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By | March 14, 2024
kiosk self order

Kiosk Self Order with Ordering Kiosk

Every week another case study for a restaurant going self-order hits my desk. While monsters like Chick-Fil-A do a test delivery site and suck all the oxygen out of the media, another small to medium business takes advantage of self-service done right.

Hero Boy Sandwich in Georgia

Hero Boy Sandwich Co. in Alpharetta, GA, is serving up faster service and better profits with Ordering Kiosk by Nanonation. They have joined over 500 restaurant brands using Nanonation to enable their restaurant technology. Learn more at

kiosk self order

kiosk self order

Gemini Says

Kiosk self-ordering is a system that allows customers to browse menus, customize and place their orders, and even pay for their purchases, all through a kiosk. This kiosk is essentially a digital stand-alone computer with a touch screen interface.

Here are some of the benefits of kiosk self-ordering:

Convenience and speed: Customers can browse menus and order at their own pace, potentially reducing wait times, especially during peak hours.
Customization: Kiosks allow for easy customization of orders, which can be appealing to customers with dietary restrictions or preferences.
Increased accuracy: Since customers are entering their own orders, there’s a reduced chance of errors compared to traditional ordering through a cashier.
Efficiency for staff: With kiosks handling some of the ordering tasks, staff can focus on food preparation and customer service.
Kiosk self-ordering is becoming increasingly popular in fast food restaurants and other quick service establishments. However, it can also be found in some full-service restaurants and other retail settings.

Meanwhile in NYC and Chick-Fil-A

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