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Kiosks For Sale – Used Discount

Used Kiosks For Sale – Best Quality and Price

Below are top-quality new kiosks for sale, available now. As available, used kiosk for sale are included.

Kiosks For Sale

  • New kiosks
  • Returned kiosks (project died)
  • Used kiosks
  • China kiosk pricing for baselines

Kiosk Components for Sale

  • touchscreens
  • displays
  • chromebooks
  • laptops
  • scanners and other devices

Kiosks For Sale Background

Many times companies take shipment but then for one reason or another, usually project losing funding, the kiosks are still in original shipping crates and the company wants to sell them.

Distressed inventory shows up. In March 2024 there were over 300 bitstop kiosks that had to be auctioned off. Cole Kepro had gone into receivership and liquidation of assets came to pass.

Displays and Touchscreen deals are big.

We include pricing from Chinese companies and you can purchase or you can use as baseline info.  The chinese will always be 1/2 the price but you have to be careful + shipping from China can be problematic in todays political environment.

  • Availability: This page lists top-quality new units that are available for purchase.
  • Used Units: We include used kiosk units as part of the inventory.
  • Condition: All units mentioned are implied to be in good condition, ready for use.
Robot server

Robot Restaurant

outdoor kiosk and indoor kiosk

outdoor kiosk and indoor kiosk

Samsung kiosk?