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Labor Challenges and Restaurants Doubling Down on Kiosks

Navigating Labor Challenges through Virtual Reception and Self-Service Kiosks Tech-driven staffing solutions, including virtual receptions and self-service kiosks, are providing innovative answers to the labor challenges faced by many industries. Learn how these technologies enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional staffing models. Dive into our full article to explore the future of… Read More »

Visitor Kiosk Privacy Exploit – Easy Lobby Access Systems and Others

Visitor Kiosk News Read full article on ThreatPost Student researchers working with IBM X-Force Red team find security holes in five leading visitor kiosk management systems. Excerpt: Visitor kiosk systems protect business against physical threats such as unwanted and unidentified guests. But many of these lobby-based perimeter checkpoints are opening up companies to a bevy of cyber-threats. On… Read More »

Front Desk Reception Kiosk aka Virtual Receptionist

Live Streaming Receptionist Platform Noticed that WelcomeWare was showing at the MGMA conference. MGMA is right behind HIMSS when it comes to healthcare tradeshows. From Richard Wollboldt — Interacting with our WelcomeWare kiosk at MGMA Leaders Conference. I love speaking to healthcare leaders on innovative ideas that will improve healthcare for all. What an exciting industry! Comments Frank Olea with Olea Kiosks… Read More »