Self Service Benefits – The Benefits and Markets

By | February 8, 2023
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Self Service Benefits

Good article by Elo on How to Meet Consumer Demand using Self Service. Includes an ROI calculator. Lays out the markets and the benefits for self service.

elo self service

elo self service

Excerpt:  Many businesses have discovered that enabling self-service solutions for simple tasks can result in faster, more efficient, and more streamlined processes. Today’s digital-first consumers have come to the same conclusion. Self-service options give consumers autonomy, allowing them to access information and complete routine tasks on their own. The self-service demand stems from consumers who want to take care of business themselves and get on their way more quickly.

From Kiosk History Trivia — did you know Elo (or Elographics) sold its first touchscreen in 1971? Over 50 years ago.


  • The demand for self service just keeps growing and expanding. Quotes 2022 IBM study that 71% of consumers would like to use self-checkout
  • The markets that self service are expanding in include:
    • QSR customers order and pay
    • Hotel Check-In
    • Transportation]
    • Ticketing
    • Retail in-store
    • E-commerce management
  • The benefits realized are
    • Better operational efficiency
    • reduced labor costs
    • reduced customer friction
    • Manage e-commerce returns
  • The above matches up pretty closely to another benefits breakout
  • Revenue Increase
    • Traffic
    • Customer throughput
    • Improved customer experience (is this revenue increase due to perhaps repeat business or expense reduction due to perhaps reduced refunds or food costs in remaking of items or both)
  • Expense reduction
    • Labor reduction
    • Speed (Reduced time to do something)
    • Bottom line efficiency
    • Better cost control
  • Future benefits

    • Future technology flexibility (partner ecosystem enablement)

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Video — case study at Kum&Go markets with Elo and Bite

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