CUSS Kiosks & CUTE Standards

CUSS Kiosks, CUTE  and CUPS Standards for Airports

CUSS kiosk and CUTE Standards for Airports

A typical CUSS kiosk installed in Kuala Lumpur International Airportprovided by SITA

Common-use self-service or CUSS is a shared kiosk offering airport check-in to passengers without the need for ground staff. The CUSS can be used by several participating airlines in a single terminal.[1]

The first major installation of CUSS for multiple airlines was launched in 2003 in a cooperative project between LAS McCarran Airport, ARINC and twelve participating airlines.[citation needed] By the end of 2008, CUSS had been implemented at more than 100 airports globally.

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  • Trusted, Versatile, Reliable

    CUSS is proven, reliable and always up-to-date, supporting the latest standards including CUSS 1.4 and ensuring legacy support down to CUSS 1.0 like airline menus and controls other aspects of running a multi-application kiosk. CUSS 1.3/1.4 compatible middleware can run on common use kiosks, bag drops and other passenger service touchpoints.

  • Widely Used CUSS Kiosk Platform

    Embross has one of the most used kiosk CUSS platforms worldwide, supporting over 140 airlines applications. Embross is an industry leader in kiosk middleware with over 17,000 kiosks installed using CDS across multiple industries including travel and transportation, retail and government.

  • Leading the way in IATA Standards

    Embross is a leader, helping drive the standard forward as Chair of the IATA CUSS Working Group. This standard defines how an application must startup, how it can find and use kiosk devices, and what technologies it can use to interact with the user. Defines and establishes rules so that multiple applications can run on a single kiosk without interfering with each other.

Embross CUSS Impementation


Common Use Terminal Systems

Rareness spaces in today’s airports is a concern for airports committed to improve their passenger experience, increasing efficiency and reducing passengers waiting time have never been more important. Therefore the need to process more passengers through the same or turn spaces has no longer become an option but a necessity.

With a CUTE solution, the airports operational team will no longer need dedicated check-in counters but will use the same airport gates, desks and workstations, greatly increasing the volume of traffic that can be accommodated by the infrastructure.

The Shared Platform based on an IP infrastructure can be used by any airline agent allowing access to all the application they need for passengers checking, boarding, transiting with various LDCS DCS and all these on different languages and services (Passenger Statistics…) Old Reflink

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