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By | February 13, 2024
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  • Advanced Kiosks celebrates Exceptional CPARS rating
  • Partnership and Reseller resources
  • Advanced Kiosks becomes a Gold Sponsor of KMA.Global
  • New 32-Inch Pedestal Kiosk
  • Visitor Management System – Visitor Check in / Check out
  • New Product Alert: AK CityGuide
  • “Ask AK AI”, our new Support Assistant
  • Office Extension impacting organizations
  • More Customer news

View these stories and more in our latest Q4 Newsletter:


Custom Tribute Solution For Roslyn Cemeteries

In the historic cemeteries of Roslyn, WA, an innovative project is underway, transforming the way they connect with and preserve the legacy of the past. This initiative, a collaboration with Advanced Kiosks (and customized variation of the Tribute Station), integrates cutting-edge kiosk and software technology to create an interactive digital archive. The Roslyn Cemetery kiosk serves as a gateway to the rich histories of individuals resting in these sacred grounds, allowing visitors and families to explore and contribute to a living tapestry of memories.

The kiosk is not only a digital storyteller but also a navigator, guiding users to specific grave sites with ease. By entering a name, visitors can access detailed profiles, complete with photographs and stories, bridging the gap between past and present. This project is a shining example of how technology can enhance connection to history, bringing communities together to celebrate and remember their shared heritage.

Western Ohio Regional Treatment & Habilitation Center

According to its website, The W.O.R.T.H. Center utilizes a cognitive intervention program from the National Institute of Corrections known as Thinking for a Change (TFAC). The program has been researched and shown to be effective with criminal offenders.

​The center reached out to Advanced Kiosks for a secure and convenient solution for their 106 residents to access treatment software. After weighing several options, they opted to go with four Countertop Kiosks loaded with Office Extension Lite, which offers the same features of Office Extension 3.0 in a smaller, more affordable package designed for shorter interactions in low-risk environment.

City Of Fresno, Calif.

A few hundred miles north of Paramount, the City of Fresno’s Economic Opportunities Commission has procured a quantity of seven Office Extension Lite Kiosks in order to connect residents with services. Founded in 1965, Fresno EOC offers services addressing almost all facets of human services and economic development, including preschool education, vocational training, senior citizen hot meal services, and preventative health care.

Using the kiosks, residents can apply for services, contact the organization, view food distribution schedules and more. Additionally, they can do so in a variety of languages by utilizing our Translation feature.

Celebrating Our Customers

We are thrilled to share the latest updates and stories from our valued customers in this month’s newsletter. Our “Customers” page, a vibrant tapestry of success stories and innovative collaborations, has recently been updated with new highlights and in-depth case studies. These updates not only showcase the diverse range of industries and challenges our customers navigate but also highlight the creative and effective solutions we’ve developed together.

These case studies not only reflect the flexibility and adaptability of our products and services but also our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique needs of each client. The stories reveal the impact of our collaborative approach, highlighting how customer feedback and insights lead to innovation and improvement in our offerings.

Whether you are a long-time client or new to our community, these customer highlights and case studies are a testament to what we can achieve together.

City Of Paramount, Calif.

The City of Paramount recently deployed the Office Extension 3.0 solution to improve the delivery of government services.

Using the intuitive Office Extension interface (shown below), residents can apply for and renew business licenses, request public records, and view city job opportunities. They can also pay water bills and parking tickets as well as receive information on rebate programs designed to incentivize the replacement of traditional grass with drought-tolerant landscaping.

Office Extension Impacting Organizations Across Industries

Organizations of all types face a common challenge in today’s economy. In spite of the price of everything from rent and utilities to office supplies and labor on the rise, those organizations need to find ways to provide services without a large capital investment.

One of the ways they are meeting that challenge is with Advanced Kiosks’ Office Extension Software. Office Extension 3.0 is a complete solution of hardware and software which can be configured to a deployer’s needs, allowing them to combine the automation of services and paperwork with the convenience of 24-hour customer access.

Customers can fill out forms, scan documents, look up services, check in to appointments, and print forms and documents as needed, instantly sending those forms and scanned documents to the deploying organization. The solution also provides weekly reports and notifications, Keeping the organization up to speed on its kiosk operations.

Office Extension Software is allowing these and dozens of other organizations to reshape the way they serve their clientele. Whether it’s assisting customers with form filling, scanning documents, checking appointment availability, or printing forms on-demand, Office Extension 3.0 is there to help. This dynamic solution not only enhances the user experience but also aids in information accuracy.

Want to see how Office Extension 3.0 can benefit your organization? Contact us today!

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