Kiosk Hall of Fame

Kiosk Hall of Fame

Kiosk Hall of Fame

kiosk hall of fame

A personal view in Paris, France

The Kiosk Hall of Fame began in 2003.  The reason for the Hall of Fame is simple.

It’s important to recognize the extraordinary people who truly have been and are the kiosk industry.

If you have a nominee please email [email protected]

2022 Current Nominee Pool

  1. Engineering — Eric Fiest Flex (Flextronics International) has been the Sr Director of Engineering at Flextronics International since Redbox came to him Flex to keep their contract with McDonald Corporation in 2005. Eric’s team designed from scratch and machined four Redbox prototypes in 45 days in what became the Redbox. Which shipped in the neighborhood of 50,000 machines from 2005-2013. He was also instrumental in bringing the MinuteKey kiosk from design to manufacturing which is still in the field today. Eric has led many Self-Service projects at Flextronics over the past 15 years and has been responsible for at least 100,000 kiosks in the field.
  2. Dave Gonsiorowski — Dave has led the way for some of the biggest deployments in the history of the kiosk industry, including Flextronics Internationals builds of Redbox, Kodak Picture Maker. Began with Webraiser Technologies in the 1990s. Over 20 years of experience.
  3. Alan Fryrear Single-handely convinced Keefner to sell/merge to Networld and launch Kiosk Marketplace.  Died in 2020. [posthumous] — ATMIA note —  “I will always remember Alan as a warm-hearted person and true gentleman,” ATMIA CEO Mike Lee said. “He played a huge part in the establishment of ATMIA in 1997, which is still going from strength to strength over 25 years later.”
  4. John Glitsos of FirstWave – One of the original pioneers of kiosks [craigk]
  5. Marsha Mazz – working for US Access Board for 30 years Marsha impacted the self-service market perhaps more than anybody. Awarded Special Recognition 2022
  6. David Heyliger – one of the original pioneers. Rocky Mountain Multimedia [craigk]
  7. Blaine Hurst – CEO of Panera Bread  [craigk]
  8. Tom Weaver – Executive Consultant for KIOSK Information Systems [Lawrence Dvorchik]
  9. Tom McClelland – Dynatouch
  10. Neil Nguyen – of Kiosk Innovations and prior Kiosk Information Systems. 26 years.

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We wish to thank all the candidates and particularly our sponsor for the awards KioWare and James Kruper.

Kiosk Hall of Fame

Tommy Woycik of NEXTEP SYSTEMS

Tommy Woycik of NEXTEP SYSTEMS

From the 2017 edition – a quote from the leading vote-getter Tommy Woycik of NEXTEP SYSTEMS — “It’s an exciting time in self order technology, as it’s become clear that the restaurant industry has started adopting self order kiosks on a massive scale.

In much the same way that mobile ordering began with pizza and spread throughout restaurants of every category, self order has started with QSR and fast casual pilots, but will soon become standard industry-wide, both inside and at the drive-thru.

Consumers will come to expect a consistently elevated experience, regardless of location or brand. As standardization builds momentum, we’re looking forward to the opportunity to help restaurants weave self order technology into their business models and brands.”

kiosk hall of fame

Nigel Seed receiving award from Jim Kruper of KioWare at London 2017 kiosk conference. Click for full size image.

How voting is conducted  Online voting takes place over several months as biographies are  presented. Hundreds of votes were cast.

How Selection Conducted   Candidates and nominations solicited from all participants in the kiosk industry. A total of 30 nominations including: Nigel Seed Netshift, Christoph Niehus Provisio, Gib Smith Gibco, Dave Heyliger Rocky Mountain, Neil Farr Working Solutions, Brian Collier.


Along with our Hall of Fame inductees in 2017 we also have some special recognition posthumous awards for people instrumental in the industry which might not otherwise be noted.

  • U.S. Access Board(retired)
  • Eckhard Reimann — some of his many articles are located here. A nice In Memoriam for Eckhard is here.  Excerpt: The only worldwide independent, all-embracing competence (“gray eminence”) for interactive kiosk, media, digital signage & room installations, comprehensive e-kiosk know-how as “Mr. Kiosk “(DMMK), Father of the Kiosks (NCR), multimedia pioneer (Prof. Swoboda, Trier), contacts, network, long-term (1999-2005/6) e-kiosk speaker at BVDW, , Jury chairman for kiosk / room installations at the German Multimedia Award (2002 – 2005), long-standing kiosk author at the HighText publishing house and the “Reimann commentary” at Extensive literature source archive, moderator of the “E-Kiosk & Digital Signage Networking “. Co-author of “Handbook Practice Customer Relations Management”, October 2007, author of the “DIGITAL MEDIA Best Practices Report – Digital Signage & Kiosks in Practice”, Volume 1 (Trade) March 2011.  “I was friends with Eckhard and worked with him on creating a stronger industry.  He was a mentor for me.”, Craig Keefner.
  • James Bickers — Nice In Memoriam on Digital Signage Today.  From LinkedIn — Senior editor of the web news portal Retail Customer Experience, Bickers was founding editor for Digital Signage Today portal which launched digital signage into prominence.  “James was one the most creative, talented people I’ve ever worked with,” said Joseph Grove, the former executive editor of Networld Media Group, who hired Bickers in 2005 after being impressed with his freelance work.

Eckhard Reimann Mr. Kiosk Germany