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Labor Challenges and Restaurants Doubling Down on Kiosks

Navigating Labor Challenges through Virtual Reception and Self-Service Kiosks Tech-driven staffing solutions, including virtual receptions and self-service kiosks, are providing innovative answers to the labor challenges faced by many industries. Learn how these technologies enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional staffing models. Dive into our full article to explore the future of… Read More »

Visitor Kiosk Privacy Exploit – Easy Lobby Access Systems and Others

Visitor Kiosk News Read full article on ThreatPost Student researchers working with IBM X-Force Red team find security holes in five leading visitor kiosk management systems. Excerpt: Visitor kiosk systems protect business against physical threats such as unwanted and unidentified guests. But many of these lobby-based perimeter checkpoints are opening up companies to a bevy of cyber-threats. On… Read More »