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Zebra technologies Insight – Healthcare, Utility Bill Payment and Transportation Post-COVID

Zebra Blog Post by Richard Thompson Feb 2021 by Richard Thompson COVID-19 has been a catalyst of change in a way unseen since the Second World War. Its impact on every industry has been immediate, significant and in some cases devastating. And though many expect the economic repercussions of coronavirus to outlive the pandemic, it is the unprecedented changes… Read More »

Zebra Technologies Q4 2014 – Year of Android

Zebra Technologies Update Zebra Q4 2014 Earnings Call March 17th.  All product categories grew with record shipments of desktop printers and notable activity in mobile and tabletop printers. In addition, supplies posted its best quarter ever Source: seekingalpha.com Android made substantial progress during the year as the industry embraced the operating system as an effective alternative to Microsoft.… Read More »