Healthcare Kiosk

Healthcare kiosk covers digital health and wellness information. It can be nutrition and information delivery such as the diet and food kiosks such as Kaiser Permanente have deployed in clinics, YMCAs and other community centers.  Then you have recipe and coupon kiosks in your supermarket or grocery store.

Mayo Clinic health kiosk

Mayo Clinic health kiosk

Health kiosk can mean a patient check-in kiosk. You have hospitals such as Johns Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic which utilize those.

They can be tablets that Hermann Hospital in Texas hands out to their patients going home so that the meds and therapy are constant reminders.

Health kiosk can be the question and answer terminal in the pharmacy that someone like GlaxoSmith Kline (GSK) puts in to let you self-query yourself as to whether you would be a good candidate for their newest “lose weight with a pill” regimen.

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