Dunkin Donuts kiosk – Dunkin’ opens first digital-only store in Boston

dunkin donuts kiosk

Dunkin Donuts Kiosk

From NRN Dunkin Donuts Kiosk

From NRN Dunkin Donuts Kiosk

From Boston.com Sep 2021

  • All digital
  • Same # of employees
  • Contactless pickup
  • Not a lot of information otherwise


On Tuesday, Massachusetts-based Dunkin’ will celebrate the grand opening of its very first digital-only store, located at 22 Beacon St. on Beacon Hill. Dubbed “Dunkin’ Digital,” the store, which quietly opened to the public on Aug. 18, only fills orders placed through the Dunkin’ mobile app or at one of its two in-store kiosks. Orders are then available for contactless pickup at a designated area within the restaurant.

From Boston Eater

First Sweetgreen acquires Boston’s robotic restaurant Spyce, with vaguely announced plans to incorporate Spyce technology into Sweetgreen stores, and now Dunkin’ has opened a “Dunkin’ Digital” store that only accepts orders via mobile app or in-store kiosk as the world marches forward and replaces every human interaction with technology. Located at 22 Beacon St. in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood, Dunkin’ Digital (and future Dunkin’ Digitals like it) reportedly has the same number of human employees as a traditional location; they’re just focused on getting orders out faster and more accurately instead of wasting valuable seconds at the register while you change your mind about your order 20 times. After customers place their orders, they can pick up their strawberry frosted doughnuts and such in a contactless designated area of the store.

Press Release – Kiosk Association September 2021

Kiosk Tradeshow News – What’s Coming Up?

From PRNewswire and AP News

kiosk tradeshow

Intel kiosk tradeshow

InfoComm (AVIXA) is the biggest digital signage AV show in the U.S. KMA is an official media partner. See a list of exhibitors and information. We have rated this as a “green light” for safety given the safety protocols exceed the recommended CDC guidelines. October 27-29 is the date and yes we have free passes. Contact [email protected] for more info.  Samsung is main sponsor. Also Blackmagicdesign and Crestron

CREATE in Denver this October, begins 10/4 and ends 10/6. We have a limited number of free passes and also free invites to the MenuMaster Awards festivities (hundreds of restaurant leaders meet and greet, enjoying free food and drinks at Mile High). As part of CREATE you can view interactive session with Scott Deviney, CEO of Chicken Salad Chick on restaurant growth strategies. Other speakers include Blaze Pizza, Chipolte, Popeyes, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chicken Salad Chick, Bloomin Brands, Checkers & Rallys, True Food, McDonalds, Yum! Brands, Domino’s Pizza, Wingstop, Wendys, Hissho Sushi, & Applebee’s Grill & Bar. Contact [email protected] for more info.

M-Enabling Summit in Arlington, VA — Sachin Dev Pavithran, Executive Director U.S. Access Board will be delivering the keynote. We have a table and you can visit with Laura and Matt of Vispero.  Contact [email protected] for more info.

NRF in New York in January — preparations are underway for our booth for NRF (and also NRA in Chicago)

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For more information contact Craig Keefner, 720-324-1837 or [email protected] or you can visit Kiosk Industry

Learn About Sponsor – Intel Corporation

Intel Kiosk Technology

Intel kiosk technology

Intel kiosk technology

We are pleased to welcome Intel as a 2 year Gold Sponsor.  James Tan, Dane and Bart head up the team.  Finding Kiosk Solutions via the Intel Marketplace is one of the GoTo sites for the kiosk industry.  For example if you goto Intel Solutions Marketplace and search for COVID you find the KMA Covid Catalog.

More from Intel

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Digital Display Solutions – InfoComm Tradeshow Preview

infocomm 2021

Digital Signage Tradeshow News InfoComm 2021

Looks to be a very good show this yet.

infocomm tradeshow

infocomm tradeshow

Kicking it off WAS the Digital Mixer Event that Sixteen:Nine was to be hosting. Took all of 36 hours to get a full set of sponsors.  Unfortunately, travel for Canadians is problematic.

Registration for that event is expected sometime after labor day.

Exhibits Only Pass is $299 but we have a limited number of free passes that we are happy to provide. You need to sign up for our no-nonsense ad-free monthly newsletter here. Or you can email [email protected] 

Some of the 463 exhibitors include:

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Amazon Opens Grocery Pickup Kiosks to Rival Wal-Mart

Amazon Kiosk News

Amazon Kiosk News

Amazon Kiosk News

Amazon also opened a convenience store format called “Amazon Go” that lets shoppers check in with a smartphone app, grab sandwiches, salads and other items they want from shelves and leave without having to check out. Click here to edit the content

Source: www.bloomberg.com

Amazon.com Inc. opened two grocery pickup kiosks in Seattle, part of its latest effort to enter the $800 billion grocery market and compete with “click and collect” shopping options from big box competitors like Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Kiosk News Roundup

Kiosk News

Todays Unattended Kiosk News

Relevant news impacting unattended self-service news from around the world. If interesting and noteworthy news send comments/suggestions to [email protected]

September 2021

  • Amazon Palm Ticketing – Starting Tuesday, concertgoers at Red Rocks can sign up to connect their palm to a ticketing account by hovering their hand over a device. An Amazon account is not needed to use it.
  • Toshiba Introduces New Kiosk — Countertop and not very attractive. Apparently just a hardware enclosure. No specification provided.
  • Appetize Acquired — Appetize, a digital and mobile commerce payments platform for enterprises such as sports and entertainment venues, theme parks and zoos. SpotOn is paying $415 million in cash and stock for the Los Angeles-based company.
  • Biometric Kiosks For Airlines — In July and August alone, over 568,000 customers used the kiosks so they could skip queuing at the counter, breeze through the airport and proceed directly to immigration.
  • New DMV License Renewal Kiosks — Since 2019, over 500,000 vehicle registrations have been renewed at participating locations across Georgia. Similar to an ATM, the tag renewal kiosks allow residents to renew their automobile registrations in as little as two minutes.
  • PharmaSmart kiosks added to U.S. Validated Device Listing — PharmaSmart’s kiosks offer measurement of blood pressure, weight and BMI, as well as a glucose meter and loyalty app integration. It also offers media and healthcare sponsorship programs.
  • Eyeglass Kiosks Going Into Hy-Vee — Hy-Vee Inc. has teamed with online retailer Pair Eyewear to roll out in-store Pair Eyewear kiosks at select Hy-Vee stores across the company’s eight-state Midwestern footprint. The first of these kiosk will be at the new Grimes, Iowa, Hy-Vee, which officially opens on Sept. 14.

August 2021

  • All this drive thru technology news. So what about scanning car licenses. Great look at systems that do that.
  • Quiznos is testing bitcoin payment — Quiznos announced earlier this month that the sandwich chain is partnering with digital asset marketplace, Bakkt to launch a pilot test that would allow customers to pay for their toasty subs in bitcoin. The pilot will be available at first in select locations across the Denver metropolitan area.
  • Will Vaccine Passport Kiosks Catch On As A Common Tool For Safe Access To Venues?
  • QR Codes go mainstream (hackers start exploiting them) — link
  • Payment Methods Added for AMC Movie Tickets – coming soon is Bitcoin and also Google Pay and Apple Pay — link to article
  • Smart Lockers Benefits and Features Writeup from Retailsystems.org (GRUBBRR and FMA blogpitch)
  • Sports Betting Kiosks — D.C. Lottery players now have another option when choosing to place sports bets. They can visit one of four sports bars in the District and use a self-service kiosk
  • Olmsted County (MN) Information Kiosk – Using the kiosks, residents can get help accessing services provided by Olmsted County’s Health, Housing, and Human Services teams. – video
  • Cannabis Kiosk News – announcement of Alt36 offering merchant account for dispensaries as kiosk solution

July 2021

  • DMV Kiosk News — North Dakota adds 44 new kiosks. Use case = With these kiosk upgrades, drivers can now renew a license, request a replacement license or ID card, schedule a road test, pay a reinstatement fee, change their address, and edit donor registry information. They can also check the status of their license, driving record, CDL medical card and validate their date of birth. Individuals are not able to get their initial REAL ID via a kiosk but would be able to renew at one.
  • Lottery Terminals and Cashless Vending Trend — IGT extends contract with Washington State Lottery to provide nextgen “cashless” stations. Debit cards allowed only.
  • Rumored News — Jeremy Brooks, the Chief Marketing Office for GRUBBRR, leaves GRUBBR.  DSE has decided to dust off David Drain and have him manage the DSE resurrection. Not sure how that will revolutionize DSE.  Meanwhile we hear of severe shortages of Elo touchmonitors.  Not verified but people are certainly looking.
  • Outdoor EMV Liability Shift Increasing — A CMSPI analysis found that chargebacks have tripled since January 2021. “If you look at January as the baseline month, May is almost triple of what January was in terms of overall chargebacks. There was a pretty substantial increase of about 50 percent in April, and that really ballooned in May,” Pynn said, explaining that chargebacks are often delayed because it takes some time for the consumer to realize the fraud and file a report. “The feedback loop takes some time.”
  • The California attorney general’s office started enforcing the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on July 1, 2020. Does your app or website collect data?
  • Minnesota Grows Number of Legal Kiosks — hard to say if these “kiosks” which are really just computer workstations utilize any secure browser or lockdrown browser solution. One would hope they do.
  • Bitcoin ATM — Circle K Going All In on Bitcoin ATMs — The crypto kiosk company plans to hit “thousands” of locations with 700 units already installed.
  • TV Commercial for Coinflip on the airwaves – Neil Patrick Harris – So Flippin’ Easy
  • What Is Digital Kiosk Advertising In 2021? — In 2017, in a Bouncepad survey of 1,000 consumers, 61% of them stated they preferred self-service tools instead of finding a store assistant. Kiosk use has grown and so has the demand. Market Analysis Report estimated that kiosk growth will increase by 6.1% from 2021 through 2028.
  • AUO Revenues Hit Alltime High – Displays and Touchscreens
  • Nice video on healthcare check-in units by Pyramid. I wish I spoke German
  • Ransomware Attack on Ticketing Kiosks — Over 600 touchscreen ticket machines have been disrupted by a ransomware attack just two months after they were installed at stations across the north of England.
  • Houston Airport Kiosks by JCDecaux — The new, more accessible kiosks — installed by JCDecaux the at both airports — feature oversized touchscreens that are more responsive to the touch and easy to use and read. The screen display can be lowered to ensure it is ADA compliant. ViaDirect 3D map software helps passengers find directions to boarding gates by entering their flight information or scanning their boarding pass in the updated search function. The kiosks take that information and display a 3D map that will show the quickest and most efficient route to the departing gate.
  • Smart Vending Kiosk for Tea, Coffee and Soup — In a bid to bring a change in tea consumption pattern in India, startup venture Cherise India Private Limited has unveiled their IoT & Android-based tea vending machines that have their own proprietary Cherise IoT dashboard and app for monitoring the operations.
  • Norway’s largest theme part chooses point-of-sale and self-service solutions. Hospitality, Elotouch and Leisure.
  • New Gesture Touchless Solution — The UK kiosk firm imageHOLDERS has launched what it calls its first touchless kiosk, using Ultraleap’s hand tracking camera and software to capture the movement of hands and fingers working in front of a screen, but not touching it.
  • Visitor Check-In Kiosk for Healthcare – Vendormate Kiosk for expanded visitor management pitch
  • GRUBBRR puts up Samsung pitch sheet — Welcome to the Future of Self-Ordering Kiosks is the tagline
  • Scan and Ship —  Sam’s Club announced it is testing a new app-based feature, Scan & Ship, that allows people to use a smartphone to buy items in the club and send purchases directly to the home.
  • BNPL News — Visa, the global card network giant, is collaborating with mega-processor Global Payments to allow Canadian merchants to offer buy now-pay later (BNPL) options to eligible card holders at the point of sale, according to a July 13 press release from the two companies.
  • CBD Kiosk News – Charlotte’s Web has approved at least 30 of its Charlotte’s Web brand product SKUs for retail sale in recently launched Limelight’s TRUYU retail self-service kiosks.  The Limelight kiosks have been tested at physical retail locations across the U.S., provide the benefits of constant and convenient access and educational content displayed on a 50-inch interactive video screen.
  • Grocery Self-Checkout Installations Surged 25% in 2020 According to RBR. A record number of self-checkout units were shipped globally last year and in a key shift more than half of the 175,000 units shipped were cashless. That’s according to RBR, a London-based strategic consulting firm that has been publishing its annual Global EPOS and Self-Checkout 2021 report since 2008.  Definitely Europe/etc focus.  Progressive Grocer
  • Smash and Grab ATM Incidents Are On The Rise — Rob a bank in the US and your take is <$1800 on average. Getting caught means federal charges. OTOH destroying an ATM can often net thieves > $200k, & is treated as a property crime. Small wonder then that ATM “smash and grabs” are on the rise nationally
  • Digital Check-In Kiosks going in at Volkswagen dealers — Volkswagen retailers across the UK have introduced Tjekvik’s airport-style self-check-in digital kiosks in a bid to facilitate a contactless aftersales service. The kiosks incorporate functions including self-check-in and check-out, a locked key drop and home check-in via SMS direct to the customer’s mobile phone.
  • Supply Chain Woes Impacting Shipping NowBloomberg and other media outlets are reporting how the cost, for example, of shipping a 40-foot steel container of cargo by sea from Shanghai to Rotterdam now costs $10,522, 547% higher than the seasonal average over the last five years, based on data from the consulting firm Drewry Shipping.
  • Foodstorm Catering Kiosks — FoodStorm catering kiosks are currently live in multiple Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace locations across New York and New Jersey; Roche Bros. Supermarkets (MA) and Mollie Stone’s (CA) are currently in the implementation process. Essentially a 12″ tablet with Verifone wart attached.  Catering is their big focus (and hope).

June 2021

May 2021

April 2021

  • New CPI Crane Pricing –  CPI will be introducing a temporary 3% surcharge/price increase effective May 6th on all new orders, this is driven by our continued increasing costs for raw materials, electronic components and transportation. There is never an ideal time for this type of notification; however, the current global market place is driving this immediate action.
  • Lekkerland in Germany putting in self-checkout kiosks — Lekkerland is owned by the REWE Group, which has begun testing self-checkout systems in its other outlets, including REWE, REWE To Go, and Penny outlets.
  • Cool looking airport kiosks include live chat – Hong Kong airport
  • EMV Should Not Be Afterthought to Self-Service Solutions — When it comes to providing secure solutions, the benefits of adopting them always outweigh the costs.  Bruce Rasmussen from Ingenico
  • Pickup Towers in Walmart Are Going Away April 22, 2021 — Walmart Pickup Towers From the NYPost Apr2021 — The retailer is removing 300 of these towers and “hibernating” another 1,300 because customers grew accustomed to curbside pick-up during the pandemic
  • How Do QR Code Payments Work? — Ingenico blogpost
  • $195 Raspberry PI All-In-One-Computer Touch Screen Now Available —
  • Bitcoin ATM News — Coinme Launches 300 Bitcoin-Enabled Coinstar Kiosks in Florida
  • Hospitality Update – Hotel Lobbies and Marriott Contactless Arrival Kiosks — Marriott is testing contactless check-in and check-out kiosks and a “grab-and-go marketplace.”
  • By this summer, only 150 McDonald’s will remain inside Walmart stores — down from a peak of 1,000 locations at the height of the two chains’ 30-year partnership. The paper also reported that Subway franchisees are closing locations inside Walmart stores. The news comes as Walmart is trialing new operating models for in-store restaurants. It’s putting ghost kitchens inside select locations that offer pickup and delivery service from popular chains like Saladworks.
  • Related to Walmart and McDonalds and result of pandemic — H-E-B is partnering with Texas A&M University to provide grocery delivery to people who live on its main and West campuses in College Station, Texas. Even as mass vaccinations promise to boost store and restaurant traffic, newly established online buying habits mean retailers are prioritizing omnichannel meal service. Kroger is testing ghost kitchen locations in Indiana and Ohio, while Texas-based H-E-B recently opened a food hall that offers takeout and delivery options.
  • Instant COVID Test Coming To European Airport Kiosks — Pics — ICTS Sentinel Kiosks in airports will incorporate the rapid COVID-19 test from Virusight Diagnostics. (Courtesy of ICTS Europe)
  • How To Exit Kiosk Mode When Running Esper — Includes a couple of videos exiting on a Samsung device
  • BT dials up ‘Adopt a Kiosk’ scheme – with almost 4,000 red phone boxes available for local communities to adopt for just £1

March 2021

  • Digital Pickup Window Coming To Pizza Hut – Drive Thru Restaurants Snowballing — Three Lanes Now with Burger Lockers March 31, 2021
    From NRN March 2021 — Pizza Hut is launching a digital pickup window at 1,500 restaurants — The Hut Lane is a dedicated pickup lane that will allow customers to …
  • Amazon Driver Quits — New AI in delivery trucks finally got to him
  • Bill Pay Kiosks Go Into Laredo for paying water bills. Looks like Mansur and Adcomp. Not sure about the “being held up by magnet” sign
  • Digital Signage Merger News – Four Winds Interactive and Poppulo Combine to Create a Global Employee Communications Powerhouse
  • Antibacterial Kiosks and Temperature Kiosks. The Washington Post did a nice article on temperature kiosks this month.  Our take is still that touchscreens along with their POS devices/etc are the best way to allow the public to interact.  MRSA is probably a bigger concern as far as remaining on surfaces than COVID (mainly aerosol in the air). Antibacterial treatments for touchscreens have so many caveats and only a very narrow and basically useless range of effectiveness. And you are much more likely to get infected from the front desk (and they from you) than you are from a properly maintained check-in kiosk with a touchscreen.  Many of those also support the mobile handheld as a proxy input (think remote control) but then you should be aware that your mobile phone is likely the 3rd most likely infection point (#2 is toilet and #1 are sinks actually). But there are people that will sell the coating (figure $200 upcharge) and if you are into hygiene theater you can arrange some signage that tells people you have antimicrobial treated touchscreens. The CEO of Marriott broke down hygiene theater into the swiss cheese analogy. Enough layers and pretty soon you have a complete wall with no holes. There are new UV and UV-C treatments. One of them is UL and FDA approved and has been adapted for elevators as well as ATM screens and pinpads. Contact us if interested.
  • QSR Business – El Pollo Loco is expanding in Denver adding 10-15 restaurants. The restaurant chain said the Colorado expansion is part of a plan to open 140 new locations throughout the western United States by 2026. El Pollo Loco currently operates 478 locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, Utah, and Louisiana.
  • Financial Kiosks Soon? – Square is now operating its state-chartered industrial bank, Square Financial Services, in Utah after the state’s Department of Financial Institutions gave it the green light. From Pymnts.
  • Touchless Technology for your toilet. Only in Japan for now. Also included is pic of new UV antibacterial treatment for sinks (think the hotels…)
  • Contactless kiosks all the rage in South Korea.  Korea’s kiosk industry has largely been led by mid-sized companies. Hanasis, I-Tech and BT.One are among the recognized players. They rake in between 10 to 40 billion won in annual revenue. Conglomerates — Samsung Electronics introduced the Samsung Kiosk in Korea on Feb. 17. The device’s screen is coated with a special film that has a sterilizing effect, the company said. The kiosk uses Samsung Knox, the same software present in its laptops and handsets, to prevent hacking.
  • Samsung Electronics introduced a smart ordering kiosk solution called “Samsung Kiosk,” which allows both non-face-to-face ordering and payment.  They are selling it via Fiserv

February 2021

  • Credit Card Payments for IKEA and others via FISERV go totally offline. Customers at McDonald’s, Ikea, Popeyes, and others say they can’t pay using their credit cards. The payments processor Fiserv said its services were interrupted on Friday. Earlier in the day, Chick-fil-A experienced an outage and gave out free meals.
  • Touchless large format displays from Samsung in the news. Samsung Electronics France and iNUI Studio have introduced the IRxTOUCH KIOSK SERIES 2, a touchless interactive kiosk solution that is said to offer the same experience as a touch device but for the fact that the user doesn’t have to touch the screen to use it but only has to move a few centimetres from the display to navigate precisely through the various menus. The solution is designed to offer a clear advantage from a health point of view.
  • Looking for a job or maybe you are looking for people (sales people usually)? Be sure and check the Jobs listing.
  • Interview with TSI Touch Mundrake — big proponent of more touch. TSI provides the touch overlays used on many touchscreens especially large format screens (55 and up). Good explanation of PCap versus IR and why IR is better for large format touchscreens (higher fidelity).  And he seems to imply that as long as we touch our mobiles, we will touch everything else.  At some point we may truly start talking to our mobiles and then things will change. Interview by 16:9 good job.
  • What McDonald’s Shows About The Minimum Wage — excerpt of Planet Money’s newsletter —
    • No relationship between minimum wage increases and the adoption of touch-screen technology
    • McDonald’s restaurants raise their wages after a city or state raises its minimum wage ($1.00 premium above)
    • when the minimum wage goes up, the price of a Big Mac goes up too (just not very much given generally low wage component)
  • Intel UK Keeps Up Kiosk Related Content – this one on hardware required (openvino and intel vpro). There is a semi-useful link to qsrmagazine on left effect. Has an old Zivelo push tactic. There a better ways to burn a budget.
  • Good writeup on credit card surcharges – anomalies between states and more in the U.S.
  • Emirates smart contactless touchless self check-in kiosks. Pictures. The 32 self-service bag drop machines and 16 check-in kiosks can be controlled completely by personal mobile devices without touching the screens
  • Microsoft offers guidance for customers using kiosk mode in Microsoft Edge Legacy – Microsoft Edge Legacy browser support ends on March 9, 2021. The Microsoft Edge Legacy will be removed and replaced with the new Microsoft Edge when you apply April’s Windows 10 Update which will become available on April 13, 2021. To continue using kiosk scenarios, customers need to install the new Microsoft Edge and set up kiosk mode before installing April’s Windows 10 Update Tuesday release to their devices.
  • Hy-Vee to build grocery pickup kiosks at Rochester store location
  • Displays Getting Insanely Large – New Sony Bravia Weighs in at 100 inches. Also 32 inch upgraded.  600 NIT, 4K, SOC, Android TV, built-in Chromecast
  • Self-service kiosks – following the lead of fast food — Nice reference to Pyramid and McDonalds. Intel pitching its footprint in restaurants though from all accounts Android cannot be ignored. By BigHospitality and sponsored paid for pitch — The QSR sector has been the quickest to adopt technology such as self-service kiosks, and are so far reaping the benefits

January 2021

December 2020


  • Compact, Ready-Made kiosk line announced by Posiflex. The new Mercury EK Series is a line of sleek, compact kiosks available in either a floor-standing or countertop setting, with two Windows OS models and one Android OS model to choose from. BusinessWire
  • McDonald’s announced a new growth strategy for 2021 — “Accelerating the Arches” — includes a new crispy chicken sandwich and a new loyalty program: MyMcDonald’s.  Described as a “new digital experience growth engine,” the personalized loyalty program and all-in-one platform will offer tailored promotions for members and the ability for customers to place orders “through the channel of their choice.” Test pilot in the Phoenix area over the coming weeks. Link to article on NRN


  • Home Depot 6,000 units (we are guessing) — Reality Interactive, a leading retail technology design firm and digital agency in Middletown, Connecticut, announced the launch of its AXSIS™ Thermal Enabled Digital Hub. The leading home improvement retailer in the world has already deployed 6,000 units
  • Pizza Automation Option – Basil Street Pizza — An autonomous pizza baking machine that cooks a thin crust brick-oven style 10″ pizza in 3 minutes for around $10 reducing exposure and risk with touchless baking and tap and swipe payment!
  • NRN article – Touchless tech gets prioritized at restaurant chains during the coronavirus pandemic. QR codes, artificial intelligence and robots help make the lives of customers and employees easier. — Link 
  • PSA – Deceptive Meridian Temperature Tablets Endanger Public Safety. Includes video. — Link to IPVM article
  • NRN article on Paul Brown Keynote — link
  • AI Kiosk – Lenovo and Reese team up for AI-driven crowd behavior modification to maintain health protocols at sporting events. First use of AI we have seen in this fashion. LINK
  • Betting Kiosk – Newgioco Obtains GLI-20 and GLI-33 Certification for Kiosk Installations of Elys Platform on Yahoo News LINK
  • Canadian retailer vends ready-made meals from contactless kiosks. link
  • Michigan DMV hits 1 million transactions. The kiosks located in stores around the state allow residents to renew license registrations and purchase tabs without going inside a branch office. There are 127 kiosks around the state with plans to add 23 more outside Secretary of State branches and at Kroger and Meijer stores.
  • Texas A&M deploys self-swabbing COVID-19 testing kiosks
  • Dubai Airport Kiosks — Nice pics. Your Contactless DXB Airport Experience Cranked Up A Notch As Emirates Introduces Self Check-In Kiosks In Dubai
  • QSR with Self Service Kiosks, Pickup Cubbies Launches in Toronto. Here in the US there have been a few concepts using self-service ordering kiosks and pickup cubbies. Pioneers in the US space include Brightloom, formerly eatsa, and Little Caesars Pizza’s self-service mobile order pick-up station, known as the Pizza Portal.
  • Amazon Go Stores are using palm biometrics now. Nice little unit and guessing fujitsu. Link
  • From the UK — Kiosk and Digital Signage 2020 (KDS 2020), Europe’s leading one-day summit for kiosk and digital signage industry professionals has been postponed.
  • Temperature kiosks — we saw an article push from a kiosk portal promoting Chinese temperature kiosks.  We’ve notified the portal about the product and hopefully paid advertising does not trump public interest.


  • CLEAR providing app and kiosks for MGM Resorts meeting in Minnesota. Combines identity credentials with COVID tests, Link
  • Great background on Harrahs purchase of Caesars along with William Hill context — GGB Magazine
  • Kioskmarketplace news —  Emirates self check-in,
    Walmart store redesign,  Treasury to forgive PPP loans,
    BioLife Sciences introduces touchless vending machines, Voice technology provider teams with Mastercard, ViewSonic introduces hand sanitizing stations, Toshiba introduces multifunction printer
  • Can Kiosks Find New Life During Coronavirus? QSRMagazine article talking with Mike Geiger of Moe’s and also Michael Cecchini of Pure Green on kiosk opportunities. Link
  • Digital Signage —  Turns out DSE has no assets for refunding payments or anything.  The digital presence at Digital Signage Connection is toast.  Remains to be seen what DSF does. Link
  • Gaming — Caesars Entertainment’s play for William Hill is the latest sign Las Vegas sees tons of upside in moving chips in the direction of online gaming and sports betting. Article
  • Marriott CEO Sorenson on Hygiene Theater in Hospitality
  • Viewsonic Offers Hand-Sanitizing Stations — The Health Flex Kiosks include options for integrated displays and secure storage for media players, routers or surge protectors, and a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser holder (hands-free dispenser is optional). See the catalog for hand sanitizer stations that the KMA offers.
  • DSE Declares Bankruptcy – writeup on 16:9 — It was matter of time. It was a few years back they opted for quality argument over quantity. Show never grew. ISE and InfoComm are still running but we suspect most will migrate over to NRF just like we did in the kiosk industry.
  • QSR Market Update Opinion – QSR & Fast Casual Restaurants – Is the Restaurant Business Getting Better? September 18, 2020  Editor Note: We do interviews with magazines (recently for NRN) and in those we express what we call “ad hoc” opinions based on what we have seen and heard. For sure
  • Contactless Curbside Pickup Update El Pollo Loco – Self-Order with Geo-Fencing From National Restaurant News Sep2020
  • 09/20 – HOW IS COVID-19 CHANGING THE SHAPE OF TOUCHSCREEN TECHNOLOGY? Dean Ward of Evoke Creative explains.
  • 09/11 Buyer Beware — Appears to be a McDonald’s outdoor menu (Samsung OF55F?) with some severe burn.  Link
  • 09/11 Video – Behind-The-Scenes Look At Changes Coming To TSA Checkpoints Amid Pandemic | NBC Nightly News
  • 09/11 Question: How to count people without any concerns regarding privacy or data protection regulations? Nice writeup by Wick of Heimann Sensors on LinkedIn – link
  • 09/11 Questionable Claims — Copper-infused antimicrobial film – called NanoShield – its makers claim will self-disinfect something like a touchscreen in less than 15 minutes. Thanks to 16:9 for the expository article.
  • 09/10 – PCAP TILE for seamless across multiple 55 inch screens announced by TSItouch (includes video) – link
  • 09/10 Touchless Vending Kiosks for PPE – link
  • 09/03 – HT News – Contactless Check-In Changing The Fraud Environment for Hotels (in a bad way)
  • White Castle Trials of Vehicle Recognition Underway –
  • 09/02 — 16:9 Interview with David Levin of Fourwinds Interactive post acquisition
  • 09/02 — Touchless video demo by Tucker Lightsey of KIOSK


  • 08/25 — Whole Foods Cashierless By Next Year? Amazon may be looking to bring the cashierless tech found at its Go convenience stores to Whole Foods supermarkets as early as next year
  • 08/25 — Taco Bell Drive-Thru Expansion for Mobile Customer Orders Excerpt: Taco Bell is rolling out a new store design that combines digital innovation with a people-first approach.
  • 08/25 — Circle K piloting autonomous self-checkout technology LINK
  • 08/25 — Walmart adding new modern self-checkout bays in Wichita. Pics. LINK
  • 08/25 — Five steps of legal advice on handling anti-mask customers from National Restaurant Association LINK
  • 08/25 — From JAL website – Japan Airlines (JAL) today announced the decision to trial new touchless technology at Tokyo`s Haneda Airport, starting August 24. LINK
  • 08/25 — DART Gets Touchless Kiosks for Wayfinding LINK
  • 08/23 — Nice LinkedIn article on Project Ray and McDonalds.
  • 08/23 — Article on UV-C Wands from CNET. The dangers of. LINK
  • 08/20 — South Korea begins using a robot greeter. checks temperatures, dispenses hand sanitizer, enforces social distancing and makes sure you are wearing a mask. Thanks to Ross at QwickMedia. Video. Link
  • 08/14 — More than 15,000 Canadians have died of an opioid-related overdose since January 2016. is transforming the distribution of regulated products with an integrated platform that combines industry-leading software, advanced biometrics, and tamper-resistant hardware. Article

    opiod dispensing kiosk

    Click for full size Opiod dispenser

  • 08/13 –  Digital signage news — Fourwinds Acquires SmartSpace. Workplace software for employees (tough market). Expands FWI’s international presence and capabilities with offices and employees in the US, UK, Europe, and Asia. Link
  • 08/13 – report from IPVM on the Alabama Fever Detection deal which involves HKVision (blacklisted). $1M deal. Link
  • 0812 – VA and Cerner appear to be “back on”. This time the date is October.  Veterans Patient Check-in kiosk and Mobile in play here. Link
  • 08/12 — Recommended Accessibility requirements for RFPs article by The Paciello Group (TPG). Link
  • 08/11 — Simon Malls in talks with Amazon (ditto Penneys)
  • 08/11 – TSA is putting in new ID verification (CAT).  Credential authentication technology (CAT) at Thurgood Marshall Airport and others. Not kiosks, just desktop devices inline for use. Link
  • 08/10 — GRUBBRR works with BlueStar. BlueStar is a Solutions-based distributor seeking to offer its customers complete solutions which can be taken to market and not just individual pieces of hardware. GRUBBRR will work with BlueStar for ready-to-go self-ordering solutions. BlueStar distributes much of the hardware used in GRUBBRR products, and now will have access to the software that can transform those products from simple hardware into automation solutions.  Link to full article
  • 08/04 — From HotelBusiness —  Temperature Scanning Can Help Employees & Guests Achieve Peace of Mind– article link
  • 08/04 – Elo announces Elo AccessTM temperature screening kiosk. Looks to be a “turnkey solution” application for wellness-check at the door. Specs for bolometer and camera not disclosed. Press release link
  • 08/02 — Curative deploys first Covid19 testing kiosk in California. Not bad looking. Link


  • 07/29 – Business News – McDonalds Profit Plunges 68%
  • 07/29 – Henry Ford hospital adds temperature screening kiosks. Note that this has been misreported as retinal scanning when in fact after speaking to hospital they confirmed to KI that it is in fact inexpensive Infrared sensors.
  • 07/29 – Esper Partners with Point Mobile rugged Android Lifecycle
  • 07/29 – Sonic Launches New Design for Drive-In / Drive-Thru
  • 07/26 — A man using a prosthetic mask stole more than $100,000 at casinos, prosecutors say. Colletti, 55, allegedly targeted his victims by illegally obtaining their personal information and then using counterfeit driver’s licenses to withdraw funds from their personal bank accounts via self-service kiosks at the casinos. The kiosks, operated by Global Payments Gaming Services, are used by the casino industry for bill-breaking, jackpot processing, cash withdrawals, cash advances, and ticket exchanges, among other services, according to the complaint. The kiosks require users to insert their driver’s license and the last four digits of both their Social Security number and phone number before checking account funds can be withdrawn. Each victim had previously enrolled to have their bank accounts linked to their profile in Global Payments’ “VIP Preferred Program,” the complaint said.  Link to article on CNN
  • 07/21 — How the pandemic is affecting business travelers in airports. Lots of pictures with this article.  Malaysia, UAE, Canada, Doha. Link
  • 07/21 — 170 companies now offering thermal imaging. In Just 6 Months, ‘Fever Cameras’ Have Become a Full-Fledged Industry More than 150 companies now sell alleged fever-detecting technology aimed at the coronavirus. Link
  • 07/21 — Temperature screening — Suprema Adds Thermal Camera to Biometric Kiosk Solution LINK
  • 07/21 – American Airlines unveils touchless kiosks. The kiosk prints the bag tags, all without the customer having to touch the kiosk. Link
  • 07/20 – The Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) has selected passenger temperature screening technology for use at Hawaii’s public airports to help protect the community and identify passengers with a potentially elevated body temperature. Nice article too at Homeland Security
  • 07/20 – Temperature Screening Kiosk video for Border/Immigration by Wello.
  • 07/20 — Olea offers financing on temperature kiosks. $8 per day for a temp screening kiosk including shipping and extended onsite warranty when you finance. Compared to assigning and employee to scan everyone coming in the building not to mention safety it’s a no brainer really.
  • 07/16 – Olea Hires Director of Alliances & Partnerships – Olea announces the hiring of channel sales and partnerships industry expert, Rusty Gaynes, as Director of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships.
  • 07/16 – Networld announcers new virtual summit — Self-Service Innovation Virtual Summit Dec. 8-9, 2020. Wide range of self-service interest including vending, food packaging and more.
  • 07/16 – South Hall Kroger gets new DMV tag renewal kiosk. Link
  • 07/16 – Webinars – July 16th — Panel Discussion — The rapid growth of kiosks and the next evolution beyond self-service
    Thursday, 16th July at 4:00pm UK time
  • Tradeshows – Yesterday (7/9) NRF announced the Big Show will not be happening in January. Instead it will be in early June.  A virtual show will occur in January. Here is the link. We will be in 1503. Now NRF is just about two weeks after the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago.  We were expecting the postponement as we became aware of several of their marquee “biggest show of the year” companies grounded their travel thru January.  At NRA the KMA has a 10×20 in the Tech Pavilion. Here is our booth location.
  • Payment — KIOSK Achieves Bill Payment Solution Approval by Intel and Becomes Affiliate Member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance – get the update: https://lnkd.in/guvyWkX
  • Customer Experience – Top 80 Stats About A Future Customer Experience Shaped By Technology — Link
  • Electric Cars – Electric Car Charging Stations Are Finally About to Take Off – Bloomberg
  • Kiosk Software – KioWare for Windows | Configuring KioTouch™ YouTube Video
  • Airlines – Changing the way we fly and interact at airports with smart self-service solutions by . This is not a short #COVID response but a sustainable solution to upgrade the flyer’s customer journey. Pyramid Computer GmbH is very proud to be part of that solution. New Self-Bag Drop Materna
  • Thermal Imaging — MoviTHERM launches FLIR A500-EST. A camera designed with your elevated skin surface temperature screening needs in mind. https://zcu.io/yEJu
  • Coming soon: The new embedded RFID module from Zebra Technologies. The RE4000 is Zebra’s first RFID module designed to be embedded into Zebra’s RFID printers and third-party OEM equipment. Endless applications include medical devices, kiosks, access control, smart lockers, robots, vending machines, casino terminals, ticketing systems, POS terminals and many more.


  • McDonalds Kiosks — McDonalds permanently closing Times Square Flagship. Link.  McDonald’s confirmed this week that the company has made the “difficult decision” to close the famed corporate store in Times Square, a move that was in the works prior to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Healthcare Kiosks — as news reports detail the impact COVID-19 will have on our population and the healthcare system that serves it, many medical facilities have put systems in place to streamline services and keep frontline workers safe…… — Link
  • Budget Considerations for Self-Service Kiosk Success — Link — carefully consider each of these five high-level areas in solution budgeting – they will all come up. This is a macro view of the main elements of project budget, and supplier evaluation considerations that can most effect your budget
  • Touchless Hand Sanitizer Kiosk video —
  • Custom America announces the availability of the all new D4 desktop label printer – read more about the new product release here:
  • Appetize on “What is a Virtual Kiosk” — Virtual Kiosk allows guests to instantly access mobile ordering on their smartphone. It uses QR or Quick Response Codes– a surprisingly easy to use technology– to bring guests directly into the ordering site.
  • Evoke Partners with Core Intelligence on Distancing Application — We’re excited to partner with Evoke Creative for CORE | Intelligence Powered By FastSensor, designed to allow business owners to monitor social distancing in real-time through our groundbreaking, AI technology, all while allowing you to get to know your customers better than ever.
  • Frank Olea Podcast with 16:9 — Excerpt on touchless — Yeah, it’s fun. It’s gimmicky. But yeah, getting the public to change their behavior is gonna be really hard. I mean, it ‘s about the path of least resistance, right? So unless it’s easier, it’s not gonna happen.
  • New telemedicine kiosk option from Lilitab —  Introducing new Telemedicine Tablet Cart. It’s perfectly suited for any healthcare environment to be wheeled into patient rooms allowing doctors to “see” their patients at a safe distance. It meets all ADA requirements for lying, seated, and standing positions with self-adjusting tilt.
  • FDA Makes Hand Sanitizer Recommendations — FDA advises consumers not to use any hand sanitizer manufactured by Eskbiochem SA de CV in Mexico, due to the potential presence of methanol (wood alcohol), a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested. FDA has identified the following products
  • Video Call Kiosks from KIOSK —  Compunetix is pleased to announce a partnership with KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK) to deliver Video Call Center™ (VCC) on digital kiosks. Compunetix Video Call Center (VCC) for Healthcare is a browser-based, real-time voice and video workflow solution for healthcare providers that need to remain available to their patients in a safe and secure manner.
  • Walk-In Testing Kiosks in South Korea
  • Moviegoers return as Cinemark cautiously reopens — Cinemark is the first major theater chain in North Texas to reopen its doors, welcoming customers Friday at locations in West Plano, McKinney and northwest Dallas off of Webb Chapel. It will resume operations at other locations on a rolling basis in the coming weeks.
  • Electronic Shipping Kiosks — D’Arrigo California has implemented shipping kiosks at their shipping facility in Salinas, CA. This innovative tool, which contains a proprietary software program, was developed to improve efficiencies of the shipping process. D’Arrigo California’s investment in the electronic shipping kiosks and its proprietary software program demonstrates its commitment to provide efficiencies throughout its supply chain.
  • Will PPE Dispensing Kiosks Attract Travelers?
  • MetroClick/faytech Launches Sanitization Solution with Thermal Sensing for Retail, Hospitality and Travel Companies LINK
  • Ontario International Airport adds PPE kiosks in passenger terminals — LINK
  • California Re-Opens 169 DMV Offices – Recommends DMV Now kiosk for transactions – LINK
  • Touchless Sales Kiosks scam in Canada – Link


  • Burroughs Pitches Kiosks – link
  • Telemedicine Kiosks Sav-On Canada link
  • Health Safety Kiosk from MPS – link

Feb 2019 – Wow Bao Expansion

Wow Bao announced further expansion plans within the East Coast market. In quarter one 2020, Wow Bao will open three new locations at some of the largest transportation hubs in the region, including Dulles International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport and Raleigh-Durham International Airport.  https://www.qsrmagazine.com/news/wow-bao-plots-east-coast-expansion-2020

Dec 2019 Vending Machines for Water

Californians are turning to vending machines for safer water. Are they being swindled?

Nov 2019 – Sports Betting Kiosk, Moe’s Grill, CLEAR Airport Expansion

Senecas to open sports betting at three WNY casinos10 shareshttps://www.newyorkupstate.com/casinos/2019/11/senecas-to-open-sports-betting-at-three-wny-casinos.htmlHogansburg in northern New York. Under New York state law, sports bets can only be placed in person, through a betting window or kiosk physically located inside a casino. There is no online or mobile sports betting through phones or other devices. Bets can be
Moe’s Southwest Grill To Open First All-Digital Restaurant In Oakland136 shareshttps://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2019/11/26/all-digital-moes-coming-to-pittsburgh/Mayer and Associates, a company that designs and sells kiosks to restaurants. Anzia said both customers and restaurants like them. “One of the biggest impacts we’ve seen with self-ordering kiosks, restaurants are seeing an uptick of 25 to 30 percent on
CLEAR’s Latest Expansion: Chicago-O’Hare Terminal 1by Kyle Potter . 37 shareshttps://thriftytraveler.com/clears-latest-expansion-chicago-ohare-terminal-1/signed up (more on this shortly) and finalized your registration, you simply head to the CLEAR lane, confirm your identity at a kiosk, and get whisked away to the front of the TSA line by a CLEAR ambassador.     So what’s stopping you? Likely the high price
Three Square Self Pay Market opens at CherryVale Mall2 shareshttps://www.wifr.com/content/news/Three-Square-Self-Pay-Market-opens-at-CherryVale-Mall-565492691.htmlself-pay basically comes from not being bothered by lines and such.” Ward says there’s a tutorial on the check procedure at the kiosk. The market is also under 24-7 surveillance, so if a customer has a question, they can reach someone within minutes.


More Kiosk News Links from Kiosk Manufacturers Association


Kiosk RFPs

Touchless Touch Screen Monitor Kiosks

Smart City RFP and Digital Signage News & RFPs

Wayfinding Kiosk News – Shoptalk to Deploy Acquire Digital’s Wayfinding Technology

Shoptalk Deploys Digital Wayfinding Technology at upcoming Groceryshop Tradeshow

Dynamic electronic Shelf Labels

Dynamic Electronic Shelf Label Pricing

Contact: Acquire Digital – Troy Engelland

Phone: (844) 291-3501

Email: [email protected]

Las Vegas, NV, September 2021 – Acquire Digital has announced the sponsorship of a digital wayfinding and directory solution for the upcoming Groceryshop tradeshow. Acquire Digital’s industry-leading interactive wayfinding and indoor navigation platform will be used to help the attendees navigate the show, explore events, and find other important show content. The custom mapping software will be available on large format interactive kiosks and within the Groceryshop mobile application and website.

Acquire is focused on providing in-store navigation for consumers in an effort to help them find their favorite products in a more efficient manner. Given this, the company saw this sponsorship as a great way to show off the technology tailored towards a tradeshow environment in front of the grocer market.

“We are very excited to bring innovative wayfinding technology to augment the overall Groceryshop experience,” said Ryan Hopkins, VP of Video and New Media at Shoptalk & Groceryshop. “It is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase custom tradeshow mapping in a similar fashion to how a consumer would utilize in-store grocery navigation solutions.”

In-Store Wayfinder Kiosks

The in-store Wayfinder kiosks are being installed in the Groceryshop exhibit hall area as well as in other strategic locations throughout the show. Attendees will also be able to use the wayfinding application within the Groceryshop mobile app to utilize the experience on the go. The application features a 3D floorplan layout of the Mandalay Bay event hall, which includes all event rooms and key connector walkways.  Additionally, attendees will be able to find event schedules and key sponsors throughout the show.

While this sponsorship is focused on building an application tailored towards a tradeshow environment, the Acquire Digital team sees many benefits for utilizing custom wayfinding and navigational solutions within many retail markets.

“Our in-store navigation platform is built with retail in mind. We know that in order to be successful in today’s hypercompetitive environment, retailers need the right solution in place to help shoppers navigate their retail floors and find products quickly. The wayfinding kiosks provide a real world experience for a tradeshow, but can easily be tailored for any environment,” says Neil Farr, CEO for Acquire Digital.

Electronic Shelf Labels With Dynamic Pricing

With the increasing shift in the way in which retailers are utilizing digital in-store signage, Acquire Digital has been able to help grocers provide customers with digital solutions in an effort to increase their bottom line. In addition to in-store wayfinding, Acquire offers a range of solutions tailored towards grocery stores, including its ShelfEdge digital pricing software and endless aisle interactive experiences.

The first day of Groceryshop is set to begin on September 19th at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will run through the 22nd.

About GroceryShop: Groceryshop brings together leaders from the entire grocery ecosystem, including established and startup CPG brands, supermarkets, c-stores, drug stores, general merchandise stores, discount stores, ecommerce players, warehouse clubs, grocerants and non-traditional grocery retailers. These organizations join tech companies, real estate operators, investors, media and analysts for four days of incredible content, facilitated meetings and fun. In December of 2019, Groceryshop was acquired by Hyve Group PLC is a next-generation global events business whose purpose is to bring together and connect entire sector ecosystems from all corners of the globe.

About Acquire Digital: Acquire Digital is a global leader in innovative digital signage software and interactive experiences. With over 22 years of experience in the visual solutions and digital signage markets, the company is known for its industry firsts. Its passion for reaching beyond the boundaries of digital signage has played a key role in shaping Acquire Digital into the globally recognized company it is today. The company produces world-class UX and UI solutions that create an interactive and immersive experience.

Troy Engelland
Strategic Sales Manager (North America)
(+1) 248-214-8431

E: [email protected] | www.acquiredigital.com

USA: +1 844 291 3501 | Acquire Digital Inc. One Boston Place, Suite 2600, Boston MA, 02108, U.S.A
UK: +44 (0) 116 231 8921 | Acquire Digital, Piper House, 190 Scudamore Road, Leicester. LE3 1UQ, UK
Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube


Related Links

New For Sale Items – 24″ Elotouch Touchscreens

elotouch touchscreen 2494L open frame model

 Elotouch 2494L Open Frame Touchscreens

Batch of new ELO 2494L open-frame touch monitors with intelliTouch (SAW) touch technology.
Minimum order 100 units.
Lead time 2 months
Price = $300 + shipping (or 335 inclusive)
Warranty – brand new but no warranty. Two free units for every 100
See them on CDW for $750

Product Brief — Self-Order Kiosks by Star Micronics

Self-Order Kiosks for Airports, Restaurants/QSR, & Check In

Simplifying self-service

star micronics kiosk

Click to visit star micronics kiosk overview

Self-ordering kiosk technology is arguably the fastest growing point of sale trend – and for good reason. When a business takes advantage of kiosk technology, increased revenue, streamlined operations, and an improved guest experience become easier than ever to achieve.

By choosing Star Micronics as your kiosk printing solution provider, you’re not only receiving reliable, durable, and best-in-class technology, but solutions that are easy to integrate and backed by industry-leading partnerships, as well.

Star Micronics self-ordering solutions are ideal for:

  • Quick Service/Fast Casual (Restaurant Kiosks)
  • Stadium/Recreation (Concessions, Ticketing Kiosks)
  • Banks (ATMs)
  • Retail (Payment, Price Check, Registry Kiosks)
  • Parking Facilities (Payment Kiosks)
  • Transportation Hubs (Payment, Ticketing Kiosks)

Talk to a Kiosk Expert Become Star Certified

Cool New Tablet Kiosk Enclosure by Star Micronics

Star Micronics & Self-Ordering Kiosks

Increase Efficiency:

Kiosks help with line-busting, meaning your staff can focus on more important initiatives while guests enjoy a faster, smoother transaction.

Boost Accuracy:

Kiosks reduce the chance of miscommunication and incorrect orders being placed – saving time, money, and the customer’s patience.

Grow Sales: Self-ordering kiosks have been shown to boost consumer spending by a whopping 30%. (source: PYMNTS)

Branding Opportunity:  Show off your branding and leverage the opportunity to onboard customers to loyalty programs, email newsletters, and more.

Customer Experience:  Patrons can easily customize orders and go at their own pace – even if they speak different languages.

Star Micronics Kiosk Brochure

Download our brochure to learn more about the durability, versatility and industry-specific features Star offers.

Download Now

Why Star?
Streamlined. Innovated. Supported.

  • Easy to Integrate: Star Micronics kiosk solutions are easily integrated to fit your specific needs.
  • Connected: Communicate via Serial, USB, Lightning, Ethernet, and Bluetooth!
  • Multiple Profiles: Featuring flexible enclosure designs, Star Micronics kiosk printers can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and are available with either a small footprint, or in a larger capacity to accommodate more paper/fewer paper roll changes.
  • Kiosk Software Support: Star Micronics supports a variety of web-based or cloud-based software apps and tablet-based SDKs, as well as Windows and Linux.
  • Durable: High reliability means less downtime and fewer dissatisfied customers!

Kiosk Selector Tool

Discover the right Kiosk Printer for your application.

Launch Selector

Smart Self-Ordering Features

Function meets reliability

Lights/Visual Cues 

Alerts users when a receipt/ticket is

printed, or an employee if an issue arises


Helps to push paper out of printer,

ensuring a clean, proper delivery


Ensures proper function even while unattended

– for security, safety, reduced waste

Looping Presenter 

Reduces chance of paper jam, increases customer

information security, maintains clean floors

Highlighted Products

SK1 Series

The Sanei Kiosk printer series offers fast, dependable open-frame kiosk printers for 2”, 3”, and 4” receipts. All models are available with or without presenter, with options for large paper roll holder and bezel.


  • 2” thermal printer
  • Small footprint
  • High-speed printing

Learn More



  • 3” thermal printer
  • Compact design
  • Quick printing

Learn More



  • 4” thermal printer
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable print width

Learn More


TUP Series

The Star Micronics TUP series brings ultimate flexibility and performance to kiosk printing. The innovative looping presenter prevents paper jams by printing the receipt in full before providing it to the user.


TUP 500

  • Modular design for easy setup
  • Adjustable paper width
  • Fast printing

Learn More

TUP 900

  • Wide format
  • Looping presenter
  • Document capture

Learn More



With a simple user experience and Bluetooth, USB, Lightning, and LAN compatibility, the mC-Print3 housed thermal printer is one of Star Micronics’ most modern printers. The mC-Print3 is also easy to integrate through common SDK.

Learn More

Quick Guide: How to Select Your Kiosk Printer

Easily determine which kiosk printer fits your needs.

Download Now

Star Services & Solutions

Making your kiosk that much better



Take your self-service kiosk printer to the next level with Star Micronics Cloud Services! Services include customized printed promotions, customer surveys, digital receipts, and more (on select models).

Learn More



How Kiosks Benefit the Community

Sometimes when you think about technology, it’s easy to assume the latest advancements are reserved for a select, more fortunate portion of the community. After all, who can afford each new updated smartphone? Read More.

8 Features Kiosk Manufacturers Should Look For When Choosing Kiosk Printing Mechanisms

People love to use self-service kiosks in almost every setting—parking garages, airports, restaurants, stores and entertainment venues. This reliable, consistent technology is empowering consumers to enter orders themselves…  Read More.

Why Resellers Should Offer Kiosk Service and Support

Because the kiosk industry is becoming more refined and relevant on a daily basis, it is becoming more important than ever for resellers to offer a full range of kiosk services, including everything from installation services to post-sale support. Read More.

NRF 2022 Update – Health Policy – Retail Kiosk Event

From NRF Sep 13 – Retail Kiosk Event

NRF 2022 New York

NRF 2022 New York

As an exhibitor of Retail’s Big Show (the KMA Booth), we wanted to update you on a critical decision that has been made regarding your participation at the event.  After careful consideration, NRF has made the decision to require all attendees of Retail’s Big Show to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 and to provide valid proof of vaccination prior to entry.

For purposes of this in-person event, an individual is fully vaccinated, as described currently by the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) and/or World Health Organization (“WHO”) two weeks after their second dose in a two-dose series vaccine produced by Pfizer, Moderna, or Oxford/AstraZeneca, or two weeks after a single dose vaccine produced by Johnson & Johnson.  Fully vaccinated status also applies to completion of all doses recommended for full immunity of Sinopharm or Sinovac. For two dose series vaccines, an individual must receive the same vaccine for both doses to be fully vaccinated.

Please note- This policy extends to anyone entering the Javits Convention Center which includes Exhibitor Appointed Contractors.

Verification of vaccination status will be a part of the registration process and additional details regarding the collection of this information is forthcoming.  For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Covid-19 Policy page on our website.  Any questions related to this Covid-19 policy should be directed here.

We look forward to seeing you in New York and appreciate your continued support of the NRF.

ADA Kiosk News – FAR Council Finally Incorporates Revised Section 508

ADA Kiosk News

Full text on kma.global – Sep13

kiosk adaExcerpt:

This update to the FAR includes several key changes to ensure that federal agencies comply with Section 508 in their acquisitions of ICT. One change requires agencies to specifically identify which ICT accessibility standards are applicable to a procurement. Another change requires federal agencies to document in writing any exceptions or exemptions in their formal acquisiton plans. These include exceptions provided for national security systems, incidental contract items, and features of ICT used in maintenance or monitoring spaces, and exemptions based on undue burden, fundamental alternation, and nonavailability of conforming commercial items.

In addition, federal agencies also must identify the needs of current and future users with disabilities and proactively determine how ICT functionality will be available to these users. They also must specify the development, installation, configuration, and maintenance of ICT in support of users with disabilities.

More Information

M-Enabling Summit Arlington in October

Accessibility Summit

Kiosk Accessibility News

US Access Board

Keynote Speaker — Sachin Dev Pavithran, Ph.D. – Executive Director U.S. Access Board

See m-enabling website — The Kiosk Manufacturer Association is an exhibitor and sponsor for the upcoming Summit.

In Brief

  • Keynote — Sachin Dev Pavithran, Ph.D. Executive Director U.S. Access Board
  • Sponsors – Google, AT&T, Verizon, Microsoft, Amazon, HP and KMA
  • Health ProtocolsGREEN (exceeds CDC)
  • Expected attendees –  250 to 500 high level attendees
  • KMA has 2 free passes available. Contact [email protected] or call 720-324-1837
  • Laura Miller and Matt with Vispero will be there (Laura will man our booth). If you want to schedule time with them send a note to [email protected] or call me.  McDonalds noted that they are using Vispero JAWS to extend better access to their vision limited customers. Big news..

Strategies for Inclusive Digital Transformations

The M-Enabling Summit Conference and Showcase is dedicated to promoting digital environments and assistive technologies for senior citizens and users of all abilities. It is an annual meeting place for all who implement digital inclusion strategies or develop assistive solutions and accessible digital contents and services for workplaces, learning environments or consumer markets.  With its theme of “Strategies for Inclusive Digital Transformations,” the 2021 M-Enabling Summit will highlight the major shifts in business, government and education driven by the pandemic that will affect anyone involved in inclusion, accessibility, services to Persons with Disabilities or compliance matters.  A rich sharing of experience and interactions among advocates, business leaders and technology providers will provide insights on how to best meet the imperative to ensure that Persons with Disabilities have full access to critical digital contents and services.

Since its inception in 2011, the M-Enabling Summit has established itself as the ideal venue for corporate executives, advocates, accessibility professionals, policy makers, care givers and assistive technology experts to explore how to foster and drive digital inclusion. A powerful differentiator in establishing a positive culture and gaining a competitive advantage, digital inclusion is embraced by leading organizations across all sectors of activity. The M-Enabling program is designed to give participants the tools, knowledge, and networking opportunities to explore the latest innovations in enabling and accessible technologies and share good practices among their peers.

Bringing together professionals, corporations, service organizations, and key thought leaders, the M-Enabling Summit is an all-inclusive conference and showcase for professionals featuring innovative technology that benefits more than one-billion Persons with Disabilities worldwide.

As during previous years, the 2021 M-Enabling Summit will feature the annual IAAP Expert Workshop Day on October 6th organized by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, as well as sessions dedicated to the advancement of the Accessibility Profession.

Bringing together professionals, corporations, service organizations, and key thought leaders, the M-Enabling Summit is an all-inclusive conference and showcase for professionals featuring innovative technology that benefits more than one-billion Persons with Disabilities worldwide.

The M-Enabling Summit is committed to working with the venue, service providers, and vendors to customize a “health safety first” approach throughout all phases of event production and onsite execution. Review our health and safety policies.

Kiosk Accessibility – McDonald’s Access for Blind and Low Vision

McDonald’s Partners with Vispero to Provide Access for Blind and Low Vision Customers in US Self Order Kiosks

Press release Sept 2021

Editors Note — you can meet with Vispero at the upcoming M-Enabling Summit in Arlington, VA in October.   The Kiosk Association is a sponsor and exhibitor. Laura and Matt from Vispero will be there.  Note that health protocols are strict and exceed CDC requirements for everyone’s safe health. See M-Enabling Summit Arlington in October(Opens in a new browser tab)

Comprehensive Solution Pushes the Bounds for the Future of Inclusive Kiosks

McDonalds Drive Thru Kiosks

McDonalds Drive Thru Kiosks

Clearwater, FL – Vispero™, the global leader for assistive technology products for the blind and low vision community, has been selected by McDonald’s to assist in providing customers with an accessible kiosk experience. Vispero’s product, JAWS Kiosk, has been deployed to select McDonald’s US company-owned restaurants, as well as newly deployed kiosks in US franchise locations.

Creating an accessible and usable kiosk experience for McDonald’s customers required an understanding of McDonald’s robust self order kiosk interface and a plan for making the extensive McDonald’s menu easily navigable and intuitive for blind customers.

“The selection of JAWS Kiosk as a solution for McDonald’s is a game-changer for providing equal access in Quick Service Restaurants for blind and low vision customers,” states Matt Ater, Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Software at Vispero. “At Vispero, our goal is to innovate for customers with disabilities. Working with McDonald’s allows us to ensure our products are reaching people when they need it most.”

JAWS Kiosk will allow blind and low vision users the ability to interact with a self-order kiosk by inserting headphones into the headphone jack, located on the navigation pad, which will then navigate the kiosk screen, reading the content as they move through the application.

“McDonald’s prides itself on fostering an inclusive restaurant experience for all,” said Kelsey Hall, Senior Manager of Global Digital Accessibility at McDonald’s. “This inclusive kiosk solution ensures blind and low vision customers can independently order their McDonald’s favorites for themselves, their families, and their friends.”

McDonald’s is in the process of deploying this solution to corporate-owned stores and select franchise locations across the US.

About Vispero
Vispero is the global leader for assistive technology products for those with vision impairments. Freedom Scientific, TPGi, Enhanced Vision and Optelec, all Vispero brands, have a long history of innovation for customers with accessibility needs. Today our product portfolio is considered one of the most diverse and reliable on the market. For more information, visit www.vispero.com.

View the PRweb distribution.

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NRF Pre-Release – RedyRef Debuting Next Generation Tablet Kiosk Enclosure in Elotouch booth


RedyRef Interactive Kiosks debuts New Generation of enGAGE (T) Tablet Kiosk Enclosure at NRF Retails Big Show 2016!

22inch iSeries enGAGE T 2views

Click to see full image of tablet kiosk

Riverdale, New Jersey. – January 13, 2016 – RedyRef, a turn-key, self-service kiosk solution provider is debuting a new tablet kiosk enclosure solution featuring the Elo I-Series family of tablets: the enGAGE (T) at NRF Retail’s Big Show in the Elo booth #1302 at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in New York City. Although the enGAGE (T) tablet kiosk was designed as a platform for a variety of different tablets, the Elo I-Series was selected as an ideal partner for the launch of this new product line.

As self-service comes of age across multiple industries, from retail to foodservice, tablets are leading the revolution by changing the form-factor and footprint operating systems of both interactive kiosks and digital signage. The enGAGE (T) tablet kiosk houses the additional I/O devices that allow businesses to integrate tablets as complete transactional solutions. The (T) kiosk is designed with a cabinet base that can accommodate several industry-standard, 80mm thermal receipt printers as well as serve as a mounting point for additional devices such as EMV payment processors, barcode scanners and most other components required to complete any kiosk solution’s unique requirements.

Besides the new enGAGE (T) series, the enGAGE line of standard kiosks also features over a dozen additional form factors that may be utilized as basic kiosk platforms.  These designs may be used as they exist, or modified for more unique needs.

Platform Approach: RedyRef has simplified kiosk design by creating the enGAGE™ line as a standard frame concept, developed around the idea that retail prices real estate by the square foot. Each enGAGE™ kiosk is designed on a frame system that is standardized in this way (12”, 24”, 36”, etc.) so that the kiosk footprint easily fits within the parameters of retail space allocations. And since enGAGE™ kiosks are built as frame systems, they can easily be customized to other sizes if needed to meet the requirements of the kiosk component array.  

Customizable Skins: The enGAGE line features modularity of design as well, in that the metal cabinets, called “skins,” that are mounted/hung from the frames are also completely customizable based on the sizes of the components that they must house.

Branding Platform: The “skins” are not just a way to house components however; they are also an opportunity to create or reinforce brand awareness via surface customization including the addition of graphics and decals.  Additionally, enGAGE kiosks may be fitted with a variety of tablet sizes, branded headers and other extensive equipment options.

The enGAGE line is unique in that it was developed with a truly holistic approach in mind, allowing businesses to keep kiosk manufacturing costs down while still providing exceptional design flexibility.  And because enGAGE kiosks are semi-custom, rather than built from the ground up, RedyRef is able to offer outstanding speed to market that exceeds the industry standard.  All of this while keeping customers’ desire for quality branding opportunities front of mind.

Blending seamlessly into most any environment, RedyRef is able to customize enGAGE kiosks to fit the specified requirements of a wide range of projects. From office parks, hospital and university campuses and airports, to government buildings, convention centers and shopping malls, the versatile options offered by the enGAGE line can be modified to work in most any available space.

About Redyref

Established 101 years ago, RedyRef Interactive Kiosks is a complete, vertically-integrated kiosk organization with in-house design, engineering, metal fabrication, powder coating, electrical engineering and integration, software development, installation and on-going maintenance solutions to meet any self-service kiosk need. Learn more at: www.redyref.com

About Elo

Elo is a global leader in touchscreen solutions including open frame solutions for kiosks. The inventor of the touchscreen, Elo now has 20+ million retail and hospitality installations in 80+ countries. The Elo touchscreen experience has consistently stood for quality, reliability and innovation. Elo intellectual property is protected by global patent, trademark and design registrations. Learn more about Elo at EloTouch.com.

Ben Wheeler
[email protected]
Ph: (800) 628-3603 Ext #525                             

For Elo:

Justin Ordman

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

[email protected]

(617) 237-0922

More Information

  • Wayfinding Brochure v5 lo res

NRF 2018 Retail Kiosk and Self-Service


The Big Show NRF 2018 – Retail Kiosk

Come see retail kiosk and retail self-service. NRF 2018 looks to be bigger and better this year. 500+ exhibitors and 40K attendees. January 14-16 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center (as usual).NRF 2018 Retail Kiosk

We want to highlight our members that will be there and if you want to make an appointment or meet up with a company let us know, we can help.

  • Elo 3662
  • Glory Global 3465
  • Ingenico 1721
  • KIOSK Information Systems 3453
  • Parabit 1063
  • Storm Interface 546
  • ARCA 219
  • Olea Kiosks (in multiple booths, CEO attending)
  • Impresa Financial (CEO attending)
  • Pyramid (CEO attending)
  • Nanonation (CEO attending)
  • Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. (attending)

Retail Technology Stuff to do while in NYC..

Food for Thought

So this is the Amazon model that is killing everybody


retail kiosk strategy

Here is a model to combat Amazon with. Think about this at the show.

News from NRF 2018

Additional retail kiosk companies of interest:

Acrelec 2435
ChargeItSpot 1107
Crane Payment 2830
Epson America 4033
FireKing 3933
Fujitsu 3907
HoneyWell 2234|
Infinite Peripherals 3652
Intel 2831
Magento 4221
NCR 3121
NEC 3153
Panasonic 1421
Partner Tech 1581
PAX 3981
Pitney Bowes 3075
QMatic 467
Queue It 962
Star Micronics 2745
Stanley Security 638
Swyft 1045
Toshiba 2553
Walmart Stores 3283
Zivelo 1138
ZoomSystems 1045

Kiosk Industry Dec2017 Newsletter

Self-Service Industry News for December 2017

kiosk industry

Your best resource with  50 members and another 310 in our free industry directory.

tablet kiosk project

Click to zoom

Our feature this month is a case study in tablet kiosks and giving back to the community.  In it an interactive tablet kiosk from the Kiosk Group serves as the centerpiece of a young man’s Eagle Scout Service Project.  Worth noting that every single one of our sponsors and members donate expertise and materials to projects.

ADA Committee – we met with the U.S. Access Board in Washington, DC and had an extended meeting with them covering options for working together going forward.  The group was very enthused on both sides.  Visit our ADA page for the writeup on the meeting.

From left – Randy Amundsen of Frank Mayer, Bruce Bailey, Marsha Mazz, Tim Creagan and Rex Pace of US Access Board

Inside Kiosk News

We’ve added a Digital Signage RFP and a Smart Cities RFP section. Atlanta was Intersect we believe and New Jersey and Jersey City are next.  Very active and competitive space. Those go along with existing McDonalds news watch.  Word there is more changes as far as vendors go. Some in and some out. Sometimes it almost seems easier and better to let someone win the initial deal and then win it for sure later when they don’t execute.

Editor Picks

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And thanks to all of our sponsors. They are the ones along with our members that make this network available.

Olea Kiosks
KIOSK Information Systems

Kiosk Definition for the day –

A self-service transaction machine or SSTM for attended, semi-attended and unattended self-service for customers and employees.

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Kioskgroup Tablet Kiosk on Netflix – Luke Cage


iPadKiosk on Netflix – Luke Cage

ipad kiosk netflix

Kiosk Group is a privately-owned, Maryland-based company that many leading companies, organizations, and government agencies trust and rely upon for interactive kiosks.
We focus on creating long-term client relationships, so you can feel confident that if you have questions about our kiosks or experience a problem with your order, we’ll do everything we can to help.

I thought something looked familar as I looked at the TV.  Outside in my garage in Colorado watching Netflix and Luke Cage I saw what looked like a kiosk from Kiosk Group.

“For Pete’s Sake” is episode 22 (#9 in season 2) and is the big showdown in Rand Corporation building.  A quick synopsis — Knight gets Cage, Lucas, Dillard, and Johnson to an unfinished building belonging to Rand Enterprises, where Dillard agrees to testify against Bushmaster in exchange for immunity. Knight and Cage are against this, but agree that they can only fight one at a time.

In any case the use the iPadkiosks unit as their access point.

Pretty cool placement!

Craig is a  senior staff writer for Kiosk Industry Group Association. He has 25 years of experience in the industry. He contributed to this article while watching Netflix.


How Retail Kiosks Can Help Retailers Simplify The Busy Holiday Season

retail kiosk landscape

Retail kioskRetail Kiosks Help Retailers

Beginning in the wee hours of the morning on November 23, millions of shoppers hit the stores to kick off the 2018 holiday shopping season—spending an estimated $23 billion dollars in the process. Now that the holiday season is officially here, many would say that we’re entering the “most wonderful time of the year”, however, it’s also the busiest time of the year, especially for those who work in or frequently visit retail stores.

Just how busy will retailers be this holiday season? According to a recent Forbes article, Black Friday sales were nearly 10% higher than last year. Similarly, if all remains constant, overall holiday shopping spend is also expected to be greater than last year, with 6% anticipated growth.

While increased sales and store traffic are certainly beneficial for retailers, they also bring about their own unique set of challenges every holiday season. With more traffic and larger amounts of inventory heading out the door, it’s crucial that retailers are able to continue to meet shoppers’ demand, provide excellent customer service, and enable shoppers to locate and purchase what they need in a timely manner. While well-trained employees certainly play a key role in meeting all of these challenges, retail kiosks of all kinds, from endless aisle, to self-checkout, customer loyalty, and smart lockers can help.

Endless Aisle Kiosks

As retailers’ online presence has grown, customers have come to expect instant access to a wide variety of product choices. While retailers have the ability to showcase all of their inventory online, it’s nearly impossible for them to hold all of their inventory in-stock across every store. Endless aisle kiosks offer the best of both worlds—customers can browse a store’s physical inventory while in-store, but also use the kiosk to explore additional colors, styles, sizes, and more through online store access. To make things even easier, if customers find an online item that they want, they are able to select and pay for that item directly from the kiosk—saving both the customer’s and store employee’s time.

Self-Checkout Kiosks

While some shoppers prefer the traditional checkout experience, if given the chance, many opt for a more expedited self-checkout option. In fact, according to a 2018 survey, a whopping 66% of shoppers indicated that self-service technology was actually their preference. Similarly to the traditional checkout process, self-checkout kiosks can be designed to accept a variety of different payment options, incorporate any additional necessary components like RFID scanners, and can notify a store employee if a shopper needs help. Best of all, self-checkout kiosks allow shoppers to quickly scan, pay for, and bag their items without having to wait in long lines.

Customer Loyalty Kiosks

While some shoppers prefer to spread their purchases out across a variety of retailers, others opt to frequently return to a handful of specific stores. For those who find themselves visiting the same stores on a regular basis, or even those who only visit once in a while, shopper loyalty cards and programs are often enticing, as they can offer discounts, coupons, and rewards. Providing a designated kiosk on which shoppers can enroll in such programs increases the likelihood for enrollment and also expedites the check-out process, where customers would have previously been given instructions for enrollment by a cashier.

Smart Locker Kiosks

As consumers continue to lead busy lives, their time continues to be one of their most valuable assets. By default, this means that retailers who offer convenient solutions and shopping opportunities are typically viewed by shoppers in a positive light. Smart lockers offer a versatile solution that allows shoppers to place and pay for their order online ahead of time, and then pick it up at their convenience with either a numerical or QR code. While “Buy Online Pick-up In Store” (BOPIS) options are becoming more mainstream across the board, they aren’t all created equal. Most BOPIS options require that customers come into the store, and others even require an employee to retrieve the shopper’s order for them. Smart lockers, on the other hand, are both efficient and can be conveniently located. In fact, if positioned outside the store, smart lockers can even offer the option for shoppers to securely pick up their order before the store opens in the morning or long after they have closed for the night.

Despite increases in online purchases, consumers are still turning to brick and mortar stores to meet their holiday shopping needs—especially those who find ways to incorporate efficient, user-friendly technology into the shopper experience. As retailers’ focus on the overall shopper experience continues to grow in importance, the value of retail kiosks can also be expected to continue to rise.


HIMSS Preview – Patient Kiosk Medical EHR, Physician Practice Management Software at HIMSS in Chicago

iPatientCare Announces to Deploy Patient Kiosk Integrated with EHR and Patient Portal

Enhanced Patient Experience of Self-Service Check-in at Physicians’ Offices by Deploying Patient Kiosk

Source: www.ipatientcare.com

iPatientCare’s Patient Kiosk solution utilizes best technologies offered by CTS so that patients can not only check-in easily but also sign the consent forms, pay their balance and co-pay, and scan drivers license and insurance cards… all electronically! The customizable Patient Kiosk integrated with iPatientCare EHR/PM and Patient Portal streamlines the patient check-in process and enhances productivity of doctors’ offices.

G2E Casino Kiosk – Olea Kiosks At The Show

G2E Gaming Show 2019 – Casino Kiosks

G2E is the premier Gaming show held every year in Las Vegas.  It is a longstanding tradition for kiosk companies to be at this show. This year the G2E will be highlighting casino gaming, hospitality, player loyalty kiosks, check-in, food self order, digital signage and sports betting kiosks. Here is a preview of G2E from Olea Kiosks perspective

Here is G2E preview by GGB

Here is the current list of Olea kiosks on the floor at G2E.  Traci and Daniel will be at the show on 10/15 & 10/16.

    • Scientific Games – Booth #1116     Monte Carlo
    • SCA Gaming – Booth #1216      Milan Portrait kiosks
    • Agilysys – Booth #3800       Austin kiosks
    • JCM – Booth #4039       Franklin
  • Poker Rodeo – Booth #3418       Milan Landscape
  • Glory – not confirmed
  • Cummins Allison – not confirmed

New Product Release At G2E

Olea Kiosks Introduces The Franklin Bill Payment Kiosk

LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 10, 2019 — Olea Kiosks of Los Angeles welcomes the Franklin Bill Payment kiosk as the newest addition to its self-service line-up.  This secure and versatile kiosk is built to accept payments of any kind, anywhere.

The Franklin Bill Payment kiosk has the ability to accept and dispense dollar bills, dispense coins, check acceptance and take credit card payments.  Because it’s a modular solution, it can be customized in a number of pre-designed configurations which make it easy to deploy in situations with first to market opportunities or where time is of the essence.

This kiosk was introduced for those industries that have a high number of cash-paying customers.  “In the past, cash-handling kiosks were very costly to deploy, but with this solution, we’ve implemented some standardizations, which makes complete self-service operation attainable,” explained Frank Olea, CEO of Olea Kiosks. “The unit can be equipped with several different models of bill acceptors and dispensers to accommodate all manufacturers. In addition, we work with a suite of turnkey application providers including M3t Financial Services, Nanonation, Self-Service Networks and Dynatouch that can be integrated into the kiosk,” added Olea.

The Franklin is perfect for any cash-paying application including simple bill pay, bill breaking, ATM services, and check cashing.  With its loyalty features like club enrollment with card printing, point redemption, promotional games, TITO ticket printing for promotion vouchers, and bar code/QR code scanning for text/email promotions, it’s an ideal candidate for casinos as they can deploy the same look and feel across a variety of guest services. (if we can get the Casino page updated we can link it here)

The Franklin will be on display at the JCM Global booth 4039, at Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, October 15 to 17.  Olea Kiosks can also be seen at work in a number of other booths demonstrating a range of applications including player loyalty, player games and tournaments, sports betting applications and food ordering. You can find more information here:


About Olea Kiosks:

Olea Kiosks Inc., is a Los Angeles-based self-service kiosk manufacturer in business since 1975.  Its technologically advanced, in-house manufacturing and services have made it an industry leader.

For more information, visit https://www.olea.com/.

Interested in Meeting With Olea – Send us a note

About Global Gaming Expo
Global Gaming Expo (G2E), the largest gathering of global, commercial and tribal gaming professionals in North America, showcases the latest developments in gaming technology and features new educational content that is fast-paced and actionable. Attendees will experience firsthand the new products and innovative technologies showcased on the expo floor. G2E has everything you need for your casino floor and across your entire operation—from traditional casino fare to non-gaming amenities and digital products—G2E is where business growth is accelerated.

About AGA
The American Gaming Association is the premier national trade group representing the $261 billion U.S. casino industry, which supports 1.8 million jobs nationwide. AGA members include commercial and tribal casino operators, suppliers and other entities affiliated with the gaming industry. It is the mission of the AGA to achieve sound policies and regulations consistent with casino gaming’s modern appeal and vast economic contributions.

Driving Technology Through Innovation: Peerless-AV’s InfoComm 2018 Showcase

Seamless by Peerless

Driving Technology Through Innovation: Peerless-AV’s InfoComm 2018 Showcase

Outdoor KiosksAV solutions designer and manufacturer exhibits new Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays, SEAMLESS LED Solutions, Smart City and Outdoor Kiosks, Mounting Systems, and more at Booth C2947

LAS VEGAS – June 6, 2018 – 
Peerless-AV®, an award-winning designer and manufacturer of innovative audio and video solutions and accessories, is pleased to announce its showcase at InfoComm 2018, June 6-8, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Peerless-AV’s Booth (C2947) will highlight its new high bright outdoor displays, LED Program, kiosks, carts, custom mounting solutions, and more.With over 75 years of audiovisual experience, Peerless-AV’s commitment to the creation of cutting-edge technology has elevated the company to the status of an innovative industry leader. Peerless-AV proudly designs and manufactures the highest quality products, which solve even the most complex design and technology integration challenges to create an ideal solution for any unique application.At InfoComm 2018, attendees visiting Peerless-AV’s booth will have the opportunity to meet with Peerless-AV industry experts to discuss their upcoming integration needs. Further, they will have the opportunity to see the following products on display:

Outdoor Displays

Peerless-AV’s newest addition to its line of performance displays, the Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays (XHB Models), offer 2500 nits of light output and full HD 1080p resolution for a bright, crisp picture and color accuracy at viewing angles up to 178°. Featuring a fully sealed IP68-rated design and an operating temperature range of -31°F to 140°F, there is no need to change filters or service the display, creating a maintenance-free solution for year-round digital signage use. Available in 43″, 49″, 55″, and 65″, the Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays include IK10-rated cover glass for the ultimate screen protection.InfoComm attendees will have the opportunity to witness numerous live demos in Peerless-AV’s booth, showcasing the unmatched capabilities of the new Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays.LED Video Wall Mounting Solutions

With a modular design developed to fit the specifications of any LED display, Peerless-AV’s LED mounting systems offer unlimited video wall configurations. The systems provide height and depth adjustments to overcome any installation irregularities, ensuring pixel alignment and a flat plane. In addition, a lightweight aluminum design and predetermined adaptor rail locations speed and ease installation while minimizing errors. Peerless-AV’s mounting systems also include tight tolerances and wall plate spacers, assuring all cabinets are properly positioned.The new systems are part of SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV, a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive or bespoke program for LED video wall integration. With SEAMLESS by Peerless-AV, integrators can expect start to finish support for all of Peerless-AV’s LED mounting solutions.

Projector Mounts

Peerless-AV’s Large Venue Projector Mount (PJR250) is designed to be installed and removed quickly, making it the ideal solution for the rental and staging market. It is built to safely support large ceiling structure venue projectors and provides tilt, roll, lateral, and swivel adjustments to obtain perfect image alignment. The mount is also equipped with dedicated adaptor plates to perfectly balance the projector’s center of gravity, making it more sturdy and safe, and preventing the likelihood of projector sag over time.


Part of Peerless-AV’s range of indoor and outdoor kiosks showcase is the All-in-One Kiosk Powered by BrightSign® (KIPICT555). This award-winning kiosk features a well-built, sleek design with an integrated 55″ commercial LCD display that offers six points of IR touch. The All-in-One Kiosk features full HD 1080p60 video decoding, HTML support, networked content playback, and more.

For outdoor use, Peerless-AV’s showcase will also feature the new Smart City Kiosk. An all-weather rated solution, this kiosk includes an Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Display with full HD1080p resolution, easy display access, and a seamless installation. With the ability to withstand up to 150 mph winds, the Smart City Kiosk is ideal for any outdoor setting.


Making its debut at InfoComm 2018, the ADA-compliant Motorized Collaboration Cart (SR598ML3) integrates the use of actuators, making it easy for users to raise and lower touch-enabled displays up to 25.6″ with the touch of a button. It is also UL962 listed and features a safety limit function, which automatically reverses direction when a collision is detected in an upward, downward or lateral force.

The Motorized Collaboration Cart touts a six outlet, 2160 joule-rated surge suppressor and a 15-foot pre-installed cord in the rear of the cart, as well as a large enclosure with plenty of space for small PCs, additional cables, and keyboards, and an opening for an external Wi-Fi antenna. Its base includes bumpers to prevent damage, though it is designed to fit easily through doorways. Further, the cart features 4″ casters for rigidity and stability, as well as a pre-assembled design with no wiring required – providing the fastest cart assembly on the market.

To see Peerless-AV’s full showcase of outdoor displays, kiosks, mounts, carts, and more, visit InfoComm Booth #C2947.

About Peerless-AV

Driving Technology Through Innovation

For over 75 years, passion and innovation continue to drive Peerless-AV forward. We proudly design and manufacture the highest quality products, ranging from outdoor displays to complete kiosk solutions, digital signage mounts to wireless systems. Whether a full-scale global deployment or custom project, Peerless-AV develops meaningful relationships and delivers world-class service. In partnership with Peerless-AV, you are trusting an award-winning team of experts who will support your business every step of the way. For more information, visit peerless-av.com.

Further, today Peerless-AV announced two additional items. Here are all three Press Releases from Peerless-AV :

Digital Wayfinding – Cool Project

Cool project.
2016 JFK Digital Wayfinding project by OpenEye Global and Ikoniq.


Ikoniq has a relationship with Westfield and has done a few projects together starting with something called the Wall Shop in Newark Airport.  It is a retail store to help local businesses get access to the airport facility.  Giving back to the community, per se.   It was an interesting project because it is 20’ long, but had to be delivered through the small elevator in the concourse.  Lots of interesting lighting and glass, when it’s open nothing disturbs the retail space, when it’s closed, the glass doors secure the unit and it gives the appearance of as museum case.


The next project Ikoniq did was for JFK and it is the directories you see in the video.  It is actually a design that Westfield used in Europe, the programming was done by Openeye Global and 22 Mile.

Ikoniq just delivered another project to LA, for gate info and way finding.  The programming on that one was done by Westfield Labs.

Westfield from OpenEye Global on Vimeo.

Ikoniq is full service Remote Merchandising Unit provider based in New York.  Greg Swistak is the CEO and is a member of the Kiosk Hall of Fame.

Kiosk Greg Swistak


Related Posts

Perspective – E-Commerce’s Brick-and-Mortar Revolution

E-Commerce Bricks-and-Mortar

E-Commerce’s Brick-and-Mortar Revolution

Katie Kochelek September 18, 2018 Original post on Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. website

Let’s chat about Amazon for a minute. (Apparently, I’m hardly a pioneer when it comes to conversation topics since Amazon is one of the most widely-talked about companies, but humor me for a second).

No other business comes close to being recognized as the face of e-commerce.  In fact, I challenge you to find editorial on retail where the Internet giant isn’t mentioned as a major disruptor to brick-and-mortar stores.

Which is why currently it’s surprising to see more articles reporting on Amazon’s latest moves into this very sector.  Is the e-commerce king really expanding (or would it be downsizing?) into four brick walls?

It appears so.

Here’s the latest evidence. We now have Amazon-owned Whole Foods representing the physical grocery market. Add to that partnerships with traditional retailers like Kohl’s and Sears to provide convenient return centers and tire installation locations.  Don’t forget Amazon lockers at your local 7-Elevens, and of course we can’t overlook Amazon’s own Amazon Go convenience stores, with two already open in Seattle, and many more rumored to hit major cities across the nation.

Hasn’t Amazon picked up a newspaper?  Isn’t retail dead?

Not in the slightest, and Amazon is a good example of why. (And let’s remember they know a thing or two about being successful and all.)

When you look at the list of their latest projects above, it’s evident Amazon isn’t entering the brick-and-mortar space to put its more than 12 million products on shelves.  They’re seeing opportunities to provide frictionless physical shopping experiences to the same customers who turn to them when they’re looking for frictionless online shopping experiences.  Omnichannel jackpot!

But investing across different channels is to be expected of a conglomerate like Amazon, right?  Well yes, but if you’ve had your ear to the ground lately, you might have also noticed that many successful e-commerce sites in various verticals have been entering the world of brick-and-mortar, too.

Examples include eyebobs, an eyewear brand that features bold designs, Wayfair, a home furnishings and décor e-retailer, and online mattress retailer Casper. Even digitally-native athleisure wear company Fabletics is being aggressive with a plan to open 75 stores in the near future.

Why are so many online brands developing a physical presence?

“Digitally native pure-play e-commerce brands are finding it strategically essential to open brick-and-mortar locations if they are looking to scale, because customer acquisition and retention is such a difficult task,” says Alison Embrey Medina, Editor in Chief and Associate Publisher of design:retail. “And the brands that are opening stores are finding that their customers who shop across their channels —online, mobile, AND in their stores – are three times as valuable as the online-only shopper.”

Expansion into these physical locations is helping brands to target not only their existing digital customers but also a new demographic to them – the shopper who wants to experience the products and take advantage of the customer service unique to brick-and-mortars.

Ultimately, no matter how frictionless e-commerce can make our lives, nothing can replace the ability to try on a pair of glasses to ensure they complement our face shape or truly experience what a mattress brand means when describing its product as firm or soft.

That being said, these retail spaces will hardly mimic the traditional store format that has suffered under the convenience of e-commerce.  Whether it’s providing exceptional customer service, offering ways to test out products, or appealing to the next generations’ comfort with sharing unique experiences on social media, brands are being mindful to implement experiential retail components into their brick-and-mortar game plan – a growing trend that is serving other big-name retailers well as customer expectations shift. So essentially, don’t expect the outdated store model you’re accustomed to.

The days of customers driving to their local home furnishings store or grabbing the new style of high-rise jeans to try on in the dressing room are certainly not dwindling. By putting a twist on the brick-and-mortar experience, e-commerce sites, of all places, are proving there’s still a demand.

More by Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc.


Feature – A Kiosk Helps Pave the Path to Scouting’s Highest Honor

tablet kiosk project

Click to zoom

An interactive tablet kiosk from the Kiosk Group serves as the centerpiece of a young man’s Eagle Scout Service Project.

By Richard Slawsky contributor

Alex Harrison, a 16-year-old in his junior year at Fairfax High School in Fairfax, Va., has been involved with the Boy Scouts since he was in the first grade. He’s worked his way through the ranks over the past 10 years and is nearing the realization of a dream held by nearly everyone involved in Scouting, becoming an Eagle Scout.

Although the process is a long one, the final stop on the path towards becoming an Eagle Scout is the completion of the Eagle Scout Service Project, an opportunity for a Scout to demonstrate leadership of others while doing something that benefits the community. Under Scouting rules, the project can’t be of a commercial nature or be solely a fundraising effort. In addition, it needs to be something that extends beyond the Scouting organization.

kiosk tablet projectThe project Harrison chose would benefit and enhance “Historic Blenheim,” a brick house in the Fairfax area dating back to 1859 that played a prominent role in the area during the Civil War. His idea was to create a 360-degree visual tour of areas of the parts of the house that are inaccessible to visitors and place it, along with still photos and other information, on a tablet kiosk in the Civil War Interpretive Center located adjacent to the house, allowing visitors to the site to experience its entire history.

To help complete his project and clear the path towards becoming an Eagle Scout, Harrison enlisted the assistance of the kiosk industry.

Reliving history

At the time the Civil War broke out in 1861, Historic Blenheim was owned by Albert and Mary Willcoxon. Albert voted for Virginia’s secession from the Union and provided goods from his property to the Confederate Army. The area was known as Fairfax Court House and was held by the Confederates until early March 1862. At this time it came under Union control for the remainder of the war. The Willcoxon farm was occupied by Union soldiers for camping and drilling; it was also used as part of a large field hospital system for sick soldiers.

Soldiers living in the house at the time spent some of their free time drawing games, notes and signatures on its walls using charcoal, graphite and artist’s crayon. Scholars have identified the signatures of 122 Union soldiers from three different time periods in 1862 and 1863. The “diary on walls” provides insight into the life of a Civil War soldier life along with the effect of the war on local residents—such as the Willcoxon family—and free and enslaved people of African descent.

Historic Blenheim was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. Also on the 12-acre site is the Civil War Interpretive Center, opened in 2008. The Center further interprets the site’s history and the Civil War in the greater Fairfax area and includes an illustrated timeline of Civil War events, artifacts that interpret the everyday soldier, biographies of several of the wall signers and temporary displays.

The house is part of the “Northern Virginia Civil War Graffiti Trail,” six sites in Northern Virginia that offer a unique insight into the lives of Civil War soldiers.

Much of the graffiti left on the first-floor walls of Historic Blenheim was covered over by paint and wallpaper over the years, with that covering later removed to reveal the writings underneath. Despite restoration efforts, those inscriptions aren’t very clear and can be difficult to read.

“However, the best graffiti is in the attic and was never covered over,” said Andrea Loewenwarter, historic resource specialist with the Office of Historic Resources in the City of Fairfax.

“The stairwell construction does not allow for tours, so we created a ‘replica attic’ in the shape of the actual attic in our gallery in the Civil War Interpretive Center, with life-size photographs of the names on the walls,” Loewenwarter said. “Unfortunately, it does not include a third room, due to lack of space.”

Kiosk Group comes through

The rank of Eagle Scout is the pinnacle of the Boy Scout hierarchy, and is achieved by only about 4 percent of Scouts. Becoming an Eagle Scout will put Harrison in the company of people such as Neal Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the moon; Gerald Ford, the 38th president of the United States; and filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Attaining that rank isn’t an easy process. There are strict requirements for becoming an Eagle Scout, including displaying leadership qualities, displaying the Scout Spirit and earning at least 21 merit badges. Harrison’s project represents the culmination of his Scouting experience.

There was just one missing piece to Harrison’s plan: the kiosk itself.

To raise money for the purchase of a tablet kiosk, Alex held fundraisers including a bake sale with his Boy Scout troop, raising about $580. In addition, the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution donated an additional $200. At that point, he began shopping around for the centerpiece of the project.

“We began looking for kiosks and our beneficiary Andrea (Loewenwarter) did some research and came across Kiosk Group,” Harrison said.

Kiosk Group, based in Frederick, Md., is a privately held company with more than 30 years’ experience in providing interactive kiosks for companies, organizations and government agencies.

“In order to get a kiosk that would fit our budget, we contacted (Kiosk Group CEO) Mike James, who gave us a pretty good price break,” Harrison said.

James provided Kiosk Group’s Standalone Kiosk for a Samsung Tab Pro S 12” tablet. The company also donated a large graphics panel to go with the kiosk and covered the shipping costs to get the components to Fairfax. Kiosk Group also had its in-house artist develop the graphic for the panel.

“This is such a unique way to provide access to parts of a historic building that aren’t otherwise open to visitors,” James said. “When we heard about Alex’s fundraising efforts, we wanted to help make his project a success.”

To round out the project, the IT staff at Fairfax’ Office of Historic Resources provided the tablet that would deliver the content for the project. In addition to providing image access to the portion of the attic that has not been replicated in the Civil War Interpretive Center, the kiosk has also served as a vehicle for long-term planning. Once it is up and running administrators plan to gradually add new material, including a PowerPoint where individual soldier’s signatures and other graffiti will be shown with descriptive information.

“We are so thrilled and grateful for the work that Alex has done to make this become a reality,” Loewenwarter said.

“I have been talking for a while about a virtual tour of the other part of the attic that is not represented in our gallery space,” she said. “This is so much more than we imagined.”

For Harrison, the project will serve as valuable experience and lay the groundwork for his goals of graduating high school and going on to college, possibly pursuing a degree in film production, design or animation.

First, though, he has another goal to complete.

“I just have to turn in my application and hopefully I will be an Eagle Scout by the end of the school year,” he said.

For more information and for assistance with your next Tablet project contact Mike James with Kiosk Group [[email protected]]


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In this podcast, I caught up with Tomer Mann, a senior executive with 22Miles, and in most respects, the face of the company.

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