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Kiosk Service and Logistics


kiosk service

kiosk service

This is for kiosk service items such as rollout, deployment, support, Wireless services such as M2M.

Kiosk service companies include:

    • Burroughs — Maximize the value of your payment and transaction technology with full lifecycle management solutions.
    • Marathon Deployment –  Marathon provides a full range of services in Information Technology focusing in the areas of Deployment and Field Service. We serve clients in the retail, hospitality and business services verticals, globally. Our clients depend upon us to deliver quality and value as well as sophisticated and effective deployment solutions.
    • CSA Self-Service Solutions – CSA Self-Service Solutions is a premier self-service solutions provider focused on providing professional solutions that lower the total cost of ownership throughout the lifecycle. Our service operations expertise and professional nationwide workforce combined with our design & manufacturing capabilities provide our clients with the most complete self-service solutions in the industry.
More Kiosk Service and Logistics
  • Field Nation
  • OptConnect for monitoring and maintenance