Delivery Robot and Server Robot by LG Business at HITEC Announced

By | June 29, 2024
flippy robotics CLOi

You’ve Seen Flippy, Now See CLOi

Nothing wrong with having a robotic cook (like Flippy).  Everybody likes french fries, but we tend to like them hot. That’s where CLOi for hospitality comes in. Perfect timing and delivery for more satisfied customers.

And you don’t have to tip a robot, do you?

The company plans to expand its AI-powered robots to include delivery and logistics services — From IOT World Today — June 2024

Basic and good writeup by Ben Wodecki, Junior Editor – AI Business

LG’s Business Solutions arm has unveiled a new version of its CLOi robot at the HITEC hospitality tech trade show in Charlotte, NC.

Designed to perform repetitive delivery tasks, the new CLOi ServeBot autonomously transports foods and beverages in indoor hospitality and health care settings.

The robot has ample space to store meals and drinks, with each of its four doors able to hold items weighing up to 66 pounds.

CLOi’s cargo space can be adjusted based on the needs of the items it’s carrying. It can accommodate as many as 32 standard-sized, 12-ounce coffee cups.

LG said its plans to expand its AI-powered robots to areas including delivery and logistics services.

“Our newest service robot brings a new level of functionality and flexibility to the hospitality and healthcare channels,” said Mike Kosla, senior vice president for LG Business Solutions USA. “Featuring advanced platform technologies that include AI, communications and control, the new CLOi ServeBot is going to help our hospitality and health care customers streamline their operations.”

LG’s food delivery bot can ride elevators between floors, autonomously navigating indoor environments without spilling the items it carries.

Once the robot reaches its destination, its doors automatically open. Once the diner has taken their items, built-in sensors detect the delivery has been completed and the doors automatically shut, before moving on to its next assignment.

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On-board AI enables up to 20 CLOi ServeBots to communicate with one another during operation, highlighting potential obstacles while avoiding potential collisions with one another.

CLOi ServeBots are also equipped with a 10.1-inch display that acts as an advertising platform. Operators can upload content for display via the CLOi Cloud Station or through the dedicated mobile app.

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