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McDonald’s Kiosk aka McDonalds-like Kiosks

McDonald’s Kiosks (aka Restaurant Kiosks)

McDonald’s kiosk is the platform and company which influences and drives the self-service self-order QSR kiosk market. In the U.S. they have done many pilots over the years. In Europe, they have moved ahead with self-service. Now it’s big here in States.    Coupling kiosks with in-lane line-busting order, drive-thru optimization, curbside pickup and lockers seems to be the multi-pronged approach.  AI has entered the realm of the McDonald’s Kiosks with 10 stores now testing.

McDonalds Kiosk Franchisee 2022

McDonalds Kiosk Franchisee 2022


  • US — Around 14,000 — McDonalds operates 700 of those  – source link
  • WW — 39,000 and 36,000 of those are franchised
  • Financial information – best to start with statements from McDonald’s
  • Digital, delivery and drive-thru are big strategy (80% of sales)
  • The exit from Walmart is noteworthy

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Kiosk Machine McDonalds Kiosks News Roundup


September 2021

August 2021

July 2021

  • Company Results Scoreboard July 2021 – keywords are “digital”, loyalty and young marketing
    • Yum Brands reports two-year same-store sales growth 4% across all brands —
    • meanwhile Bloomin’s Brands reported 12% gain
    • McDonalds Sales Growth is Up — McDonald’s saw major growth for the second quarter ended June 30, with global same-store sales up 40.5% and U.S. same-store sales up 25.5%, driven by the success of their new chicken sandwich and popular digital marketing initiative with K-pop band BTS, according to the company’s earnings call on Wednesday.  Yahoo Finance wrap.  – Loyalty Initiative — McDonald’s currently has 22 million loyalty members in the U.S. . Will launch rewards program in the UK and Germany.It’s the brand’s latest push when it comes to upping the digital experience that also includes restaurant kiosks, digital menu boards at drive-throughs, McDelivery, and the mobile app.Taco Bell (YUM), Popeyes (QSR), Chipotle (CMG) and others have also launched new loyalty programs (or expanded on pre-existing ones) to retain customers gained throughout the pandemic.  The maxim that says #1 keep your loyal customers, and #2 convert your competitor’s (aka steal) customers still holds true.
  • McDonald’s quietly solved a serious problem and claimed it was nothing — Concedes error in calculating fees for technology upgrades for operators
  • General Manager of McDonalds Singapore Talks About his job — “What they want is good food, food they can trust, which offers value for money as well as a great experience in a hospitable, safe environment,” Benjamin asserts.
  • First ever nationwide loyalty program to launch by McDonald’s — CNBC
  • Market Outlook by Zacks for multiple companies — Partnerships with delivery channels like DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates and Uber Eats, and the rollout of self-service kiosks and loyalty programs continue to drive growth in 2021. The restaurant operators are focusing on driverless delivery systems to augment sales amid the coronavirus crisis.
  • McDonalds McAI seems to be working 85% of the time.
  • We also now maintain a Legal News log with opinion. McDonalds and Wendys are big newsmakers this week.
  • Add Samsung to the Kiosk Supplier Field — Calls it an All-In-One Kiosk for Contactless Ordering

June 2021

May 2021

  • The Truth About Self-Serve Kiosks At Fast Food Restaurants – McDonalds saw 30% increase for example
  • McDonald’s Kiosks and National Federation of the Blind Collaborate. Beginning in California, 100% of company-owned. McDonald’s owns 5% of 14,000 domestic locations and the remainder are franchised. McDonald’s has 39,000+ locations worldwide.
  • McDonald’s Corp. is increasing pay an average of 10% for more than 36,500 workers at its corporate-owned U.S. stores. Erlinger said the company was also urging its franchisee-owned stores to evaluate worker pay. McDonald’s owns about 5% of its nearly 14,000 domestic locations and the remainder are franchised. McDonald’s has more than 39,000 locations worldwide. Earlier this week, Newport Beach, Calif.-based Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. said it would be raising its hourly wages to an average of $15 an hour by the end of June
  • McDonald’s will soon be serving its customers a friendly reminder to get their COVID-19 vaccine. The fast-food chain has partnered with the Biden administration on its “We Can Do This” campaign to help share vaccine information with its customers across the country and the restaurant plans to spread the word in multiple ways over the coming months. Beginning in July, McCafe cups and McDelivery seals will lead customers to
  • See the latest Wendy’s design portfolio gallery

April 2021

  • McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Hack — Kytch Serves Up Hidden Menu for Taylor McFlurry machine
  • Panera Drops In-House Delivery Options and Goes to 3rd party. Seems to be a trend.
  • Robotic Delivery by Chick-fil-A in California Being Tested — The quick-service chain has partnered with semi-autonomous robot company Kiwibot for robotic deliveries in Santa Monica
  • New article on “Fully Digital” Times Square Taco Bell  – QSRMagazine — Also they have a nice 3D tour —  Link to 3D
  • By this summer, only 150 McDonald’s will remain inside Walmart stores — down from a peak of 1,000 locations at the height of the two chains’ 30-year partnership. The paper also reported that Subway franchisees are closing locations inside Walmart stores. The news comes as Walmart is trialing new operating models for in-store restaurants. It’s putting ghost kitchens inside select locations that offer pickup and delivery service from popular chains like Saladworks.
  • Related to Walmart and McDonalds and result of pandemic — H-E-B is partnering with Texas A&M University to provide grocery delivery to people who live on its main and West campuses in College Station, Texas. Even as mass vaccinations promise to boost store and restaurant traffic, newly established online buying habits mean retailers are prioritizing omnichannel meal service. Kroger is testing ghost kitchen locations in Indiana and Ohio, while Texas-based H-E-B recently opened a food hall that offers takeout and delivery options.

March 2021

February 2021

  • Smarter Fast Food Drive Thrus at McDonalds [CNN] — At a McDonald’s drive-thru in a Chicago suburb, customers may notice something different about the voice that takes their orders for Big Macs and fries. “Welcome to McDonald’s, what can I get for you?” it asks in a welcoming, unmistakably feminine tone. While the voice sounds helpful, it’s also stilted and monotonous enough for the average customer to figure out they’re being served by a computer, not a human. It’s a lot like Alexa or Siri, but for a drive-thru: a system driven by artificial intelligence that McDonald’s is testing out to speed up its service.
    • Meanwhile, smaller chains are also trying out AI tools. White Castle, which has drive-thrus at 95% of its 362 restaurants, is one example. The preponderance of drive-thrus has “allowed the business to stabilize” during the pandemic, said Jamie Richardson, the family-owned burger chain’s vice president of marketing and public relations. And in November, the company started testing out its own automated ordering system at the drive-thru of a White Castle in Merrillville, Indiana (the same restaurant that already hosts a burger-grilling robot from Miso Robotics).
  • What McDonald’s Shows About The Minimum Wage — excerpt of Planet Money’s newsletter —
    • No relationship between minimum wage increases and the adoption of touch-screen technology
    • McDonald’s restaurants raise their wages after a city or state raises its minimum wage ($1.00 premium above)
    • when the minimum wage goes up, the price of a Big Mac goes up too (just not very much given generally low wage component)
    • Meanwhile, Walmart raised the minimum wage it pays to $15.  Almost no need for government to do anything at this point.

January 2021

  • Technical Review of Drive Thru Display menuboard failures
  • In McDonald’s news and messy exits — looks like Mcdonald’s is taking this very seriously. “We can now move forward with our case seeking the return of his severance payment and to hold him accountable for his lies and his efforts to destroy evidence” Article on NRN
  • McDonald’s and Past Five Years review on minimum wage [Marketwatch] — Naysayers warned of closures, jobs going away and rush to automation.  What actually happened? None of that and McDonalds actually ended up paying workers more than minimum wage. Here is the research report
  • NRA December in Review — December marked the continuation of a downward slide in restaurant business conditions. After reaching a pandemic-era peak in September, restaurant sales trended sharply lower during the final three months of the year. As of December, eating and drinking place sales stood more than $14 billion (or 22%) below pre-coronavirus levels. In September, this shortfall was less than $10 billion. The bottom also fell out for restaurant employment in December, as plunging sales forced operators to cut 372,000 jobs. As a result, the eating and drinking place sector finished 2020 nearly 2.5 million jobs (or 20%) below its pre-coronavirus level.
  • The best restaurant blogs to follow in 2021 – nice list
  • McDonald’s Franchisee Streamlines Food Safety Compliance – Sales at McBee Enterprises’ 12 McDonald’s restaurants are doing relatively well. No lay offs and McBee is, in fact, continuing to hire people.

December 2020

November 2020

11/9 — McDonald’s announced on Monday a new growth strategy going into 2021 — “Accelerating the Arches” — which includes the introduction of a new crispy chicken sandwich early next year and the rollout of a new loyalty program: MyMcDonald’s.

Described as a “new digital experience growth engine,” the personalized loyalty program and all-in-one platform will offer tailored promotions for members and the ability for customers to place orders “through the channel of their choice.” Key components of the new program will begin rolling out in a test pilot in the Phoenix area over the coming weeks. Link to article on NRN

McDonalds kiosk 2005

McDonalds kiosk 2005

October 2020

June 2020

McDonald’s permanently closing Times Square Flagship. Link.  McDonald’s confirmed this week that the company has made the “difficult decision” to close the famed corporate store in Times Square, a move that was in the works prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Feb 2020

Wow Bao announced further expansion plans within the East Coast market. In quarter one 2020, Wow Bao will open three new locations at some of the largest transportation hubs in the region, including Dulles International Airport, Boston Logan International Airport and Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Nov 2016

US news — McDonald’s sanctions a new self-service solution along with digital signs after testing. The new solution package is being offered to franchisees to purchase with a small subsidy from McDonald’s to assist.

Current kiosk industry participants seem to include Coates and Zivelo.  Printers are Epson (after some  troublesome other brands?)

DOL rules are being delayed in states like California. That is a combination of overtime and minimum pay.

Europe News — Back in March McD announced 8000 or so restaurants would be equipped. Estimates are less than 1500.

  • Diebold Kiosks McDonald’s – Innovation Stores Chicago – NRA Update 2022/05/19
    McDonalds Kiosks Update From Chicago and NRA Josef Schneider(Entrepreneur / Tech Geek) • Few people attain great lives, in large part because it is just so easy to settle for a good life.“  Team Pyramid Computer GmbH North America checking out McDonald’s innovation stores near Chicago prior to National Restaurant Association show. Always great to see kiosks at ...
  • McDonald’s Kiosk News – Delivering More Accessible With Storm 2021/10/15
    McDonald’s Kiosk Accessibility News In Brief Public announcement by McDonald’s they are intent on addressing accessibility AudioNav selected by McDonald’s More specific details on an implementation schedule, company-owned versus franchisees, new kiosk versus existing kiosks expected prior to NRF 2022 which at the KMA Booth 1606 Storm will be showing the latest in accessibility technology. Worth noting that in hospitality, ...
  • McDonalds Kiosk Accessibility – McDonald’s Access for Blind and Low Vision 2021/09/10
    McDonald’s Partners with Vispero to Provide Access for Blind and Low Vision Customers in US Self Order Kiosks Press release Sept 2021 Editors Note — you can meet with Vispero at the upcoming M-Enabling Summit in Arlington, VA in October.   The Kiosk Association is a sponsor and exhibitor. Laura and Matt from Vispero will be there.  Note ...
  • Order and Pay Fast Food – McDonalds Self-Order and More 2021/02/03
    BigHospitality article Feb 2021 — Self-Service and following lead of QSRs article Excerpts from: Says QSR sector has been quickest but that is not true.  QSRs always toyed with the idea with most of them watching McDonalds experiment while patient check-in and ticketing at Disney went right ahead. Kiosks for self-order in Vita Mojo Pyramid Computer makes the kiosks and ...
  • Order Terminals – Minimum Wage Kiosk Fast Food Impact Last Five Years McDonalds 2021/01/29
    Minimum Wage Kiosks and Kiosk Self-Order From Marketwatch an article referencing new study on Minimum Wage impacts  — nice article from Marketwatch looking at the results from 2021 Princeton study on the effects of raising minimum wage. The usual most vocal critics are people like Andy Puzder back in the day that he ran Carl Jrs.  ...
  • Reverse Case Study – Outdoor Drive-thru Menuboards at McDonalds 2020/10/30
    McDonald’s Drive-Thru Outdoor LCD Failures Worth noting the noting of this isotropic screen failure at McDonalds Drive-Thru in California (Sep2020).  Further investigation points to a Samsung OH55F, which given the specifications, is surprising. Our guess is the vendor supplying these is Coates and we have sent a query to them asking about this. August 2022 Update Another example ...
  • McDonalds Project Ray _ Landini Associates Creating Cool McD 2020/08/18
    Very nice exposition of McDonalds project by Steve Lister. This was a project to make McDonalds cool again. From LinkedIn post we saw — So what was the idea of the project? – The complete reinvention of the world’s largest Fast Food Chain, including master-planning, architecture and interior design, brand positioning, graphics, packaging, uniforms and global ...
  • McDonalds Video – Arnheim Post-Covid Config Distancing 2020/05/03
    McDonalds Kiosks Self-Service Post-COVID Distancing In Netherlands Erwin Dito Managing Director at McDonald’s Netherlands As a result of great and swift teamwork, we’ve launched our ‘test and learn prototype’ restaurant in Arnhem. It’s an important step closer to operating in the new social distancing society. The team designed safe work & dining solutions for our employees ...
  • QSR Self-Order Kiosks — McDonalds Flaw 2019/11/14
    McDonalds Kiosks —  Ordering Kiosks  major flaw Editors Note: We never understood why McDonalds totally avoided cash for its customers.  The demographics would seem to require cash in order to serve customers. This is almost considering some users “disabled” and cannot be serviced at the kiosks and must go to the counter.  Cash2Card systems tied in ...
  • Kiosk Company – Evoke Creative 2019/11/01
    New Sponsor Evoke Creative Kiosks We welcome Evoke as our latest KMA sponsor. Evoke works in all types of complete kiosk solutions as well as OEM standard models for people such as McDonalds. WHO WE ARE Evoke have been at the forefront of interactive digital technology since 2003 and work with some of the world’s biggest brands designing ...


McDonalds Kiosk – Great Falls Montana Video

Inside Times Square McDonalds flagship – CNBC