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Thanks to our sponsor. Kiosk Group is a privately-owned, Maryland-based company that many leading companies, organizations, and government agencies trust and rely upon for interactive tablet kiosks.
We focus on creating long-term client relationships, so you can feel confident that if you have questions about our kiosks or experience a problem with your order, we’ll do everything we can to help. Contact Us for more information.

Tablet Kiosk and tablet enclosures are the fastest growing segment of the kiosk industry right now.  Android tablets in particular but also iPad Kiosks. Windows tablets such as Surface are also used.

Tablet Kiosk considerations:
O/S – Lots to pick from and starting with IOS, Android and Windows. Recently Ubuntu released Tablet version .  You could say Windows RT is another option. The O/S usually pricks the interest of the IT department if on a network. And it usually comes down to security and management.

Size – you have 19″ inch tablet but the cheapest is going to be the 7 inch. 10 inch are popular too.

CPU – there are still limitations here. The “usual suspects” are the older Intel ATOM dual core or Nvidia Tegra or Apple ARM.  If you need a powerful CPU you need industrial tablet.

Durability – the initial temptation is buy some surplus consumer tablets. If the project is a short term promotional one-off then that option could be entertained.  If you are doing any type of sustaining engineering for a medium longer term then you need to consider a “rugged” tablet.  People like Motion and DTR are there. You have Panasonic in play now with its “Tough Tablet”.

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Tablet Kiosk Computer Considerations

  • iPads
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Android tablets
  • AIO or All-in-One computers
  • Raspberry PI computers
  • Rugged handheld computers
  • O/S could be iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, Google Flex or Rasperry PI
  • A small UPS for countertops is always recommended and XPCC makes the J60C

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