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By | February 20, 2023

Fitness Interactive Mirrors with Gesture

Summary – Interactive mirrors using gesture technology are showing up for personal fitness at home as well as gyms

Fitness gyms have a dedicated (if sometimes intermittent) customer base. Technology is becoming a big differentiator when signing up new members, and retaining new members.  Our mantra at Northwest Airlines for example was #1 hang onto your frequent flyers,, #2 add new frequent flyers, and #3 (most important) steal your competitor’s frequent flyers.  This is a no-touch mirror that also shows your tracked movements and pace. You control it with gestures. Here is writeup on we did. Deployment noted by IHL Services on  Retail Touchpoints Jan 2023.

interactive fitness mirror retail
Interactive Fitness Mirror Goes Retail

Powered by industry-first Motion Engine technology, this technology has a new store iteration:

  • As part of its quest to expand into the U.S., Fiture doubled down on these values and collaborated with MG2 on an immersive and engaging physical space that allowed its Motion Engine technology to shine. The small-but-mighty 605-square-foot space at the Westchester Mall in White Plains, N.Y. opened in November 2022 and brought a burst of activity (and color) to consumers through a vibrant yet intimate space.
  • Fitting semi-private “zones” and making room for instructors to interact with customers posed as a possible challenge in the small space, but it was needed for Fiture to communicate what’s unique about its platform as the connected fitness space market grows and evolves.

Interactive Mirror ROI 

While many experiential store concepts emphasize dwell time and in-store engagement rates, Fiture is prioritizing KPIs that reflect individuals’ interaction with the product, such as lead generation, traffic-to-demo conversion, demo-to-lead generation and lead conversion-to-sales, according to Cruz. “We will also review the store’s total contribution to overall sales in the key markets it serves, matched with any uptrends in the overall brand awareness in the area. We will use this data to inform any adjustments in strategy, both short- and long-term, to ensure we continue to drive success for our brick-and-mortar strategy.”


  • The motion-tracking camera scans skeletal points and renders onscreen
  • Gesture Control
  • No physical controls except for volume — you use your mobile phone
  • The mirror is never touched (so it stays clean)
  • Games are available
  • Interesting to have a mirror hold you accountable and let you know you are slacking.  Watching TV for comparison provides zero feedback.
  • Proximity to the screen is important
  • Very attractive and can go in your living room
  • For public fitness gyms, it makes a lot of sense to offer your customers
  • Rep counting, pace tracking, real-time form feedback, and more with Motion Engine™ technology
  • If public orders direct it is $1200 and $25/month membership — 43″ Screen Size
  • Fiture Core interactive fitness mirror with power cord, magnetic sensor cover, cleaning cloth, and anti-tilt anchor set for simple setup
  • Complimentary Fit Kit with heart rate monitor, resistance bands (10lb, 15lb, and 20lb), water bottle, and face masks
  • Free delivery


Nice video of installation and operation.

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