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We have companies that help us, and we want to acknowledge them.  Partners support us in a variety of ways. Some are monetary for sure, others are content and still others provide advice and consul. Please support our partners.

We want to thank the following companies and websites for exchanging links with us.

Link Exchange

  • Alveni — At Alveni, we are your single kiosk source, providing everything for your projects from design to  deployment and beyond. If you can imagine it, we can build it, install it, and provide maintenance. We offer personalized service and exceptional value to create the right solution for you. We solve your business problems.
  • PROVISIO — Lockdown browser & kiosk software for safeguarding public access Internet-PCs, Displays and Tablets. Protects the browser and operating system against manipulations. Now featuring IE & Chrome browser engine support!
  • KT Group — Company focus on manufacturer of key standardized enclosures and offering a bespoke customized service
  • Acquire Digital – Acquire Digital, part of the Working Solutions Family was established in 1997. Based in the UK the company specialise in the creation of advanced digital interactive experiences and software solutions for a multitude of applications, including digital signage and kiosks. As well as their award-winning product range they also deliver pioneering custom-built solutions to clients across all industries and sectors.With skilled partners across the globe we are able to provide local expertise and knowledge backed by our experienced in-house teams. Collaborating with allied technology partners ensures the best solution for you in time and on budget. With over 21,000 successful solutions installed worldwide, Acquire Digital and their partners continue to revolutionise the digital experience.

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