PopPay Face Payment Kiosks Los Angeles

By | February 7, 2021
PopID Facial Payment kiosk

PopPay Facial Payment Kiosk or Pay By Face

facial payment kiosk

facial payment kiosk

PopPay’s double-sided tablet takes face payments at Dog Haus and Fresh Brothers Pizza in the Los Angeles area. See how they do it!

PopID’s kiosks use facial recognition to give customers the ability to update/redeem their loyalty/rewards and pay using their face across multiple restaurant locations. Credit card information is tokenized using Datacap’s payment solutions such that PopID can initiate payments in-store or online without storing cardholder data in any capacity.

In addition to data security, this omnichannel approach to payments fosters a universal experience across all channels, empowering PopID to create forward-thinking, friction-free payment solutions for their customers.

“Our technology has been in development since around 2016, but COVID-19 has accelerated the rollout of our kiosks and enter-by-face technology,” said John Miller, the chairman of PopID’s parent company, Cali Group.

Thanks to Datacap Systems for pointing this out to us!

Here is the promotional video showing the actual process

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