In the Wild – La-Z-Boy Credit Application USB Hack

By | December 16, 2018
La-Z-Boy Credit Application Kiosk Lazyboy

Craig is a  senior staff writer for Kiosk Industry Group Association. He has 25 years of experience in the industry. He contributed to this article.

We couldn’t resist stopping in our local La-Z-Boy and trying out the kiosks.

Couple of things we noted:

    • Would have been fairly easy to insert malware USB client onto the PC  and collect credit application info.  I would recommend securing that computer.
    • Looked like it had a hard ethernet so it was likely on the network. Hijacking a Windows computer on a network in order to access the entire network is the next step.
    • Fairly flimsy construction. It looks cheap but that isn’t exactly the best impression to leave on potential customer.
    • The unit was located near back of the store on the other side of browsing. I wonder if having a unit up front to preset potential buyers with an idea of what they can afford easily wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If you would like to get a free Starbucks card send us a message on who did them (software and enclosure).

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Author: Staff Writer

Craig Keefner -- With over 40 years in the industry and technology, Craig is widely considered to be an expert in the field. Major early career kiosk projects include Verizon Bill Pay kiosk and hundreds of others. Craig helped start kioskmarketplace and formed the KMA. Note the point of view here is not necessarily the stance of the Kiosk Association or