Voice AI Liability – Domino’s Sued over AI Voiceprints

By | March 16, 2024
Dominos pizza voice AI

Voice AI Liability – Domino’s Sued

Not all is smooth sailing in the world of Voice AI Chatbots for taking customer orders. Here is latest example.

In another look — we went and tried out the latest Voice ordering system at our local Carl Jr’s.  They tested it for awhile and then took it offline after all the mistakes and have since put it back in.  It was cumbersome at best to use and at the end of the order, it didn’t tell me what I had ordered and how much it would be at the next window. I checked with the employee (almost seemed like he was only one) and he said its still mixed results. Some thoughts on that:

  • We had to wait 15 minutes for a couple of hamburgers even though only one other customer
  • Cutting down on staff is short-sighted. The Voice AI cannot cook/prepare/wrap the hamburgers
  • Once again the balance between automation and people is a broken equation at Carl Jrs.
  • You can order with an AI — but forget the “fast food” factor.

Meanwhile at Dominos….

Copilot Summary

  • BIPA Violation Allegation: Domino’s Pizza is facing a proposed class action for allegedly collecting voiceprints through its AI ordering system without customer consent, violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).
  • Technology Usage: The AI system, developed by ConverseNow Technologies Inc., is used in at least 57 Domino’s locations in Illinois to improve service and facilitate upselling.
  • Customer Data: Plaintiffs claim that while Domino’s collected names, addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers, they were not informed about the collection of voiceprints.
  • Legal Action: The plaintiffs seek injunctive relief, statutory damages, and attorney fees, accusing Domino’s of not informing customers about data collection and retention as required by BIPA.
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