Kiosk Solutions Magazine : Kiosk Industry Edition

Kiosk Solutions Magazine : Kiosk Industry Edition

Kiosk Solutions is published by by LGN Media. LGN Media is a breeding ground for media creativity.  Kiosk Industry Association is very happy to be a partner with Kiosk Solutions with the intent of better communicating the kiosk industry as a whole thru all types of media.

Our backgrounds lie in B2B and consumer publishing with in-house experience covering design, photography, video production, editorial and sales. Our team organises a number of trade shows, exhibitions and conferences, and our events are growing year-on-year. We’re driven by a passion for what we do, and enjoy offering an attractive proposition that’s different from the mainstream.

Kiosk Solutions Magazine : Kiosk Industry Edition

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Kiosk Solutions Magazine








Past Issues

Issue 1



Editorial deadline: 12/06/17

Industry focus – banking

iPad kiosks

Device charging kiosks

Physical security


Editorial deadline: 10/08/17

Industry focus – gaming & lottery

Vehicle charging kiosks

Reverse vending



Editorial deadline: 09/10/17

Industry focus – retail


Digital signage / interactive screens

Carpark kiosks


Editorial deadline: 13/12/17

Card & coin readers

Industry focus – travel & tourism

Fast food kiosks



Kiosk Solutions reaches an audience of 15,000 decision makers on a bi-monthly basis right throughout the UK. These 15,000 individuals are comprised of Customer Service Directors, Project Managers, CIOs , CTO’s, FD’s and many more besides. This unique readership presents you with a unique opportunity to reach an audience that is not available through any other media. Kiosk Solutions also has a digital subscriber base of 15,000 readers and is available on all major mobile platforms.

 Online is the world wide forum for industry professionals; to find up-to-date information on all aspects of the industry. The website is fiercely promoted within the magazine and other media, offering advertisers increased responses and marketing opportunities.