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Kiosk Case Studies – Retail, Financial and Fast Casual

Over the years there have been many case studies in regards to benefits, features and ROI of unattended self-service.  There have been what we call “Reverse” case studies.  Putting in menu boards at 500 drive-thru restaurants without factoring fully the cooling requirements or the maintenance (cleaning filters).  McDonalds did that so noone is immune to that. We can learn from it.

The best case studies never get published as a rule.  Companies tend to protect confidential information which could be a competitive advantage.  It is understandable.  It usually takes a few years for the data to surface or someone is looking for funding.

We have found the best indicators are those situation where customers have a choice between someone at the counter, or conducting transaction via kiosk.  What works best for customer and what works best for deployer?

During the pandemic people like Kaiser discouraged people checking in at the desk via a person. It was dangerous in many ways. Pushing them to the patient check-in kiosks solved the equation for Kaiser. And continues to do so.  Having good and accurate information at the start of an interaction saves a lot of time on the backend. Just ask the insurance people…

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