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Custom Kiosk Manufacturers

Custom Kiosk Manufacturers

Custom kiosk manufacturing adds in a design phase and typically some NRE (non-recurring engineering).  There have been instances of companies “buying a design”.  Having an unattended self-service terminal or kiosk designed for your business is the path that product-oriented companies such as Redbox, Coinstar and others are more likely to travel.  AT&T and Xfinity were deploying thousands of kiosks and they went custom (RedyRef did AT&T)

Standard kiosks can get pretty close to custom given optional add-ons, artwork and branding and those are always best availability and lowest price.

Custom Kiosk Design

Custom Kiosk Design

Kiosk Design Features You Need, None of the Hassle

From Olea

At Olea, we are committed to streamlining your custom kiosk design, manufacturing, and delivery. No need to deal with multiple points of contact when you can get everything you need in one place from a dedicated team of experts. Whether you need a kiosk for order input, payment collection, ticketing, or wayfinding, we can customize it with all the features you want to facilitate seamless customer interactions, start to finish.

Excerpt from KIOSK Information Systems explaining custom kiosk design.

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Bcycle solar kiosk by Kiosk Information Systems. Click for full image.

Mastering the art of customized design and integration is what earned us the reputation as The World’s Leader in Custom Design.  At KIOSK, steep customization is an ongoing daily demand.  To accommodate this, we’ve steadily expanded Technical Teams to surround every key project aspect with parallel development experts, greatly simplifying and accelerating our customer’s path to market.

The unique appeal of working with KIOSK is two-fold:

  • Agile and unrestrained solution design, completely eliminating “One Size Fits All” constraints.
  • “A-Game” Team Members orchestrating all project development tracks – together under one roof:
    • Custom enclosure and software design
    • Expert integration and in-house manufacturing
    • Advanced Program Management over product life cycle
    • Remote Management  and field support

For over 20 years, our capabilities have been exercised and proven across 17 vertical markets, building an unparalleled experience base for our customers to tap into.

In short, we’ll make it easy to hit your custom mark.

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