Payment Solutions for Point of Sale (BNPL, txt, QR, Facial)

By | May 7, 2021

Turnkey Point of Sale Payment Solutions

One of the biggest trends that broke out of the pandemic was the massive uptick in alternative ways for consumers to pay. Gone are the simpler days of only letting customers pay with a credit or debit card, and only in full. Today’s shoppers are demanding the ability to pay on their own terms.

As a result, third-party plugin implementation is growing. New payments and commerce competition is giving traditional payments players a run for their money, bringing new flexibility to this part of the shopping experience. Digitally savvy consumers are leading the call for convenient ways to manage payment transactions.

What Payment Processing Plugins Offer

TurnKey Payment Solutions

TurnKey Payment Solutions

You can think of one capability that plugins deliver as a modern-day answer to a rent-to-own program. With extensions such as KlarnaAffirm and Splitpay, consumers get to place their orders and enjoy their purchase without waiting until they’ve fully paid for the goods. Klarna’s pay-in-four option requires a “down payment” at checkout, followed by three equal installments every two weeks after. Splitpay, on the other hand, carves up a purchase cost into four monthly amounts, giving consumers the freedom to better manage their budgets and conserve their cash flow without racking up credit card debt. Affirm’s attractive loan terms enable shoppers to spring for pricier purchases that would seriously dent their bank accounts if paying all at once.

But the upsides aren’t only for consumers. Merchants gain by using these third-

Curbside pickup payment

Curbside pickup payment

party extensions as well. Klarna says it’s not unusual for sellers to see 35 percent to 60 percent higher conversion rates, while Splitpay users have reported a 20 percent to 30 percent increase in their sales volume. Affirm’s offering boosts repeat purchasing, the company claims—to the tune of 20 percent annually. All of this means a richer revenue pot for merchants while also giving consumers the seamlessly modern experience they’re looking for.

More Payment Processor News for POS

  • POPID case study — Daddy’s Chicken uses PopID’s kiosks with Ingenico Group’s iUC 285 card reader powered by Datacap’s TranCloud™ payments hub. PopID’s kiosks use facial recognition to give customers the ability to update/redeem their loyalty/rewards and pay using their face across multiple restaurant locations. Credit card information is tokenized using Datacap’s payment solutions such that PopID can initiate payments in-store or online without storing cardholder data in any capacity.
  • Why every merchant needs omnichannel Payments post-covid-19Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) and curbside pickup In 2020, many more consumers minimized the time they spent in stores by making orders and payments online and picking up their merchandise or grocery orders. A survey by Qudini, a platform that enables contactless order pickups, found that 62 percent of consumers are embracing BOPIS, 50 percent are more likely to use the services since the pandemic began.
  • Creativity Shifts Pay at the Table to Curbside Payment — Now that restaurant employees are providing service curbside rather than at the table, these solutions can be adapted or rebranded for new processes. Like pay-at-the-table processes, they save steps and enhance payment experiences for customers who prefer to remain in their cars to stay socially distanced.
  • The Transition to E-Government is Better with Omnichannel Payments Solutions — To improve efficiency and user experiences, local government and municipalities are transitioning to e-government solutions with integrated payments that allow residents to manage their water, sewage, trash pickup or other accounts through online portals and pay online or a mobile device. An omnichannel payment solution can also enable local governments to accept payments for reserved parking or one-time parking via app or card in-card out when entering and exiting a parking facility.

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PCI SSC Participating Organization

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