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Featured kiosk manufacturers

Frank Olea of Olea Kiosks, Inc. accepting Kiosk Hall of Fame award

The best kiosk manufacturers and kiosk solution providers which we recommend begin with our sponsors. They are the industry leaders in their technology and solutions and these kiosk companies have a long history of success and most importantly customers which recommend them.

These companies all have long track records of implementing best-in-class kiosk self-service solutions.  They have the engineers, the designers and the capacity to handle any kiosk project.

Members of the KMA are aware of and help develop kiosk industry-specific regulations for ADA, Accessibility, UL, HIPAA as well as PCI. The KMA is a participating organization for the PCI SSC regulatory body.

Featured Kiosk Manufacturers

Becoming one of the best kiosk manufacturers

To become one of the best kiosk manufacturers, you need to have a clear vision, a strong team, and a competitive edge. Here are some tips based on the web search results:

  • Design thinking: You need to understand the needs and expectations of your customers, and create kiosks that are user-friendly, functional, and attractive. You can use tools like personas, user journeys, wireframes, prototypes, and testing to improve your design process1.
  • Customization: You need to offer kiosks that can be tailored to different industries, locations, and purposes. You can use software like RedyRef’s Digital Kiosk Platform to create customized kiosks with features like touchscreens, cameras, printers, scanners, payment terminals, and more.
  • Quality control: You need to ensure that your kiosks are durable, reliable, and secure. You can use materials like metal frames, glass panels, plastic screens, LED lights, and biometric sensors to build quality kiosks. You can also use quality assurance methods like inspections, audits, certifications, and warranties to maintain your quality standards24.
  • Technical support: You need to provide excellent customer service and technical assistance for your kiosk users. You can use tools like remote monitoring software or cloud-based platforms to track the performance and status of your kiosks. You can also use channels like phone calls, emails, chats, or social media to communicate with your customers and resolve their issues24.
  • Cost: You need to balance the cost of production with the value of your kiosks. You can use strategies like economies of scale or outsourcing some phases of the manufacturing process to reduce your costs. You can also use pricing models like subscription-based or pay-per-use to increase your revenue24.

These are some of the tips that can help you become one of the best kiosk manufacturers. I hope you find them usefu

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The KMA intends to get detailed Accessibility information into local, city, state, corporate and federal agencies hands, for free, so that they can specify details of ADA compliance instead of the more typical one sentence “must be ADA compliant” which means 100 different things to 100 different people. We need a level playing field so that the relatively minor cost of providing full accessibility isn’t a detriment for bid proposals (extra cost).

Where we come from

The Kiosk Industry Group helped establish the Kiosk Association and KI acts as professional news and marketing for the kiosk and self-service industry.  Our association news website,, provides news and features on the self-service kiosk world be it McDonalds kiosks, Global Entry or the latest in interactive digital signage.

Please Participate

  1. Working Groups – we have two working groups right now; ADA Accessibility and EMV.
    1. Participating in working groups is free and open to all
    2. Slack groups for collaboration
    3. We encourage all vested companies and agencies to participate for best context and input.


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