Financial Kiosk – Case Study in Bill Payment Kiosks and Banking Kiosks

Bill Payment or Banking

Financial self-service has been around for a long time. These are often a bill pay kiosk for courts and utility bill pay but can also be financial services, cashback, ATMs and many other financial functions.  Selling new financial services using consumer-friendly iPad and Android tablet kiosks is another one.

Nowadays the most notorious financial kiosk is the Bitcoin ATM or Bitcoin Kiosk.

But first the more conventional business case. Suggestions here would KIOSK Information Systems, Olea Kiosks and Pyramid Kiosks for the enclosures.

Verizon Bill Payment Kiosk Example

    • Wireless Bill Pay kiosk services- this is the most visible vertical and includes close to 10,000 retail bill pay locations when you factor in Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and all of the Walmart and Costco’s
    • Variation of Telecom is the Cable Services and bill pay kiosks for providers such as Comcast and Time Warner.
    • Municipal bill pay services –  many cities opt for self-service bill pay for utilities, cable bills, traffic tickets and more.
    • Bank in a Box financial kiosks are the new generation of Multifunction financial service kiosks.  Historically they began with units like VCOM used by 7-Eleven.
    • Prison and jail kiosks are a variation of financial services.  Micropayment management by companies like JPay provide revenue stream to operator as well as the client.
    • For many years the ATM industry  and companies such as NCR, Wincor Nixdorf, Diebold have attempted to design multifunction ATMs that banks would “buy into”.  Advertising services and incorporating certain billpay functions and wire transfer were tried.  7-Eleven with VCOM is good example. The true purpose built function terminals won out in the end however.

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Financial Kiosk Case Study Links

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Members with Payment technology

Additionally, there are companies such as OptConnect which provide 3G/4G secure monitoring of Smart Safes for ATMs and Kiosks. Companies with software that directly support the cash and coin devices.

Financial aka Bitcoin or Crypto