Xfinity Bill Pay & ATT Bill Pay Kiosks

By | November 18, 2021
xfinity bill pay kiosk

Xfinity Bill Pay Kiosk and ATT Bill Pay 2021

Pay ATT Bill kiosks (or pay Verizon bill). Update Dec 8, 2023 Update:  New photos added. The feature image is courtesy RedyRef who manufactures and provides the ATT Bill Pay kiosk. This article is updated on running basis.  One of our major projects we personally worked on was the Verizon Bill Pay kiosks. At the time there were those in the media which proclaimed kiosks dead and mobile phone forever.

But people have to pay for those phones.  Usually by credit card, often by cash and many times via a paper check (25%).


Having worked on prior generations of all of these multi-generational pay bill kiosks we decided to check out the latest iterations.  See what has changed and what hasn’t (if anything).  Along with the kiosk manufacturers (primarily Kiosk Information Systems) a relevant company in these was Dell OEM group.

Trivia: for a long time KIS bought touchscreen overlays (with controller) from Elotouch and then would overlay them on a Dell 19 inch that had the bezel removed.  Dell loved selling a ton of 17 and 19 inch displays to KIS.  On that storyline the USB controllers would be next and the Elo modded them, and the subsequent modding by KIS to them. 

xfinity bill pay - ATT Bill Pay

Click for full size — xfinity bill pay kiosk

Something like Comcast, just up to 2013, there were almost 10 different configurations that had been deployed over various cycles and years. Its worth noting that in the case of Xfinity, the current iteration is really not that different from the original. Proving the point that sometimes it’s as simple as just addressing the audience.

Looking for a Comcast Business Pay Bill location? It’s actually Xfinity now.

Anyway, let’s take a look:

First we have Pictures – click for full size

Next are comments, recollections and trivia

  • Xfinity
    • Probably on 20th generation?
    • Started out with one vendor doing software then graduated to doing their own
    • The IDTech units used to drive me crazy.
    • Current generation is Windfall kiosk from KIOSK
    • Here was first encounter with skew factor on check reading.  Makes me think of Check 21…
  • Verizon
    • Speculating the enclosure is purchased from multiple fabricators.
    • It isn’t grade AAA quality on the finish. Rough on the edges and “klugy” looking
    • No provision for accessibility
    • My guess is these connect to the internal Verizon network albeit thru multiple layers of security (Sophos/etc).
    • I wonder if the overall budget + manhours has decreased since they took it over. I doubt it.
    • These used to be manufactured by KIOSK
  • AT&T
    • Redyref unit
    • Hard to judge screen accessibility, application-wise, as we couldn’t get to it.
    • Worth noting the POS keypad sticks out abnormally.  Too far?  I believe the 4-inch rule may come into play here.
    • CAT qualified? Not sure
    • We saw nicer designs during RFP process but ultimately it more than likely came down to Dell preferences.
    • We are checking with store staff
  • Thoughts and Musings
    • Years ago there was this deal for Fedex. 10,000 units. $50K each. Big lockers. That deal had a big effect on a lot of other deals

Opinion: Cash in retail is getting harder and harder to find.  Seeing a check reader was eye-opening as well. None of the above units dispensed change. That only exists in the supermarket checkout. Cash in city and state bill pay is still very much alive and well.  New models like the Evoke Creative released last week by default have no option for cash, at least internally.  You can always create a sidecar or simply use a standalone cash acceptor which even provides cash recycling all in one easy to service unit.

Bill Payment - McDonalds in Europe showing cash acceptance and recycling

McDonalds in Europe showing cash acceptance and recycling

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