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By | July 8, 2016
Dave and Buster Kiosk
gaming kiosk dave and busters

dave and busters gaming kiosk Click to see full size image.. Cool!

Gaming Kiosk or Rechargeable Cards

Update: Diebold Nixdorf began supplying these in 2019 or so.  DN generally uses third party manufacturers and then resells them with the nice service contracts.  The original provider was Frank Mayer way back when. Given the environment where these kiosks go, its easy to see that any type of audio speaker is basically useless as the noise level is probably 2X the level of typical casino.  Not sure who the backend manufacturer of these are now but for example DN kiosks for McDonald’s have serial number stickers on the back and those numbers are Pyramid Computer numbers.

Dave & Buster’s is building on their ability to offer “ticket-less” rewards points directly to the gamer’s card by re-designing their loyalty kiosks.

The press release is linked below, titled “Dave & Buster’s powers up their family entertainment loyalty program with re-designed interactive kiosks”.  Click on the image to get a better view. Cool kiosk design!

Originally the D&B account was owned by FMA but since then Diebold Nixdorf now runs the account and does kiosk design and support.

Dave and Busters kiosks are self-service devices that allow customers to purchase and reload game-play cards, place food and beverage orders, and use various payment methods. They are designed by Diebold Nixdorf, a company that specializes in retail and banking solutions. Dave and Busters has implemented these kiosks in more than 140 locations across North America, with the aim of improving customer experience and efficiency12The kiosks are part of the K-TWO series, which won the Reddot Award for design in 20192The kiosks also have accessibility features, such as AudioNav, for customers with special needs

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