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By | April 5, 2021
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Wayfinder Wayfinding

Good article by Tomer Mann of 22Miles on The New Standard for Wayfinding: Three Technology Features Improving the Visitor Experience. March/April 2021


Much has changed in the past year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. AV/IT managers, systems integrators, and facilities managers alike face a heavy set of expectations as they navigate new opportunities and challenges in supporting the return to normal across enterprise, higher education, retail, healthcare, and other industries. Typical building operations that managers had planned for are now accompanied with new public safety initiatives, and from accommodating the ever-adapting COVID-19 safety regulations to ensuring peace of mind and safety for building occupants, there are many new logistical considerations to be met. Nevertheless, there are also prospects for new innovations in facilities amid the mandated public health shifts: immersive and interactive technology is defining a new standard for safety and interactivity.

Recent advancements in management software introduce new digital signage applications and checkpoints for meeting spaces and facilities to keep safety at the forefront. By upgrading or installing digital signage solutions within a facility, businesses can leverage access control, room scheduling solutions, and interactive wayfinding to regulate and maintain a safe environment.

Let’s take a look at three innovations changing the way business managers approach digital signage, content management and wayfinding to improve the entirety of the visitor experience:

Read the full article by Tomer Mann of 22Miles on The New Standard for Wayfinding:

Tomer goes on to list three innovations

  1. Interaction channels now include voice control and mobile proxy operation
  2. Hotdesking and hoteling employees and visitors is increasing
  3. Directions – scan the QR code and your dynamic map guides you on your mobile phone if needed.

For more information, you should visit 22Miles.com

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