Digital Signage Predictions – Interview with 22Miles and Tomer Mann

By | January 17, 2021
peerless outdoor digital signage

Digital signage example, this one outside in the elements

Interview on Digital Signage trends of Tomer Mann on Digital Signage Today

While COVID-19 isn’t going away yet, digital signage is coming out swinging in 2021 and is ready to tackle all its challenges head on.

Kiosk Industry Summary

  • Companies focusing on reopening and the helpful technologies
  • Digital signage becomes integral, not just nice-to-have. Flow, distancing and density.
  • Managing workplaces and employees
  • Growth of touchless touch screen technology. Hoteling and hot-desking
  • Huge growth as immersive technology gets commoditized


| by Bradley Cooper

2020 has been a long and wild year for digital signage, as vendors have suddenly had to deliver social distancing content and deliver touchless interactive solutions. However it is a new year, so its time for us to look ahead as best to our ability to see what lays on the horizon for 2021.

For example, COVID-19 will likely not go away completely into 2021, and as a result some of the trends that grew during 2020 such as touchless interactivity, temperature screening, virtual receptionist devices and more will grow into massive trends going into 2021.

Digital Signage Today spoke with Tomer Mann, EVP at 22Miles to learn more about these trends and what we can expect in 2021.

Q. What do you see as the most prominent digital signage trends going into 2021?

A. In 2021, I see a lot of enterprises across various industries focusing on reopening – the…..

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