The connected vending market has gained momentum as vending operators have started to deploy… Read More »

Walmart: EMV Signatures Are Worthless

Walmart’s top payments executive told a conference last week that letting banks issue EMV credit cards without PINs makes a mockery of EMV security, CNN Money Source: www.pymnts.com But card brands Visa and MasterCard, which are allowing banks to issue PIN-free credit cards, argue that the security improvements aren’t worth the high cost of retrofitting credit card-processing systems. … Read More »

US retailers fear they’ll miss EMV deadline

A US trade group is asking the payment-card industry to delay the October EMV transition plan that will leave the retail food stores and pharmacies it represents liable for fraudulent transactions if they are unable to meet the deadline. Source: www.paymenteye.com FMI sent letter to VISA/MC asking for 2016. Retail food stores and pharmacies will not be able… Read More »

Payment Kiosks – Why cash handling is important

In the financial services industry, the term “cash handling” is commonplace. Everyone – from the C-suite down to each individual worker, knows the value of quality cash handling and money management. However, in the retail industry, the importance of cash handling can slip through the cracks. Source: arca.com The mobile phone crowd likes to dismiss cash but, not… Read More »