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By | August 2, 2022
kiosk components

Picking Kiosk Peripheral Devices

From the Olea Kiosks news blog

Looking to add some peripherals to your self-service kiosk? This informational guide breaks down everything you need to know.¬† For more information you can always email [email protected]

kiosk components

kiosk components

Commonly requested kiosk peripherals include:

  • Printers
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Fingerprint readers
  • Web cameras
  • Barcode code scanners
  • Magnetic strip readers
  • Payment processors
  • RFID readers

In Brief

  • Kiosk grade peripherals are preferred. Commercial grade is typically used by trained professionals, not your average user
  • Connectivity is the key — battery powered options are not truly options. Used to be when there were signature pads with a stylus (typically battery powered). Bluetooth sounds good but not reliable for “always on” required.
  • Devices need to support bidirectional communications typically over USB (and sometimes RS232). They need an API to be fully customizable.
  • Software updates — devices need to support reflashing with new updated code from time to time.
  • Engineering your devices — they need to be strategically placed and situated within the kiosk.¬† The “strike zone” for devices according to ADA standards wants them all accessible within a certain frame. And for outdoor a whole other long list of requirements must be reconciled and engineered.
  • Servicing — kiosk components will need to be serviced.¬† It can be loading paper or replacing a component someone vandalized.
  • From Olea Kiosks blog — Choose the Best Peripherals for Your KiosksInstalling peripherals inside your kiosks is a great way to customize the self-service experience. But picking the right ones shouldn‚Äôt feel like a guessing game. At Olea, our dedicated team of experts will help you navigate the process every step of the way. We have more than four decades of experience, with over 50,000 self-service kiosks deployed across 15 countries. From a brilliant design team to our skilled engineering department, we can help you design and build the right kiosks for your environment.¬†Connect with us¬†to discuss how to pick the right peripherals for your organization.

Read the full article on the Olea Kiosks news blog

Wristband Printer Example Engineering

And then there are specialized printers such Wristband Printers.  Here is a video circa 2022 from Olea Kiosks demonstrating not one, not two but three printers in a kiosk. Two of them do wristbands and one does receipt.  We once did a kiosk (for Ticketmaster?) with three ticket printers all with their own color stock. It saved them printing in color.

Clients ask for all kinds of stuff. In this case Olea delivered (along with Boca I should add).

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