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By | November 1, 2021
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Skips Checkout kiosks announces new deployment checkout deal with Hucks.

In Brief

  • relatively young company Skip
  • Started as “pay with your mobile phone” app
  • Venmo and Paypal original support
  • They don’t identify the exact version.
  • There are rendering/simulations of grocery checkout and also countertop
  • Includes an Ingenico ISMP4 mobile POS terminal
  • Demo still shows customer swiping his magstripe card


Retailer expands partnership with tech firm from mobile to kiosks

CARMI, Ill. —Huck’s Market is bringing Skip’s new self-checkout kiosk to the 124 locations it operates across Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee. This agreement comes after a pilot program that tested the new kiosk at select locations.

  • Martin & Bayley Inc., the Carmi, Ill.-based operator of Huck’s Market, is No. 58 on CSP’s 2021 Top 202 ranking of convenience stores by store count.

Last April, Huck’s adopted Skip’s mobile checkout application for its locations.

“In our field tests, Skip’s kiosks comprised 35% of net/qualified transactions and 15% of total store transactions,” said Jon Bunch, director of marketing and business development for Huck’s, “But what really set Skip apart was the convenience. When we started testing their kiosk, it felt like all we had to do was plug it in and it was ready to go.”

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