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Emergency Kiosk Whitepaper – Wayfinding Kiosks & Public Safety

Wayfinding Kiosk Technology for Mission Critical Public Safety Michael Dorety & Associates in Collaboration with Craig Allen Keefner, Olea Kiosks ABSTRACT Method for using wayfinding technology, kiosks, digital signage and mobile devices to prevent violent attacks on educational, medical and business campuses and at public venues through detection and location of gun shots fired, recognition of explosives and… Read More »

Emergency Kiosks

Emergency Kiosks – Communication Systems One of the trends in 2018 is the emergence of the emergency kiosk.  Typically it has the typical informational side to it but then it is just as capable serving as an emergency terminal. Some of the situations where campus-wide communication system is considered: Education facilities including high schools, universities, junior and technical… Read More »