Tablet Kiosk

Tablet Kiosk

is the fastest growing kiosk and tablet self-service segment of the kiosk industry right now.

Tablet Kiosk considerations:

  • O/S – Lots to pick from and starting with IOS, Android and Windows. Recently Ubuntu released Tablet version .  You could say Windows RT is another option. The O/S usually pricks the interest of the IT department if on a network. And it usually comes down to security and management.
  • Size – you have 19″ inch tablet but the cheapest is going to be the 7 inch. 10 inch are popular too.
  • CPU – there are still limitations here. The “usual suspects” are the older Intel ATOM dual core or Nvidia Tegra or Apple ARM.  If you need a powerful CPU you need industrial tablet.
  • Durability – the initial temptation is buy some surplus consumer tablets. If the project is a short term promotional one-off then that option could be entertained.  If you are doing any type of sustaining engineering for a medium longer term then you need to consider a “rugged” tablet.  People like Motion and DTR are there. You have Panasonic in play now with its “Tough Tablet”




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