Facial Payment Technology NRF 2022 Award Nomination – PopID

By | November 2, 2021
NRF Awards PopID

Facial Payment PopID Technology NRF 2022 Innovation Award Nomination as Used in Kiosks

NRF and the Vendor In Partnership (VIP) Awards have forged a partnership for VIP Awards for NRF 2022.  Solutions will be recognized and celebrated by hundreds of retail professionals at NRF 2022 taking place January 15th, 2022

Datacap in conjunction with the Kiosk Association has entered PopID in the Best Payment Innovation. It is an universal gateway that has been deployed in restaurants for “facial payment” using facial recognition for kiosks.

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NRF Awards PopID

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Entry Background

What is PopID? Pay-by-Face with PopID

PopID is a universal gateway for verifying an individual’s identity based on people’s faces for applications such as loyalty, payment and entry. PopID has various enter-by-face and pay-by-face solutions, PopPay. Ideal for retail and restaurants, PopPay can be used at drive-thrus, cashier/counter spaces, pay-at-table or via unattended kiosks.

PopPay Kiosks

PopID’s kiosks use facial recognition to give customers the ability to update/redeem their loyalty/rewards and pay using their face (with or without a face mask) across multiple restaurant locations. Credit card information is tokenized using Datacap’s payment solutions such that PopID can initiate payments in-store or online without storing cardholder data in any capacity.

In addition to data security, this omnichannel approach to payments fosters a universal experience across all channels, empowering PopID to create forward-thinking, friction-free payment solutions for its customers.

Benefits for businesses and consumers

  • Improved Safety
  • Higher Sales
  • Lower payment processing fees
  • Increased throughput
  • Higher loyalty program participation
  • Scalable with full integration support


An example of one of PopID’s many locations, Daddy’s Chicken Shack (located in Old Pasadena, California), implemented PopID’s kiosks early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Owner Chris Georgalas commented “We brought PopID’s kiosks in a few months into the pandemic, partly to act as a physical barrier between people and partly to help ease the ordering process… There’s no touching, there’s nothing whatsoever for [the customer] to do. I think it’s just amazing.”

Future Outlook / Expanding Nationwide

PopID’s technology has been in development since around 2016, but COVID-19 has accelerated the rollout of their kiosks and enter-by-face technology. As of September 2021, PopID announced that more than 100 restaurants and retail brands now accept PopPay throughout Southern California with around 70,000 registered users and more than four million facial authentications.

On September 7th, 2021, PopID announced they plan to go national.

This nomination was made in part by Datacap and the Kiosk Manufacturer Association (KMA)

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Category Submitted For

Best Payment Innovation

A frictionless user experience enables rapid adoption of this continually enhanced technology. Describe how your solution focuses on the user’s goal of speed, seamless entry, feedback, control and security, and how you service the retailer with ease of implementation.

Best Customer Experience Solution

Retailers need engaged, loyal customers and strive to offer a great experience in-store and across all touchpoints. Describe how your clients have used your solutions to provide a competitive advantage through a brand-appropriate integrated/omnichannel interaction and improved their business performance and relationship with their customers.

Best Breakthrough Technology Solution

Cutting edge technologies have transitioned from unfamiliar entities into targeted solutions with clear goals and expectations. With examples such as AI, AR, Robotics, Blockchain, Voice or other breakthrough tech, explain how you have become an integral aspect of success and performance for the retailer.

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