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McDonald’s kiosk is the platform and company which influences and drives the self-service self-order QSR kiosk market. In the U.S. they have done many pilots over the years. In Europe, they have moved ahead with self-service. Now it’s big here in States. Coupling kiosks with in-lane line-busting order, drive-thru optimization, curbside pickup and lockers seems to be the multi-pronged approach. AI has entered the realm of the McDonald’s Kiosks with 10 stores now testing.

McDonalds Kiosk Franchisee 2022
McDonalds Kiosk Franchisee 2022


  • US — Around 14,000 — McDonalds operates 700 of those – source link
  • WW — 39,000 and 36,000 of those are franchised
  • Financial information – best to start with statements from McDonald’s
    Digital, delivery and drive-thru are big strategy (80% of sales)
  • The exit from Walmart is noteworthy

  • Market Research Restaurant Report for McDonalds and Other – Worldwide

    Market Data Research for McDonald’s and Other Restaurants Report on restaurant market research and kiosks worldwide by Dataos (RBR). Much better than the usual internet scrapes for the Indian datamarts like Research & Markets.  They actually contacted us and we provided input on McDonald’s and Burger King.  Wendy’s too. Other research conpanies do not canvas people so kudos… Read More »

    McDonald’s Kiosk – Low Vision, Blind & Robots

    McDonald’s Kiosk Accessibility We don’t normally see kiosk-related content on the DailyKos but this week a couple of nice videos surfaced on McDonald’s kiosk accessibility and in particular Low Vision and the magnifier. To top it off for McDonald’s videos, we’ve included one from the new robotic server in Dallas. Robotics are NOT going away and will just… Read More »

    McDonalds Restaurant Kiosks Deployed in Switzerland

    McDonalds Kiosks Andy Hermann • Guest Experience Leader at McDonald’s Bahnhofplatz Zürich | London School of Economics MSc | Andy meets Warhol The newest and most sustainable McDonald’s Restaurant in Switzerland is located in Hendschiken, Aargau. At this location, a real-world experience on new sustainable packaging as well as on other measures prior to the nationwide rollout is… Read More »

    Kiosk Accessibility – McDonalds Kiosk Article

    Screen Reader Kiosk News All company-owned restaurants to offer screen-reader on their kiosks by 2022 In Brief Mounting new keypads and headphone jacks to the touch-screen kiosks it introduced in 2015. Blind users can connect their headphones to the system and browse the digital menu using screen-reader technology and tactile arrow buttons, adding items to their basket by… Read More »

    Inclusive Kiosks – McDonalds Kiosks Incorporating Vispero

    Updated – McDonald’s Kiosks Adds Accessibility More information on McDonalds incorporating screen reader software from Vispero. JAWS Kiosk will allow blind and low vision users the ability to interact with a self order kiosk by inserting headphones into the headphone jack, located on the navigation pad, which will then navigate the kiosk screen, reading the content as they… Read More »

    McDonald’s Kiosks and National Federation of the Blind Collaborate

    From the NFB May 2021 Editors Note:  McDonald’s owns about 5% of its nearly 14,000 domestic locations and the remainder are franchised. McDonald’s has more than 39,000 locations worldwide.  Blind Americans Commend McDonald’s for Commitment to Accessibility Baltimore, Maryland (May 2021): The National Federation of the Blind, America’s civil rights organization of the blind, and McDonald’s USA announce… Read More »

    McDonalds Kiosk ADA – Walkthru Video NFB

    McDonalds Kiosk Accessibility Jan2022 Update McDonalds has taken the lead in testing and evaluating at large scale providing accessibility features for the blind. One of the improvements is by adding in a screen reader (JAWS Kiosk by Vispero) and coupling that with Storm Interface AudioNav assistive technology. Providing accessibility to every user group has taken on an even… Read More »

    McDonald’s Kiosk News — Mcd KIosk

    McDonald’s and its local franchisees are combining to invest $111 million in physical and technological upgrades at 140 Colorado restaurants this year and next, the company has announced.Click here to edit the content


    The work, which ranges from remodeling to complete rebuilds, is part of a $6 billion modernization effort McDonald’s will roll out across the U.S. by the end 2020, according to a news release issued Tuesday.

    The work includes:

    • Adding self-order kiosks to make ordering and paying easier

    • Creation of new counters that allow workers to bring food to customers at the table

    • Creation of designated parking spots for mobile order pick-ups

    • Expanded McCafé counters and new digital menu boards

    • New dining room decorations and updated exteriors

    McDonald’s has more than 200 independently owned locations in Colorado, according to the company. State Senate President Kevin Grantham, R-Canon City, called the company “a leader in job creation and economic growth,” in Tuesday’s release.

    Drive Thru QSR Study 2022 (eg McDonalds Drive Thru)

    Drive Thru Technology (eg McDonalds Drive Thru) Each year Intouch Insight along with QSR magazine do their analysis of QSR drive-thrus to see who is getting faster and who is getting slower. Drive-Thru utilizes a number of technologies including: Humans with tablets taking orders from waiting customers Two way audio systems for ordering Typically multiple large 55 inch… Read More »

    Kiosk Industry Press Release April

    Kiosk Industry Self Service News April 2023 ​DENVER, Colo.,  April 13, 2023 — PRNewswire & APnews Contact: [email protected] with any questions.  From Kiosk Manufacturer Association – A couple of deadlines approaching and very nice conversational AI. SMBs invited to NRF Small Business Fly-In in D.C. July 11-12. Topic is swipe fee reform & credit card competition. They will… Read More »

    Diebold Kiosks McDonald’s – Innovation Stores Chicago – NRA Update

    McDonalds Kiosks Update From Chicago and NRA Josef Schneider(Entrepreneur / Tech Geek) • Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life.“  Team Pyramid Computer GmbH North America checking out McDonald’s innovation stores near Chicago prior to National Restaurant Association show. Always great to see kiosks at… Read More »

    McDonalds Kiosk- website disputes claim Wendy’s replaced workers with kiosks, a fact checking website, reported that a July 20, 2017 meme claim that Wendy’s replaced 6,000 workers with kiosks is false.

    Source:, a fact checking website, reported that a July 20, 2017 meme claim that Wendy’s replaced 6,000 workers with kiosks is false. The claim was posted on the Facebook page of Turning Point USA, a conservative nonprofit group, along with a photograph of self-serve kiosks at a Wendy’s restaurant.

    Read More

    McDonalds Drive Through Kiosk Designs – Deployed

    McDonalds Drive-Thru Kiosks During recent COVID months, Evoke Creative and McDonalds self-serve has been busy developing and manufacturing over 2,000 new drive-thru car side kiosks and digital order confirmation screens for McDonald’s self-serve kiosks for customers. With drive-thru seeing an obvious surge in popularity, is this now the blueprint for all out of town QSRs? Fantastic to be… Read More »

    McDonald’s Kiosk News – Delivering More Accessible With Storm

    McDonald’s Kiosk Accessibility News In Brief Public announcement by McDonald’s they are intent on addressing accessibility AudioNav selected by McDonald’s More specific details on an implementation schedule, company-owned versus franchisees, new kiosk versus existing kiosks expected prior to NRF 2022 which at the KMA Booth 1606 Storm will be showing the latest in accessibility technology. Worth noting that… Read More »

    McDonalds Kiosk – Great Falls Montana Video

    McDonalds Kiosk – Great Falls Montana Video   Self-serve kiosks are making their debut in the fast food industry! The recently renovated 10th Ave. McDonald’s here in Great Falls has just added self-serving kiosks to their menu.  Instead of 3 places to order, there are now 8 in the newly designed restaurant. In an effort to offer a better… Read More »

    New Kiosk Model From Evoke Creative Supplier for McDonalds

    New Standard Kiosk from Evoke Creative Introducing the most modular and customizable kiosks we’ve ever created here at Evoke. This versatile unit allows you to choose how it looks, feels, and operates, creating a true representation of your brand. The EV SERVE is our brand-new standalone kiosk for the hospitality sector. Its adaptable design permits the option for… Read More »