New Kiosk Model From Evoke Creative Supplier for McDonalds

By | November 17, 2021

New Standard Kiosk from Evoke Creative

Introducing the most modular and customizable kiosks we’ve ever created here at Evoke. This versatile unit allows you to choose how it looks, feels, and operates, creating a true representation of your brand.

The EV SERVE is our brand-new standalone kiosk for the hospitality sector. Its adaptable design permits the option for the kiosk to be floor-standing, wall-mounted, and desk mounted, providing the perfect integrated solution to create an impact from a distance, minimizing both till queues and customer wait times.

New McDonalds Kiosk

A New McDonalds Kiosk?

Here is link to EVServe line of kiosks

Beat the queues

Designed with the hospitality sector in mind, this stylish kiosk is the perfect way for customers to browse meal choices in a restaurant or choose their seats in the theatre, before paying and collecting their confirmation receipt.

The kiosk works perfectly as a stand-alone ordering unit, but even better with our complete QSR solution, that includes customer-facing confirmation screens and kitchen video screens.

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